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Britney Spears named ultimate gay icon

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Reader comments

  1. How sad!

  2. Oh god I really worry about the gay community if that is the case! Surely I can’t be the only gay man who is not a fan of the likes of Britney, Gaga, Cheryl ‘bleeding’ Cole.

  3. then im not gay

  4. Tragic.

    And why was that dithering idiot Barack nominated?

    Personally – my gay icon is Rupaul.


  5. A “gay icon”? Great, she can get together with Ricky Martin and the pair of them can be a divine influence on the next generation of gay people…. personally, I’d have to remove my pre-frontal cortex with a hammer to have the intelligence level to see her as an icon.

  6. How depressing and…frankly…ridiculous. Do so many gay men think their life is a car crash like Britneys or something?

  7. Britney is probably this generation of gays’ Judy f..king Garland- a life of tragedy…blah..blah. Beyond pathetic. The comment by the Joel Twaddell dude who did this poll is very telling; ‘When Madonna puts out a new album, she will be on top again’, so what we learn from this is it doesn’t matter what they do once they keep the hits coming. Who said gays were shallow?!

  8. What a pile of bollocks

  9. If she’s a gay icon then I must be straight.. Ugh..

  10. Gay icons, yawn, yawn. Another way of stereotyping us. And none of this shower compares to Marilyn Monroe!

  11. BruceWillisFan 17 Feb 2011, 8:31pm

    Yes I can not stand Britney Spears & Cheryl Cole neither. Now Adam Lambert Now he is a gay Icon, he is actually gay, very good looking & he sings about being gay too & thats what I really love about him, I also think Kieron Richardson (Ste in HollyOaks), Q-Boy, Dirk Bogarde & Shabby Katchadourian are also true gay icons as well.

  12. Shoot me now !

    My gay idol is prob John barrowman. A great guy, singer , actor. And is just a stand up guy who can be out there but doesent need to exaggerate he’s gay, if you ask he will just answer.

    Also if a female pop singer had to win then gaga is the only one really. She’s done a lot of positive pr work for us

  13. Why are gay people so obsessed with creating as ‘gay icons’? I’m not even sure what it actually means, but it’s certainly an unhealthy way of filling a void or identifying something to aspire to.

    And why does it tend to be people who are pretty, but not very bright. Or outrageous and overtly sexualised. In either case, there always has to be an element of ‘suffering’, normally drug or alcohol addiction, failed relationships and eating disorders. Social repression or a disadvantaged background. If they’ve attempted suicide, then it general seems to make them a stronger candidate. Could gay icon actually be a sysnonym for victim icon?

    I don’t really have role models, but I’d rather aspire to those with discernible talent, intelligence, self-confidence, self-respect and a will to make a positive contribution to society.

    Sorry Britney, you’ll just have to make do with being on someone else’s wall.

  14. LAME!!!!!!!
    I’m embarrassed.

  15. Good grief. Another reason why the words ‘gay’ and ‘icon’ should never be used together.

  16. How about people who actually do GOOD!!!
    e.g. Ian McKellan runs a gay rights Charity. Lady Gaga does do work for gay rights, that’s true so I guess she deserves a place.
    If the only person that the gay community can stand behind is a pop idol then people need to stand up and say “No, there’s homophobia in the world and THESE aren’t the people doing stuff about it.”

  17. Sad article. Great comments. Can’t really add anything.

  18. SteveDenver 18 Feb 2011, 4:59pm

    A celebrity Republican supporter?… not to mention a lot of other mess.

    Not my icon.

  19. not my icon either. better of listening to rupaul or meatloaf

  20. BruceWillisFan 20 Feb 2011, 8:11pm

    I think Glee star Chris Colfer is a very good role model for us too & I also think TV’s Heroes Zachary Quinto (who’s sexuality is still uncomfirmed because he has the right not to tell anybody about) is a excellent role model too because he is an active supporter of gay rights.

  21. Pathetic. So many people have done so much more to deserve such a title.

  22. Umm… I like Britney Spears, and I’m sure she should be somewhere in the top 10, despite what all the haters say. But number one? What about Madonna, Cher, Judy Garland? … And wait, she beat out the likes of *Barack Obama*?! Since when has he been a “gay icon”??

  23. Sorry but if anything Britney Spears is just a horny-teenager-straight-boys icon.

  24. She is homophobic, how does that make her a icon? Madonna I could understand as she has done a lot over the years. Gaga I would of voted for what she has done for us. Born This Way is the LGBT anthem now. Spears just turns and walks away as if she wants to throw up if anyone even mentions the word “Gay” She has done it repeatedly on Idol.

  25. Really? Thats comfirms that us gays has poor taste when it comes to entertainment and role models. We had the olympics few weeks ago and the real role models are the sportsman and the volunteers, there again gay people has no interest when it come to real prople and sports.

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