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Gay waiter wins £21,500 over harassment

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Reader comments

  1. I’m no lawyer but I wonder if the amount of the damages will stand up on appeal.

    Good result though.

  2. Does appear to be a lot of money for what took place -but then how do you put a price on something like this? I would not like someone touching me if it was unwelcome. People may laugh but hearing jokes and comments ongoing can make you feel ill. Some amy say why did he not leave, why should he? He done nothing wrong. Hopefully the employers have leaned a lesson that this is not acceptable.

  3. I’m glad to see that this case was won by Vincent Ma. It’s horrible that such behaviour can still be thought even remotely acceptable in this day and age. However, I do fear that he has it right in saying that the restaurant won’t have learned from this.

  4. gav Imagine as you open the door into work you know that for the next 12 hour shit youll have this feeling waiting for the next insult knowing that they’re all in on it.

    Vincent may also now be black balled and not find another job in his prefered field

    £21.5k is nothing

  5. Result! No one should have to put up with shite like colleagues or customers making jokes about sexuality. If he were black would he be fair game? I doubt it. Even better that a big name business is being grifted for the damages.

  6. I’d have awarded him £121,000 as a lesson to Hakkasan to put its business practices in order and as a warning to other business owners that such behaviour is simply NOT acceptable. Fines work best when they are punitive according to the wealth of the person/company being fined. A mere £21,000 is probably petty cash to the company!!!

  7. A good result.
    As someone who has suffered some of this in jobs in the past when nothing could be done about it, it is good to see this legal protection in action.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 16 Feb 2011, 7:22am

    in comparison with payouts for sex discrimination this £21.5k is nothing.

    He was assaulted by a customer, and humiliated: women have picked up £500k for less than that!

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