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Podiatrist found guilty of misconduct over ‘gay’ patients

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Reader comments

  1. Its truly amazing how these so called “christians” obsess about gays and gay sex than any other group of people. Just exactly what does he mean when he said someone was coming on to him. What would give that person reason to? Sounds like this man is deeply conflicted about his true orientation.

  2. it seems to be that modern relgion is all about what it can do for me, not what it can do to help others. I want to wear my cross, I want to treat who I want, I want to serve who I want. its seems to be three quarters hate and the rest love. When is the balance going to be back to what relgion used to be about. Care, love , understanding and respect to others.

  3. The on year ban does that cover NHS and private practice – I do hope so. This is totally unacceptable these people who continue to wear their region on their sleeve and refuse to provide a service to gay people or any one for that matter

  4. had the same problem with a stupid christian working for nhs in london. bloody christians spewing with vile hatred.

  5. Another bigot using religion as an excuse for his nastiness. I assume there are many Christians in the NHS and they manage fine.

    It sickens me that ANYONE can act in this way. Disgusting.

  6. The trainer must have been desperate, have you seen the state of it. What a toad.

  7. WHAT is this photo about? Seems to imply that there was some sexual activity with a child?! Weird.

  8. “It sickens me that ANYONE can act in this way. Disgusting.”

    Well said Iris. But no doubt we will have to endure on this thread another barrage of twisted truths and cries of intolerance from our christian pals. And all they want is the right to discriminate, is it too much to ask from the evil gay-lobby-agenda-new-world-order-conspiracy?

  9. What a deeply unpleasant man.

  10. Interesting report about this man in the Dailymail, which makes him sound completely paranoid

  11. When do things get to the equality commission stage as opposed to just professional tribunals?

    is this becuase it’s prior to the law being changed? This is more that just bad practice isn’t it, it’s illegal?

  12. Robert (Kettering) 9 Feb 2011, 1:07am

    Another vile, Christian, homophobe who believes it’s OK to discriminate on the grounds his Sky God says he can?

    Didn’t that same Sky God say it was OK to keep a slave? Didn’t his Sky God also say it’s OK to stone adulterers? So on and son….

    So precisely why do Christians obsess about sexuality when there is so much other, more juicey, sin they can get their teeth into? Answer: these people are just hate mongering homophobes hiding behind their Sky God as an excuse.

    By the way, I worked most my working life in the NHS as a health care professional and found it very, very rare to come up against such bigots in practice – even amongst doctors from the tradionally less tolerant religous persuation so this fruit cake is truly a rareity.

  13. Actually Rob the NHS is full of them my cousin a lesbian was treated really badly during a long term illness some of the female nurses were particullary nasty to her. Mt male christian doctor was so bad I wasn’t the only one who complained he got moved. DO NOT trust your doctor if youre gay always get a second opioion nothing is more important

  14. Jock S. Trap 9 Feb 2011, 7:50am

    “Mr Hardie had cited his Christian faith as a reason for his actions.”

    I think that just sums it up completely. Proof that these kind of people use religion and their texts as legitimate argument and condemn anyone they don’t agree with. Or in this case arguments based a lot on assumptions.

    He should Never be in practice as he clearly intends to put lives at risk in accordance to his beliefs.

    No doubt one of the Christian groups will fund his appeal.

    Such a vile disgusting man surely has no place to be near a civilised society.

  15. Jock S. Trap 9 Feb 2011, 7:57am

    @ Jim

    Do you mean pre 1967 when homosexuality was illegal and the law could lock us up so out of sight, out of mind to let Christians go about there bigotry without breaking the law?

    I think for religions to become the country’s minority would be the best thing. And that goes for All religions.

  16. I know just how he feels. I am revolted by people who wear green and I always refuse to work with them. Green is a colour only fairies have a right to wear and the all-powerful ones who live at the bottom of my garden have told me to avoid these blasphemers at all costs. But they are cunning and smarmy and always try to get me to wear green as well and seduce me into their evil ways. It is an abuse of my human rights for my employer to make me work with them or silence me when I justly denounce them.
    Perhaps a change of medication is indicated.

  17. Well Riondo, my green fairies, who are all powerful and of course real and live at the bottom of MY garden, have told me that how you praise your green fairies is wrong, and makes them angry. My green fairies have commanded that I eat them, in memory of them. And I have been commander to smite thee, by killing you, for you offend them so. Which is just and kind, as are all the commandments of the green fairies that condone my hate of others. But know you will die to appease their love of you.

  18. Riondo, Mondrian would have loved you – apart from the fairies bit :D

    Seriously, this guy needs education. His attitude seems to me very, very immature. And how many times will ‘christians’ have to be told that ‘belief’ doesn’t give you an opt-out from the law??

  19. I’m glad to say I’ve never encountered anyone quite like this. The closest I had was being refered to a muslim dentist a few years back who asked me loads of intrusive questions about whether I was homosexual and what I’d been up to with my partner which didn’t seem strictly relevant to his remit, but even he didn’t feel entitled to withold treatment.
    This is blatant discrimination and I’d like to see anyone put any other spin on it. Where would we all be if we could pick and choose patients based on our personal prejudices?
    BTW I’ve since changed dentists.

  20. Any comments from the former Archbishop Carey?? He said there was nothing wrong with so-called christians following their own twisted beliefs. Deadly silence now!

  21. Daniel Pitt 9 Feb 2011, 1:25pm

    Where was Chris Grayling to back up this idiotic, pignorant bigot? Honestly, don’t you just love it when religious folk think their ‘God’ is superior to your civil rights, then have the audacity to whine about THEIR liberties being eroded? This guy should be made an example of & jailed for hate crime.

  22. I still fail to understand why the fact he is a Christian has any bearing on how he acts.

    He is a bad Podiatrist. end of.

    Would this even be in the news if he wasn’t a “christain”??

  23. @LU, the fact that he is christian was his only pathetic legal defence. In other words he claimed that his religion prevented him from providing a public service to those whom he perceived to be gay or effeminate – even though he was employed by the NHS.

    So yes…the fact that he was christian was important to the news story.

  24. At least the complaint was taken seriously and a relatively positive outcome was ahieved, I come across it daily in my work in the NHS that Christians think they have the right to discriminate, fortunately I am in a position to point out to them that if they let thier religion affect the service they provide that they will not last long in their post

  25. Flapjack, he had no right to pry into your personal life, violation number 1. Seems to me he had prurient interest and was probably deeply closeted himself, most of those holy rollers usually are, the ones who protest or obsess to much about gay people and their sex lives I mean.

  26. Robert – you could be right, though I couldn’t tell if it was a case of judging me on my sexuality or just purient interest.
    My dentist shone his torch down my throat and asked straight off the bat whether I was homosexual and then whether I’d been giving head because of what he described as ‘bruising’ at the back of my throat and then he made some dubious medical claim that giving head can cause some types of cancer (I thought that was cigarettes!) and that I should get that checked by a consultant.
    First I’ve heard of it, and strangely the GUM never picked up on it, and that’s their remit, not his.
    With hindsight I probably should’ve complained, but because I wanted my teeth seen to quickly with the minimum of fuss [and besides I wasn’t sure who to lodge a complaint with] I let it go.

  27. God is Love. I actually feel sorry for those Christians that spread hate and divide love on “our’s” and “other’s”. On Judgement day they will have no answers in front of God. I pity them as they are condemning themselves to Hell. How about forgiving them and be good ourselves showing them compassion. Love you all.

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