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Lady Gaga picks up three Grammy awards after arriving inside an egg

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Reader comments

  1. Why in the world would anyone ever want this, uh… person… as the poster child for LGBT rights? She’s obviously just a shameless attention-whore. Let’s face it, the breeders already mistakenly think we’re all a bunch of weirdo freaks, and her constant “artistic” antics are just proving their point and reinforcing those stereotypes.

  2. David Myers 16 Feb 2011, 2:03am

    Bill! You are so uptight and judgemental. Also an appologist for the “breeders”. If you are so worried about what “they’ might think, why don’t you join them? The intro to this is also very misleading. The egg is being carried by both men and women, but only the men are “topless”.

  3. Rolyn Chambers 22 Feb 2011, 4:30am

    Bill..u gotta chill. Everyone has a stereotype about everyone else. Deal Gaga does not represent anyone other than herself and she does not claim to be. But I am sure hell glad we have someone like her fighting for gay rights than not having anyone..or for that matter, having people like you who just wanna blend in. Please! Blend in all ya want, some of us like to be amazing!

  4. Gaga is so annoying.. He attention seeking sideshow act is getting very tired. It’s obvious even she is running out of ideas. I also can’t stand how she refers to herself as one of us. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND BITCH. Stop saying “us” and “we.” Although I appreciate she is open about equality and such. People also need to remember she is marketing, and Gaga makes MAJOR money off her fans. If she was really aware and noble, she wouldn’t have partnered with Target! If Gaga had such immense talent she wouldn’t need all her attention whoring outfits and such to get press. I hate how she calls her fans monsters too.. it’s so retarded.. and there are actually adult men who eat it up. SAD. I wish there were more gay MEN, instead most are like highschool girls….

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