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Lady Gaga arrives at the Grammys inside an egg

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Reader comments

  1. How very symbolic: eggs and faeces both fall out of an anus. Read here for a scathing (but accurate) review of gaga by the legendary lesbian, Camille Paglia:

    Hope the egg gets boiled with gaga inside.

  2. erm… I understand that female biology is not something that gay men generally need to have much familiarity with, but I should probably point out that eggs generally tend to come from the oviduct (the oviparous animal’s equivalent of the vaginal passage), not the anus.

  3. Oh boy, look what we have here. Another transvestite with a keyboard trying to be freak of the year.

    God, I miss the days when celebrities had real talent and real style.

  4. it makes up for lack of character like madonna or charisma like grace jones. She epitomises this centuries lack of originality.

  5. I think it’s rather funny! :)

  6. Wow you people are horrid. Yes she’s a bit out there but lady gaga has done more for lgbt rights than many in a very short time.

    Think back people she was one of the first big names to say no to prop 8 she has supported gay marriage and repeal of dadt and doma I’m sure.

    The new songs hit and miss but it’s message is what counts.

    I’m so sick of people being stereotypical bitchy queens about others for no reason. No creativity. … A meat dress, a giant egg … Not my style but you must see it a lot I take it.

    This is why the lgbt movement suffers so much people try to care and help and brainless people attack.

    So sad.

  7. @ VP:

    Les probably meant a cloaca instead of an anus (if so, then he/she is correct). Last I checked its the birds that lay eggs, not human females…

  8. Lady Gaga is a true artist…so creative and talented, visually interesting in so many ways plus she is using her many skillsand bringi9ng together the work of the best most out-there stylists to support the gay community. Important because Gaga can reach the parts where there are kids growing up gay / lesbian in isolated hostile bible belt communities and eslewhere.

  9. dont be so gulliable she wouldnt be singing gay anthems if there was no money in it

  10. Les’ post is an example of how sex education in our education system has failed us.

    Reminds me of a guy I met who thought period blood came from the bladder.

    Those saying the guy meant cloaca? He sounded pretty convinced it was the anus to me. Don’t over estimate the IQ of the internet, is all I can say.

    Maybe Gaga should write a song about this? ;)

  11. Now don’t make fun of her, people. She was hatched that way. She can’t help it if she’s singing the wrong words to an old Madonna song.

  12. @james!
    Gullible?… Me?
    You must be yolking!

  13. Gaga has less the creativity and talent than the Cheeky Girls. It disgusts me that she earns more money for scratching her ass than what a Doctor or Policeman will earn in an entire year.

  14. A genius of a woman with a heart of gold. She deserves every penny and every pink dollar. She is fighting her own demons and is liberating people around the world of ignorance and prejudice. Priceless. And she puts her money where her mouth is and that is more then most of us do. Respect.

  15. I can’t believe how many articles on this site are about Gaga. This one is identical to one I commented on earlier. They should call this website “ladygagafanblog….com” yeeeeaaahhhh……

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