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Budapest Pride banned by police over ‘traffic concerns’

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Reader comments

  1. There, the rise of right-wing powers abetted by gay conservatives…
    —> Duhhhh

  2. There’s not enough information in this article to draw any conclusions. More details please.

  3. But at least the correct city panorama (not Prague this time) and a great view of the Hungarian Parliament building.

    The only conclusions is that this ban is a complete violation of the Freedom of Assembly and if it is a response to a request to lobby parliament it is also punitive in nature. Last year there was a truncated route because LMBT people (Hungarian LGBT) co-operated with police because the barriers were all being used on construction work at Margit Bridge…so it looks like give an inch take a mile, it really is a disgrace and Hungary is the current president of the EU.

    The only conclusion is that is an absolute disgrace!

  4. Mike Martinez 22 Feb 2011, 9:56pm

    Many well wishes to those who are fighting for equality and freedom in Budapest!

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