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More than 100 gay men arrested in Bahrain

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Reader comments

  1. Thank goodness the police did not arrive during the orgy.

  2. What a Joke 7 Feb 2011, 7:52pm

    Wow. I’m shocked. Muslims being homophobic.

    Bahrain. What a joke.

  3. Too little, too late.

  4. All those gay men who excitedly fly off to those Gulf states attracted by the beaches or the shopping (God help us) should be reminded by this incident that, for all their tawdry glitz, they’re barbaric and backward places to be avoided.

  5. Dan Littauer 8 Feb 2011, 11:14am

    The information is not entirely correct in this article. Firstly, it was not an orgy, it was allegedly a party for a gay marriage with many guests invited (gay and str8).

    We are getting reports now that over 200 people were arrested.

    Thirdly, Homosexuality is NOT illegal in Bahrain. Bahrain is one of only three Arab countries that stroke off “Sodomy” from the Penal Code in 1976. However, sometimes lawyers and judges use “Offending Public Morality”, a poorly defined article, to prosecute men and women alleged to be engaging in homosexuality.

    This makes the issue all the more curious as Bahrain is traditionally seen as a very liberal country in the gulf, its the only country in the area where you do not need a license for drinking (yes, even in Dubai you need one). Many gulf Arabs travel to Bahrain to enjoy a more relaxed weekend, this is very common and Bahrain makes tons of money from it. This is why this incident is worrying – is this an attempt by religious forces to lambaste the Bahraini government on an issue that is difficult to defend?

    I urge Pink News to be more careful in printing such information and consult grassroots organisations on the ground.

    GayMiddleEast will be updating the information on this issue this evening.

    Check: for further updates.

    Warm regards,

    Dan Littauer
    Executive Editor of GayMiddleEast.Com

  6. Well said Rehan. I agree with your point totally; affluent gay guys think nothing of the socio-political situations of a country they choose to visit just to top up their winter tans. Though I am lmao at the thought of arab guys in drag! LOL

  7. The plight of our Arab/Med brothers and sisters is concerning. Whether it’s in Egypt, the Gulf, the Islamic states, Turkey, or even Greece: religion dominates and GLBTs must go round in secret and in shame.

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