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Australian MP polls constituents on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Meanwhile, back in the UK, nothing is happening!

  2. Is this going to be like in the US because in many states a majority doesn’t like the idea of marriage equality, then he’ll vote against it? No one should be voted or asked about the civil rights of others.

  3. The majority of the Australian population supports marriage equality so if the politicians do not vote in such as way which supports the wishes of the poeple they were elected to represent then democracy is dead.

  4. Dan Filson 8 Feb 2011, 11:08pm

    “No one should be voted or asked about the civil rights of others.” Huh? So where they do not yet exist, public opinion has no part to play, even if supportive of change?

  5. I wonder why PN picked up on this news items, there’s a handful of marriage equality news items each week …

    If people are interested to know more about the marriage equality fight in Australia they should look at

  6. Julie Bishop the Liberal Deputy Leader is doing the same thing. Seems a slightly strange that it’s the conservatives are leading the charge on this.

    @Merlyn – repeatedly the majority of Australians have claimed that they support same-sex marriage equality. It’s actually our slightly idiotic MPs that don’t

  7. If you look at the link I’v given in my previous comment and look at the first item it gives you a list of the mps doing a similar survey 2 lib and 4 lab mp, 1 other lib and independant are probably going to do it and I guess others will join in I hope…it’s encouraging the lib are doing it but they’re not necessarily leading the charge!

    But agree with your comment, the polls shows that majoirty either want marriage equality or don’t care and only the minority are against, yet time and time again you’ll get the response from mps and senators that the community doesn’t want marriage equality , without them conducting surveys and the like for the next few months I can’t see how they can come to this conclusion yet

    This website tells the polls conducted for each postcode, almost all show a majority for marriage equality…

  8. Come on Australia, New Zealand and the UK!!!!!!! – what is the excuse in NOT allowing gay marriage????

    I am and millions of other gays are “sick and tired” of bigotry, hatred and excuses on gay marriage!!!!!!

    Civil unions are NOT equality!!!!!

    Civil marriage for everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation of the partner now – without religious interfience!!!!!!!!

  9. Luke from Canada 10 Feb 2011, 3:12am

    what realy gets me is Gillard has never given a real reason for her not supporting marriage equality, she is an atheist, she is not married nor does she have any children, therefore no religious, traditional or children excuses to use. What is her deal?

  10. skinDave90 6 Mar 2011, 6:20pm

    Luke from Canada: 2 things

    1) My thoughts exactly!

    2) Ever heard of Henry E Adams study of homophobes at Georgia Uni? Explains everything… 80% of homophobes are gay/lesbian themselves!

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