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07 February 2011

  • 7th February 2011

    ‘Faggot taunt’ started Shia LaBeouf fight 8

    Shia LaBeouf allegedly lashed out after being called a 'faggot'

    5:24 PM — Transformers star Shia LaBeouf was arrested this weekend after allegedly being involved in a bar fight in California. According to reports, the fight broke out after fans called the actor a "faggot" for refusing to speak to them.

  • Christian podiatrist ‘didn’t want to treat patients he thought were gay’

    The podiatrist is accused of bigotry towards patients he thought were gay

    4:36 PM — A Christian podiatrist has appeared before a professional trial over claims that he tried to get a colleague to swap patients with him because he thought the man was gay.

  • More than 100 gay men arrested in Bahrain 7

    Bahrain criminalises homosexuality

    3:32 PM — Up to 130 gay men were reportedly arrested last week at a private party in Bahrain. Reports said that the event, at a sports club in Hidd, was a gay wedding and guests were said to have been spotted in make-up and women's clothes.

  • India’s Supreme Court hears gay sex case 11

    The Indian Supreme Court is to hear the case

    3:07 PM — India's Supreme Court will today hear arguments for and against a 2009 court ruling which decriminalised gay sex. In 2009, the Delhi high court ruled that a Colonial-era ban on gay sex was unconstitutional.

  • Elton says fatherhood is ‘incredible’ 8

    The new fathers spoke of their joy

    2:26 PM — Being a father is "incredible", Elton John and David Furnish say. The couple, who are parents to Zachary, born on Christmas Day, revealed more about their new life.

  • Corrie stars ‘honoured’ to play lesbian couple 7

    Sacha Parkinson said the couple's relationship would have ups and downs

    11:58 AM — Coronation Street actresses Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent say they are honoured to play the soap's first lesbian couple. They added that the relationship was a "love story", rather than a "phase".

  • Christian GP sacked from drugs panel over views on homosexuality 259

    Dr Raabe was sacked from the advisory panel

    11:15 AM — A Christian doctor who co-wrote a paper linking gays to paedophilia has been sacked as a government drug advisor. Dr Hans-Christian Raabe claimed he had been "sacrificed on the altar of political correctness" but the Home Office said he had been fired because he failed to mention the controversial work in interviews.

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