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Shot pro-gay congresswoman begins speaking again

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Reader comments

  1. That is amazing that she has recovered so well so far. I wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

  2. TheSuburbanBi 10 Feb 2011, 1:54pm

    I so am glad she is recovering against the odds. This is truly remarkable….

    But one thing, this sentence: “After she was shot, gay rights groups said her support had ‘never faltered’, even when she was criticised for it.”

    Wait. Does that mean that at some point after she was shot and fighting for her life, that some ‘critics’ of her pro-LGBT stance actually took the time to bring it up and critique her for it? She had to actually field that kind of criticism (any criticism) while recovering from a bullet to the head? Some of her ‘critics’ are obsessed, to say the least.

  3. Hodge Podge 10 Feb 2011, 2:24pm

    @TheSuburbanBi I think they were praising her ignoring criticism BEFORE the shooting, or at least thats what I got.

    Her recovery is really amazing

  4. I also wish her a speedy recovery, she is a wonderful caring and decient congresswoman on our side!!!!!

  5. Can’t wait til she’s well enough to kick Sarah Palin’s ass!

  6. TheSuburbanBi 10 Feb 2011, 6:47pm

    @ Hodge Podge — lol, I can see it your way as well. But I think my high school English teacher would have something to say about the construction of that sentence!

  7. Great to hear this news. Gabrielle Giffords one kick-@$$ lady. Hope she recovers soon.

  8. Great news!

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