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Jonathan Ross says Ricky Gervais’ gay Scientologist joke was ‘unnecessary’

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Reader comments

  1. This from a man who used the loathsome Four Poofs and a Piano as a launching pad for every jaded stereotype “joke” about gay men he could find.

  2. Dan Filson 8 Feb 2011, 6:57pm

    Possibly unnecessary but funny nonetheless. Whom could he have been thinking of?

  3. Ricky joke funny. Ross joke never funny!

  4. I think the joke was quite funny. I see how people, particularly those that suffer homophobia every day, can see that these kind of jokes can have a wider-reaching negative portrayal of gay men and women which is unhelpful. On the other hand, this constant hyper sensitivity to jokes that don’t have the intent to truly offend is a bit mad….

    Comedians regularly make jibes towards minorities and personal insults to celebrities. It’s often hilarious because there is no intent there to be offensive. The important issues are politics – equal rights, gay marriage, international interest in countries homophobic laws, anti-hate crime… if Ricky Gervais is opposed to homophobia and in support of equal rights (100%) for gay men and women, then it’s not offensive, he’s just having a laugh. If Nick Griffin said the same joke, it wouldn’t be funny.

    Comedians make jokes about sex all the time, not because it’s making fun of “heterosexuals” but because it’s a source of humour. People aren’t homophobic because they make a joke related to gay men, any more than when a gay comedian makes a joke about straight people they’re heterophobic!

  5. Ricky Gervais deserves a medal for bringing that troupe of self-important, self-obsessed, preening prima dommas back down to planet Earth.

  6. Hodge Podge 8 Feb 2011, 7:52pm

    The joke struck me as being aimed at Scientology, not gay people. Scientology, in L Ron Hubbard’s lingo, is fair game.

  7. I don’t really like Gervais per se, but he’s funnier than ross, and the wsy he ticked off the Hollywood luvvies was well worth it.

    Ross, pot, kettle!

  8. Gay scientologists ARE a joke. The religion is very homophobic and says so right in “Dianetics” ( a friend was trying to convert me but I read “DIantics” first and when I saw the anti-gay reference, I said, “No deal”).

  9. “Scientology, in L Ron Hubbard’s lingo, is fair game.”

    You said it, Hodge Podge.

    Maybe it was all those dead alien thetans that stuck to Mr Gervais that made his say this? Well, we all know 96 hours attached to a €9.99 voltmeter from the Radio Shack and €46,000 in “auditing fees” is the solution to all his problems – if he doesn’t, then Xenu and his “Galactic Confederacy” will come get him in his spaceships that strangely look like DC-8’s, and chuck him in a volcano and then blow him up with an atomic bomb.

    Makes perfect to me. Nothing crazy about Scientology.

  10. well exactly!

  11. Wow. Gervais being criticised by the only British public comedy figure I consider to be worse than Gervais. That is, ironically, quite funny.

  12. I agree with Hodge Podge that the joke was about Scientology. Jonathan Ross is a friend of Tom Cruise, and that could be why he suggested Ricky Gervais’ joke was unsuitable. BTW Ross called himself a bloody good presenter in the Radio Times interview.

  13. I thought it funny. Though what do I know I thought this funny too:

    How do you identify a French soldier?

    sunburnt armpits

  14. Four poofs and a piano is the band’s own, self-chosen name, not something Wossy refers to them as!

  15. But that was the BEST joke in the entire show! And one of the few times Gervais got me to laugh, ever.

    Take that joke out and I don’t see the point of the rest of the show.

  16. dave wainwright 9 Feb 2011, 6:22am

    Gervais rocked , Woss unfunny , overpaid and boring and in no position to criticise Gervais , sooner Woss is wesigned to histowy the better .

  17. No fan of Gervais really, just not my type of comedian. I don’t think the joke is insulting, indeed I feel it pokes fun at two homophobes (probably closeted but speculation is just dull and not that important) and their massively homophobic (and indeed bigoted in just about every way possible), alien worshipping cult.

    Not surprised Ross came out with this, he has pandered towards both Cruise and Travolta many times.

  18. Will said “Well, we all know 96 hours attached to a €9.99 voltmeter from the Radio Shack and €46,000 in “auditing fees” is the solution to all his problem”

    lol @Will. Well said mate.

  19. Agree with Hodge Podge, Merlyn and Will. Scientology is notoriously homophobic.
    If the rumours about Cruise and Travolta are true, they’ve sold out all their principles to be part of a cult which wouldn’t have them as a member [If they weren’t filthy rich Hollywood A-list actors that is] and some celebrity perks for being Scientology’s poster boys.
    Paul Haggis’s expose in the New Yorker is quite revealing on that score

  20. Well, Jonathan Ross should know all about making unnecessary jokes.

    And he wouldn’t make a joke like that purely because he’d be scared of the consequences of taking on someone bigger than he is – his targets (Andrew Sachs for example) seem to be rather less powerful.

  21. Agree with Rehan. My view is that Ross looks down on gay people, and makes use of them to boost his own ego. At the start of the British Comedy Awards Louie Spence took the place of the ‘poofs’ in his old house band.

  22. Louie Spence is shameful.

  23. SteveDenver 10 Feb 2011, 1:34am

    What jokes are “necessary?”
    Hush now, Ross.

  24. No one can ever offend a confident and happy person. Gay or straight. It shows ones superiority over the “perpetrator” if you want. We should be more aware that we, GLBT population, are the “chosen people”.

  25. Just reading Paul Haggis’ ‘expose’ on Scientology….is he some kind of moron? He was a Scientologist for 35 years..35 YEARS! And only decided it was an anti-gay religion AFTER Prop 8 and the gay marriage ban in California. Rose-tinted blinkers anyone? Did he finally get around to reading the Scientology handbook and pamphlets after 35 years or something? Imbecile.

  26. Every religion has gay people, some are in the closet some are not. Nothing new.

  27. What a hypocrite Jonathan Ross is criticising a joke about gay people now his daughter has come out as he has just tonight on his tv show made a disgusting , offensive joke about trangender flight attendents shame on you , my child is transgender how would you feel if you had to watch prime bigotry on prime tv – you have learnt nothing from last years scandal!

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