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Donald Trump hints at presidential run as he comes out against gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Idiot, hope he gets fired!

  2. If he’s going to run for president, he probably should have kept the ‘Against gay marriage’ thing a secret…

  3. I’m not into his ridiculous golf resort he is planning in Scotland. As he has so publicly come out against us, I think its only fair we write the first minister of Scotland asking for Trumps planning application to e rejected.

    Trump as US president would be like Silvio Berlusconi in Italy. You just know it would end with allegations of sexual inappropriately and massive fraud.

  4. What reason, exactly, doe “The Donald” have for being “against gay marriage”? It certainly isn’t a religious reason, dubious as that justification would be. He’s been married three times, so it certainly isn’t because he wants to protect the “sanctity of marriage”.

    So in the final analysis, Trump is against gay marriage because he is a bigot? Either that, or an idiot.

    I’d vote for both of the above.

  5. Who gives a toss what this sad old fool thinks? He’s only shot of hitting a maternity wards for his next wife. His opinions are of no no interest or consequence to anyone.

  6. Funny how being ‘conservative’ shifts, isn’t it? Once it would have meant being opposed to divorce and remarriage, but clearly Trump believes so much in marriage that he’s said “till death do us part” (or words to that effect) three times.

    As has been remarked, it would be good if he could explain why he’s against gay marriage, specially if he thinks it’s that “great” that NYC has lots of gays. Or perhaps his thinking is as wispy as his combover.

  7. so option could be sarah palin or toupee trump? talk about scraping the barrel ? what next paris hilton???????

  8. “Funny how being ‘conservative’ shifts, isn’t it? ”

    Yes, and so very convenient, Rehan. Actually I don’t care what Trump thinks – he’s a figure of fun, and the idea of him being President is quite ridiculous. As for his reason for not wanting gay marriage – it’s clear he doesn’t have one, only his own ignorant bigotry.

  9. A Republican billionaire describes Obama as ‘heavily lobbied’. Funniest thing I’ve seen this morning.

  10. So he wants to do for gay marriage what he did for Scotland then, flatten it for his own amusement and pretend everyone’s OK with that.
    Doubt he’ll get past the selection stage anyway.

  11. he’s a figure of fun, and the idea of him being President is quite ridiculous.

    I do so hope you’re right, Iris. I thought as much about Palin though, and she’s still around.

  12. Trump for president is about the most unlikely thing I have heard since Reagan for president.

  13. “If he’s going to run for president, he probably should have kept the ‘Against gay marriage’ thing a secret…”

    Erm, not if he’s planning on running as a Republican candidate. Funny that he suddenly comes out as against same-sex marriage and abortion as well bigging up his support for the military. Seems to be ticking all the “traditional values” boxes to me!

  14. He’s only doing that because he is the kind of person who would sell his mother to the highest punter.

  15. The comments of anybody who has a ‘hairstyle’ like that should be disregarded. The man is a fool, as is evident by the misshapen fluff he sticks on his head.

  16. There’s an empty brain-pan hidden under the Trump rug.
    Clearly he’s appealing to popular prejudice hoping it will win him voters support.

  17. Hodge Podge 16 Feb 2011, 1:44pm

    The day he runs for president is the day I join the Socialist Workers Party. Good god, is everything for sale?

  18. Lets hope he gets fired, and some one “Trumps” him to the post

  19. Of course he’s not going to run for President. He’s drumming up a vast amount of free publicity, though.

  20. What can you expect? His marriage record isn’t exactly stellar having been married two or three times. He obviously thinks gays marrying will bring about more divorce or ruin the institution of marriage, those boring, worn-out mantras right wingers and religious nutters drum up when the issue is raised. Bigots, hypocrites and blithering idiots, all of them!


  22. Luke from Canada 16 Feb 2011, 2:26pm

    and we all know that his opinion really matters. Snark

  23. Mikey, the reason why so many of these right wing bigots are against same-sex marriage is all rooted in religion if you look closer. It goes back to that fairy tale in Genesis, Adam & Eve nonsense, the Jewish part of the bible, arguably the greatest compendium of mythology and fairy tales ever written. Its all about the one man, one woman procreation nonsense and if you recall, Adam was alone in the world so this thing people call God caused him to fall asleep, and while he was sleeping, he took a rib from Adam and out of it allegedly created a woman, go figure. The religious cults have drummed it into western society for millenia. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Trump is the epitomy of ignorance and hypocrisy, just like the religious cults.

  24. This is just politics in getting the full support of the right wing fundamentalist bigots and the greedy ones..
    So, we might as well get a right wing fundie bigot against a greedy power hungry one…….

  25. westcoastkid 16 Feb 2011, 6:03pm

    Look, if you’re going to run for ANYTHING under the re(pugnant) party banner the first thing you need to do is express your disapproval of abortion and gays (and/or gay marriage.) That gets you past the guards at the front door.

    As for all the fuss over Trumps comment may I remind readers here that our current DEMOCRATIC president has also expressed his disapproval of gay marriage, so what’s all the anger about when a repugnant candidate does likewise?

  26. hey,,,americans voted in an actor who at one point had a chimp as his costar so this is not an unlikely thing to happen,,,americans will always make us shake our heads.

    nice to see a man who has enjoyed several marraiges want to keep them all to himself and othr str8s,,, generous!!

  27. Real social conservatives won’t vote for him no matter how much he sweet-talks them, so he’s pandering for nothing. I hope he does run though – he has virtually no chance of winning the Republican nomination, since the early primaries are dominated by ultraconservative rural “values” voters, but he has a big enough ego and deep enough pockets to press on as a third-party candidate and siphon off votes from the eventual Republican candidate like Perot did back in the day.

  28. I would like to see Trump run for President. the race would be more interesting with him than without him. The more the merrier

  29. SteveDenver 18 Feb 2011, 4:04pm

    So which one of his three marriages was “sacred?” With that nest of hell on his head, he’s a bonafide jerk.

    I hope he runs for President and dumps a lot of money into the media economy, just so I can see the public smack down his idiot ego.

  30. His (ridiculous) views on gay marriage aside, Trump is one of the most inarticulate people I’ve ever seen, if The Apprentice is anything to go by. God help us all if he ever gets elected.

  31. What a moron! Hasn’t he had several wives?

  32. Trump Network 28 Feb 2011, 3:00am

    I would love to have someone as president that knows about budget and P&L. Career politicians out – Trump in . Go Donald Trump

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