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Video: Scott Mills experiences ‘bizarre’ Ugandan gay cure ritual

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Reader comments

  1. To anyone who watched this, did you find Scott Mills a rather poor choice of reporter? It was rather odd that he seemed so genuinely surprised by how homophobic Uganda actually was. He portrayed himself as someone who lives in a bubble and has very little understanding of what goes on in the world outside of a DJ booth.

    Still, brave guy to admit he was gay to that vile MP, I think my sense of self-preservation might have kicked in by that point.

  2. Some of the comments on Twitter whilst this was airing were disgusting. Not sure if ‘surprising’ is the right word to describe this BUT most if not all of those vile comments were from the black community … something I found deeply disturbing given their own equal rights battles in the past.

  3. Em

    Sadly, I’m not surprised. As much as people bleat on about white Christians condemning homosexuality, I’d rather walk down a street full of them than a group of Africans any day of the week.

    Some people are rather naive and kid themselves that there is solidarity between minorites. There isn’t, just a lot of conflict. LGBT people are in regular receipt of condemnation from Asian, black and religious communities. And there is a great overlap between all three of those groups.

    Not that the left will have any of it. Gays standing up for themselves is racist, apparently.

  4. I never could resist a poor taste joke…

    so stripping off and getting slapped about with a large cock is meant to cure homosexuality now eh?

  5. mmmmmmm – I agree, I didn’t think he was born to be a documentary presenter, and he did show a surprising level or surprise, yes.
    As for the ‘cure’ ritual – they clearly weren’t taking it seriously at all. I’d like to know if that’s actually what they do or if they were just making sh*t up for the cameras.

  6. I came away with this, sadly, with nothing but anger and hatred for Uganda and, if I’m honest, most of Africa. I can just about deal with poor education and a devoutly religious upbringing to excuse the “hate the sin, not the sinner” rubbish. At least that is not going as far as killing people. However, the sheer number of people that advocated the KILLING of gay people was astonishing. And what REALLY got to me was the fact that half the time the defense of this view was that it is not part of African culture, and that they want to preserve African culture, and that homosexuality comes from the West.

    Yes well a lot of your clean running water and schools come from the West too, namely the UK. Now I know these schools that come out of Comic Relief simply teach people that gays eat poo. I shall never donate to these charities again, then they can enjoy their culture, which seems to involve shouting, hating, laughing at vile comments, brainwashing, starving and wallowing in disease and dead people. And it’s US that are contributing to the downfall of society?

    A bit of me secretly wanted Scott Mills to get arrested to see how the UK government, the beeb and indeed society, reacted.

  7. The thing is, christian homophobia is a WESTERN import, first from European missionaries in the 18th and 19th centuries, and today from American evangelical nutcases. Before outside influences came in there was a broad range of attitudes to gay people in African societies, from dislike to tolerance to even making it mandatory in some tribal coming-of-age rituals.

    Instead of preserving their own culture they are, in fact, perpetuating an alien culture foisted on them by imperialistic colonial masters.

  8. Lesley Pilkington’s approach to “therapy” is no better, it is just as ignorant and misguided and based in useless superstitious belief and homophobia.

  9. Chris

    I can understand why you feel that way, but you should also try to detach yourself from the gay issue. Africa has many socio-economc problems and the idea of being African has grown out of creating an identity that differs and stands up against that of the West.

    I can’t bring myself to hate anyone there, but I do feel a lot of resentment to those who are educated and have had opportunities not available to the general population. They should be the ones who are effecting change, but they’re not. The guys on the street are victims of the education system over which they have no control.

    The worrying part is that black Britons also say to be gay is un-African or un-black (see the Stephen K. Amos documentary).


    Just because it came from the West doesn’t mean the imperial West is responsible for it lingering around. Why have we shaken it off to such a large extent, but they haven’t? That’s not down to us. Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa….they’ve all managed to make progress despite colonisation. Not to mention former Soviet and communist states. It’s about the will of the governments and the people combined, not just the actions of churches.

  10. VP, enough of the ‘blame it on colonialism’ argument. The fault lies with violent, archaic, superstitious African culture. Incidentally, before you & one of your fellow moral relativists labels me a racist, consider this: isn’t it racist (& most certainly patronising) to suggest black people think a certain way because whites told them to?

  11. Excellent fooyage. Thanks Scott Mills.

    Whether it’s a chicken or a hammer, there is no cure for homosexuality because being gay is not an illness.

    The witch doctor and people like him, though, need clinical help, and the sooner the better for the good of society and especially the children.

  12. footage*

  13. TheSuburbanBi 16 Feb 2011, 10:42am

    All some on this thread have proven is that bigotry is the illness in question and left unchecked it’s contagious — if watching black-skinned/African bigots on a tv show ‘makes’ you start espousing bigoted comments about other black-skinned/African people, then you’ve certainly caught it.

  14. Whats worse than uneducated homophobic africans is highy educated informed british people harrasing attacking and murdering gay people

  15. Whats worse than uneducated homophobic africans is highy educated informed british people harrasing attacking and murdering gay people

    @ James!: I seriously doubt those British people who harass, attack and/or murder gay people could usually be called highly educated or informed.

  16. Hodge Podge 16 Feb 2011, 1:54pm

    Poor chicken

  17. What does their “cure” for straightness comprise of I wonder? (lol)

    Heterosexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality are three normal, natural variations of sexual orientation, found throughout all societies, cultures, and eras.
    Sexual orientation in adults is unchangeable

  18. A FRIEND OF DORTHY 16 Feb 2011, 6:15pm

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”

  19. Wow! You lot really believe that Mills’ documentation of this “ritual” should be taken seriously? To say that Mills provides an anthropological or journalistic perspective is highly comedic. I am glad the Ugandans had a good laugh at his expense. White people can be so gullible sometimes.

  20. John Riley 3 Mar 2011, 6:17pm

    OR they could just cut off their balls and feed them to the lions. That should cure them and help the world rid gays.

  21. Not a lot different to the Roman Catholic Church, is it?
    Same over-dressed shaman.
    Same knick-knacks.
    Same water taking away the same old non-existent negativity, the sin / the homosexuality.
    Same old mumbo-jumbo.
    Same old fee.
    Same old everything.
    Makes me bleed from the bum, it really does.
    And “No homosexuality in Uganda”.?
    I was told by a Pole once that “there are no homosexuals in Poland”.
    “Eeez Kattoleek cantry!”
    Yeah right.
    Loved me massaging him though.


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