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Mickey Rourke to watch Gareth Thomas match

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 10 Feb 2011, 2:41pm

    I cannot help thinking this will be the most dreadful (self-)casting of all time

  2. ‘Mickey Rourke to watch a rugby game’… I’m pretty excited about this film, but does this honestly warrant a news post?

  3. Mickey Rourke is 58. How can he possibly portray Gareth Thomas in a story of his life? Thomas is only 36. Surely the film will focus on his career so he will be at least 30 at the beginning of the film and by the time they are filming Rourke will be 60. Can a 60 year old realistically play a 30 year old?

    Rourke could play Thomas’s dad, and they should cast someone else to play Thomas. I suggest Jamie Bamber. He would be FAR more appropriate.

  4. I agree with Dromio. Rourke’s a good actor, but he’s so much older than Thomas, it would be difficult for him to portray Thomas even at Thomas’ age today. I assume that a story of Thomas’ life would include his struggles during the early days of his career. For Rourke to be at all credible would require an acting feat indeed!

  5. And do you agree about my alternative casting suggestion?

  6. Presumably there is someone Welsh who can play the role instead? Given the strength of Thomas’ accent, I doubt Rourke could pull it off convincingly enough. Not to mention the huge age difference – I know Thomas looks a little older than 36, but not 60! It’s a shame a film is only considered good if it has some well-known Hollywood type in the starring role.

    Jamie Bamber….hmmm, closer in age, but Thomas is ginger. Surely they can find a Welshman with red hair somewhere?

  7. Aw, they can just dye the hair! But it has to be someone beefy, British and in their 30s.

  8. Yeah, but a real Weshman would be better – if not to capture the accent, but to at least give Wales the chance to put itself back on the map. It’s been neglected of late. Plus an all-Welsh cast: Matthew Rhys, Ioan wossischops, maybe a bit of Gethin Jones?

  9. Bit of a slack news day, obviously.

    mmmmmmmm:- Don’t be daft, they won’t use a Welshman! This is Hollywood, they’ll make him an Amercan and to heck with history – Just look at what they did with ‘Enigma’!

    Rourke will play Thomas as the ageing coach persuaded out of retirement to turn around the fortunes of a misfit youth team of ex-drug users and high school dropouts.

    (sorry, was that a spoiler?)

  10. Dionysian

    Don’t, please, I am dreading it will be hideous! The Welsh should get lobbying – Gareth Thomas seems to love the idea, but he’s just caught up in the hype. He’ll hate it when Rourke screws up and portrays him with a Punjabi accent!

  11. I think Kevin McKidd would be a good choice to play him. what do u guys think?

  12. Gareth wake up! I understand you are flattered, but tell Mickey to select someone else. He a great actor, however not for this role.

  13. the point is the film probably wouldnt be made were it not for Rourke’s involvement. an unknown actor can’t open a film. Alfie is overjoyed with Rourke; he aint changing his mind.

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