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16 February 2011

  • 16th February 2011

    British government looks towards introducing gay marriage equality 56

    The government will consult on marriage equality

    11:58 PM — The British government has admitted that there is an imbalance between civil partnerships and civil marriage and is actively examining ways of addressing this. Ministers will announce today that a consultation will be held on the "next steps" for recognition of gay couples. PinkNews.co.uk understands that ministers favour giving gay and straight couples access to both civil marriages and civil partnerships.

  • Government is ‘painfully slow’ on gay marriage says Stonewall’s Ben Summerskill 33

    Ben Summerskill last year said he wouldn't be "jumped into" supporting gay marriage

    11:58 PM — Responding to news that ministers will hold a consultation on giving gay couples the right to civil marriage, chief executive Ben Summerskill it would have to start now for changes to be implemented by in this parliament. Stonewall only added gay marriage to its campaigning objectives last October, eight months after the Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg declared his support for a change in the law.

  • California court to decide whether opponents can challenge gay marriage ruling 1

    Protesters at an earlier gay marriage rally (Photo: Tim Schapker)

    4:08 PM — The California Supreme Court is to meet today to decide whether supporters of the state's gay marriage ban have the legal standing to defend it.

  • East End residents tackle anti-gay stickers with love 34

    The stickers were placed around the East End

    3:21 PM — A small group of East End residents are to tackle anti-gay stickers by 'love-bombing' the area with their own posters. On Monday, PinkNews.co.uk reported that homophobic messages had been placed around the area, declaring it a “gay-free zone”.

  • Clerics furious at Londonderry gay sauna 47

    Clerics are furious at the sauna

    2:35 PM — Protestant ministers in Londonderry are furious over a newly-opened gay sauna in the city. The Cage, on John Street, opened last week, although it does not yet have planning permission.

  • Tory councillor may be barred over ‘queen’ remark 9

    Keith Parker made a comment about the 'queen team'

    1:33 PM — A Conservative councillor who made a comment about gay rights and domestic violence could be barred from Brentwood council. “The scream team will be conversing with the queen team," Keith Parker said.

  • East Yorkshire man hurt in anti-gay street attack 51

    Police say the attack was "vicious"

    11:18 AM — An East Yorkshire man suffered a "vicious" beating by youths who hurled anti-gay abuse at him before attacking him, police say. The victim, 45, was set upon in Southgate, Market Weighton, at around 10.30pm on Sunday night.

  • Virginia House panel says no to gay employment protections 4

    Gay and lesbian state workers are not protected in Virginia (Photo: Jyri)

    11:13 AM — A bill to ban discrimination against gay people in state employment has been killed by a Virgina House panel. Currently, Virgina gives no legal protection lesbians and gays employed by the state, although it does offer employees protection from discrimination on the basis of race, gender and a number of other characteristics.

  • Donald Trump hints at presidential run as he comes out against gay marriage 32

    Donald Trump may run for US president (photo: Gage Skidmore)

    12:06 AM — US billionaire, star of 'The Apprentice' and Miss USA owner Donald Trump said on Tuesday he is not in favour of gay marriage, and is "incredibly tempted" to run for US president in 2012.

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