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Sacked Christian doctor says he may sue Home Office

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Reader comments

  1. I think it should be Raabe apologising for wasting the tax payers monies.


  2. Great, can we sue him for spreading pernicious misinformation about gay people?

  3. Christine Beckett 14 Feb 2011, 11:16am

    He really needs to stop digging….

    Thankfully the bad publicity he is generating for himself is not going to go down well in official circles, so I dare say we have seen the last of his attempts to influence various UK governments with his bigoted drivel.

    Maybe he will find more receptive ears in another county; say, Uganda?


  4. Okay, I may sound a little controversial (and ignorant) here…but what does his opinion have to do with the job he was appointed to do?

    Personally to me, the worst position to put someone who has these type of views (or similar) would be in a equalities position. Oh wait…we already have that with Theresa May don’t we?

  5. Evan Harris said:
    “”When it comes to drugs Dr Raabe has no expertise, no research background and no relevant specialist experience and worse still has an ideological position on drug policy that he has declared his intention to force through the Council. That’s why he wasn’t fit to be an expert adviser, not because of his wrong and offensive views on homosexuality.”

  6. I’m sure I can dig up some paper that says putting kids up chimneys is good for them and makes them good well rounded citizens!

    That the thing about using old reports and scientific papers they tend to be wrong. But looking at some of the source material for his papers 1988 is fairly recent for him. One source was from 1947 an the bulk from a 1968 paper.

    In 1988 Eric Pickles was leader of Bradford city council

    “Between 1988 and 1990, he served as leader of the Conservative group on the council. In September 1988 the Conservative Party gained control by using the Conservative mayor’s casting vote to become the only inner-city council to be controlled by the Conservatives”

    So the creators of section 28 wrote a report saying its all those homosexuals fault!

    Why am I not surprised!

  7. @Mike — “Okay, I may sound a little controversial (and ignorant) here…but what does his opinion have to do with the job he was appointed to do?”

    I guess the concern is that his opinions aren’t reasoned or based on fact.

  8. pfft he’s on a loser with that one

    , doesn’t he need to show that he’s not been predjudiced as that would be the reason he got sacked, and he needs to show they were wrong in their judgement of him when it appears their judgement was 100% correct

    ah also didnt he lie about his connections with that Christian centre in Manchester? Sorry not lie, i mean failed to mention.. and considering some of the articles he wrote for this centre are homophobic and hence not in line with home office policy would this not invalidate him for the role he tried to take on?

    he’s trying to be a martyr, but failing to understand that he brought the wrath of the Home Office on himself by his own actions and previous deeds, not that actions were imposed on him at the whims of a predjudiced authority

  9. Let him sue the home office, and lets bring his particpation in the reparative therapies movement out in the open; for public discussion and dissemination . . .

  10. Julious Honan 14 Feb 2011, 12:31pm

    “He had co-authored documents for a Christian health organisation which called homosexuality “destructive” and said it was associated with disease and drug use.”
    Typical bigots instead of trying to understand the reason, they lay blame. That’s just like people who say gays should not have children because they will be ridiculed in school and society. Maybe if these so called humans would realize that it is their bigotry that causes the hurt and needless shame then the problem would be addressed.

  11. Take a look at how the Christian Institute are continuing to up hold that the GP is a victim in this affiar, and that homosexuals are promoting paedophilia . . .

    that’s right . . . more outer orbit hysteria from the CI

  12. The DailyMail are appearing to be supporting this GP as a victim of political correctness.

    More invidiously, the paper appears to be offering tacit support to the view that; a quarter of homosexuals are paedophilies . . .

  13. Jock S. Trap 14 Feb 2011, 1:03pm

    Yeah coz apparently most common folk get sacked when they have been found to have lied on a CV or in an interview, unless of course your a Christian. Then it gives you the right to be above all that and then to make yourself a victim of it.

    Get Real Mr Raabe!

  14. Rightly let go, he is proving to be such an ever increasing embarrassment to the Government.

    “The Home Office said he was asked in interviews for the post whether there was anything about his professional or personal history that could cause embarrassment to the government or the advisory panel and did not mention the work.”

