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Polish MP sorry for ‘sexist’ lesbian joke

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Reader comments

  1. It is moments like this one that I’m happy I no longer live there. Although I really feel for those who still have to live in Poland and face all that homophobia and discrimination, especially from the “Catholics” :/

  2. He opposes legal recognition of same-sex relationships and in the same time he opposes discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, I don’t understand his logic.

  3. “Human nature, human beings are made in such a way that we should live in a partnership according to nature.”

    Yes, and homosexuality is NATURAL! He is displpaying great ignorance of biology and ethology.

  4. Another non-homophobe who denigrates and devalues our relationships and denies us equality under the law while not discriminating against us. They are so common these days.

  5. Couldn’t agree more, as he says, human nature, human beings are made in such a way that we should live in a partnership according to nature, for gay people that means living together so i dont understand his problem with civil partnerships for gay people

  6. Joe Schmoe 11 Feb 2011, 4:05am

    A joke told in the Polish language is, by definition a “Polish Joke!”

  7. This man may be homophobic but I suspect he is more lokely to be just ignorant and arrogant and thinks he is funny. These are the type that flip as soon as they realise the majority no longer agree with them. Sadly Poland does not appear to got to that tipping point of elightment of the damage inequality does to communities. A little more work to do..

  8. The germans should invade them again, they need a lesson in shut-up.

    1. I don’t get you guys. Myself and a majority of societies would be happier to watch lesbians having sex than men.

      Why do you deny our rights to enjoy it and say so? Why do you want Germans and “flamethrowers” (remark below) to invide us?

      Are you so weak in spirit?

  9. There is a psychology principle that the bad is stronger then the good.

    When poison is launched into society, the damage is done, because it becomes embedded into ones subconscious,and feeds off of and supports already existing poison.

    And then it becomes embarrassing for anyone who fell for it to change their tune.

    the anus horribilus of the religious right practice this trick every day.

    Like the catholic bishop of Peru, who said “dont call them gays, call them faggots”

    A couple days later he said he’s sorry. Which of course is BS. he knew exactly what he is doing.

    BTW Peru and chile are considered the next 2 Latin American nations to grant gay people (near) equal rights.

    May allah vist the vatican and send his wrath. Just dont hurt innocent people.

    as for andrzejS and his comments on not understanding why the guy isn’t for gay CUs………..

    Sir you are not alone. I thought I had seen the depths of hatred her int he USA until tues, when some freakouts from a known hate group said that gay marriage would result in people marrying their androids”

    Its yime for a new Nurenberg tiral. the only question is whether we give il – evil he is – a choice of the easy way out – a gun with one bullet.

    I’d use a flamethrower on that genocidal maniac and his clowns.

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