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New reality TV show on Soho lesbian bar

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 10 Feb 2011, 2:04pm

    Hopefully Brenda will watch to establish the layout, wallpaper colour etc

  2. Dan Filson 10 Feb 2011, 2:05pm

    And I don’t mean Her Maj

  3. A documentary on the “personal dramas” of a bunch of lesbians in Soho. The only thing that seems interesting is how they’re going to cram all that drama into 6 episodes! I’d hate to be the editing team.

  4. Rejoice, rejoice, yet another pants reality show – oh, and one that will show all the gory bits that we try to keep hidden to stop the conservatives and the religious from hating us completely. And with such shart presenters too. Brilliant.

    More negative press to add fuel to the flames of prejudice, just what we need!

  5. The Candy Bar in London (and when there was one in Brighton) are the most unfriendly gay bars I have ever been to. Full of girls/women trying to be something they’re not. This programme is going show lesbians in a bad light. Watch this space…..

  6. It’s being made by Channel 5. It’ll be rubbish.

  7. I imagine this will do the gay community a lot of favours, show us in a positive lights and help our cause to be seen as equals……………………………………NOT!

  8. If you knew literally anything about how tv was made, you would know that it is not being made BY five but FOR five by a company called Lion TV. I have looked at their website and they actually make a lot of good things. Maybe you should try watching before judging.

    I know someone in the show and from what they have told me it is shaping up to be pretty positive.

  9. It’s too bad Candy Bars are an American snack food of sorts, considering the Americans neither are born gay, become gay or even like anything gay, except maybe in a military espionage arena. Really bad choice of names, one would think.

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