  15. Christine Beckett 14 Feb 2011, 1:19pm

    Andy C said.. “…doesn’t he need to show that he’s not been predjudiced as that would be the reason he got sacked,”

    Well, he was not actually sacked, because he was not actually employed.

    He was appointed as an unpaid advisor on a drugs panel, and then the appointment was cancelled as he was deemed not suitable.

    So this issue does not come under Employment law at all, a fact hat the good doctor has no doubt discovered after seeking legal opinion.

    So now he is trying another tack, the idea that perhaps he can sue the Home Office.

    But it’s hard to see what grounds he has for doing so, and the fact that none are mentioned would seem to suggest that he knows full well he is once more talking bollocks.

    So my guess is that this is just another pathetic attempt to keep the issue in the public eye, in the forlorn hope that it will somehow aid his cause.


  16. if all these Christians keep wasting money on legal cases, the churches will go bankrupt.

  17. if the church does go bankrupt then that’s a win-win situation, the church is already bankrupt morally anyway

  18. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Feb 2011, 2:01pm

    “Take a look at how the Christian Institute are continuing to up hold that the GP is a victim in this affair………..”

    – JohnK

    Have you ever noticed how these “Christian” web sites, and this one is not the only guilty one, never have a public forum or “right to reply” section.

    Curious, but not really surprising.

    They probably just send all of their twisted missionaries off to sites like Pink News et al.

    Any Takers.

    Pastor John, Hank etc….

  19. A myth-maker and snake-oil peddlar. I wouldn’t have let him be a vet, let alone a doctor.

  20. @Dr Robin Guthrie

    I agree it is curious how these sites refrain from the inclusion of public forum, unless you count the CI’s face book presence and comments section.

    A group of us last year joined the CI presence on face book, and engaged in debate on issues of sexuality and equality.

    Curiously, we were all systematically removed from thier site.

  21. “The real issue is that there was a campaign to get rid of me. I suspect it’s a group of people that are for a more liberal drug policy and perhaps want to legalise drugs.”

    Apparently this is his long, droning codeword for “gay”. Seeing as how he accused gays of being drug-infested pedophiles, it seems he is sticking to his guns here.

    Now the real question is, PinkNews, who are the campaigners that agree with Dr. Raabe here?
    Your last sentence was so utterly vague. I would like to have a source or know, so that I may know who agrees with this crackpot.

  22. Let him sue. If he wins, we protest. In the meantime, we can’t do much about it. But as he is finding it difficult to substantiate anything he says, I doubt that will happen.

  23. Patrick O'Gormley 14 Feb 2011, 8:26pm

    … 67 to 80% of paedophiles are hetrosexual, a government report from 1988 has shockingly revealed. This was inadvertantly revealed by an xtian drugs adviser sacked from the government for failing to reveal controversial earlier work..

  24. Yuri want apology from Raabe for saying bad thing. Yuri want sue if Raabe no say sorry.

  25. I must admit, I do have some sympathy for him. When Raabe was appointed to the Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs, it was clear that the Home Office were really struggling to find people with any sort of medical qualification who supported the government’s policy on making cannabis a class B drug again. Once they’d found a GP that supported this, I suspect they either made a point of not digging too deeply to find out what other views he had, or, perhaps more likely, they chose to ignore them.

    So, yes, I dislike his opinions, and it was probably for the better that he was removed from the ACMD. But it was the government’s fault they got into this position and if Raabe ends up getting compensation from of the government, perhaps that’ll teach the government to actually pay attention to who they hire.

  26. 1988? Is that the most recent report he could find? Time to retrain Mr Raabe, me says, and prepare him to go back to his minions and spread the good news…

  27. soapbubblequeen 17 May 2011, 5:20pm

    I hope the so-called “Christian” Institute take up his cause. Because they will lose and it will cost them thousands in legal expenses, ha, ha! ‘Doctor’ indeed! A doctor-in-trouble if you ask me.

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