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Gay footballer collects MBE from Buckingham Palace

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations Aslie!

    I look forward to meeting some of your team when you come to my neck of the woods.

  2. Now this is what i call GREAT NEWS

  3. A MBE for for founding the first gay football team ? Is that all you have to do to be awarded an MBE these days.

    Sorry Im sure Aslie is a nice bloke.

  4. Founding it, running it, dealing with prejudice and ignorance for twenty years, everyone in that club deserves a medal.

  5. de Villiers 8 Feb 2011, 11:26pm

    That’s great. It would never happen in France.

  6. there are many in LGBT community who are subjected to homophobia in work or social settings maybe they should also receive a MBE. There are many in LGBT community working hard to bring about equity they have not received recognition for the work they do.

    Sure nice for the guy but there are kids out there looking after the very sick parents – surely they are worthy of a medal given the states fails them

  7. Well done Aslie in the face of homophobia and racism

  8. It is indeed excellent news, and it’s a pity some people feel the need to carp in the face of it.

  9. yeah that gav is a tosser

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