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Ugandan police say David Kato was killed over sex payment

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Reader comments

  1. As Mandy Rice Davis once said “well they would say that, wouldn’t they?”
    Far easier to smear David Kato than to face up to the papertrail of political citement and subsequent lynching.
    I suppose he fell up the stairs and stabbed himself repeatedly in the back too.

  2. Right, make it out to be something sordid. Show the world that homosexuals are immoral and bad and deserve to die.

  3. Well if the moronic, ignorant bigots of the Ugandan poice force say it, then it must be true.

    If Uganda wasn’t such a terribly, dangerous, bigotted dump then it would simply be a joke of a country.

    As it stands Uganda is a backward, genocidal hellhole which should not be receiving a penny in aid or trade from the UK.

    The Ugandan government is making a clear declaration that they do not need international aid whik they are squandering money on persecuting gay people.

  4. No, it was the Ugandan police under orders from the state to killed him.

    This was an assassination, I can smell the bull***** from the UK .

  5. Jock S. Trap 4 Feb 2011, 11:33am

    Typical, it’s far too easy to smear someone who can’t protect themselves.

    It seems Uganda would rather smear than face facts or indeed allow human rights.


  6. Took them long enough to concoct this rubbish..

  7. Nothing the Ugandan police does or says can be remotely trusted. We know it; they know it; they don’t care.

  8. Dan Filson 4 Feb 2011, 1:07pm

    Not really credible – the perpetrator had a history of crime, and David Kato, perhaps unwisely, seems to have charitably offered him support (bail, I think it was) and shelter, and been ill-paid in return

  9. We know it; they know it; they don’t care.

    Too true, George, and too sad.

  10. I would have been more surprised if they hadn’t tried something like this. There is a dreary inevitability about the behaviour tinpot police states.

  11. Rubbish. A sickening state encouraged witch hunt that has ended in this mans death.

  12. TheSuburbanBi 4 Feb 2011, 2:11pm

    Not one single right-thinking human being is going to believe this crap.

  13. What a joke 4 Feb 2011, 2:18pm

    homophobic murdering scum.

  14. How predictable – had to be his own fault, didn’t it? I don’t believe this explanation at all.

  15. paul canning 4 Feb 2011, 2:32pm

    An official fundraising campaign has been launched in David Kato’s name

  16. [sarcasm] It would not be like the Ugandan Police or Government to completely fabricate evidence to suit their own agenda would it…

    Come on Uganda, your game is up. Stop lying and fabricating evidence, because it is so transparent.

  17. dysperdis 4 Feb 2011, 5:18pm

    The Ugandan police have made it clear that anyone who isn’t heterosexual (or willing to ignore their nature to act as such) is below their notice, so is anyone really surprised?

    Times like this, I wish there were an afterlife, or a supreme being to hold us accountable– the idea that the parties involved (from the lawmakers on down) will get away without facing the consequences of their hate makes me ill.

  18. Let’s have the human rights arm of the UN investigate this and we will find out what really happened.

    Sex payment indeed…

  19. westcoastkid 4 Feb 2011, 7:36pm

    @TheSuburbanBi: “Not one single right-thinking human being is going to believe this crap.”

    That obviously would exclude 99% of sub Saharan Africa.

  20. bicoastal 4 Feb 2011, 7:52pm

    really now, what should we expect from a continent that…

  21. Canadian Gay, Jean Guy 4 Feb 2011, 8:43pm

    Yes,by all means let us smear the name of someone trying to improve Ugandan GLTB rights. How convenient for the police to make up such a story- yes, let the UN clarify this tragedy and travesty of justice !!

  22. norhingpetty 4 Feb 2011, 11:20pm

    I like the idea of the UN investigation. However, it has to be full and entire and there must be full disclosure of the report.

  23. yea right, and I’ve got a piece of the real cross for sale, real cheap.

  24. If this assassin was found at his ‘girlfriends’ it’s fair to assume he was hetrosexual – No african breeder I’ve ever worked with would be prepared to claim homosexuality unless he was –

  25. jamestoronto 5 Feb 2011, 9:10pm

    How convenient to have self-confessed male whore right there. What a country!! Uganda you are the most F**UP country in Africa.

    Do yourselves and all the world a HUGE FAVOUR and just execute all of yourselves since ALL of you have committed SIN. Get your hateful beings off this planet,

  26. jamestoronto 5 Feb 2011, 9:32pm

    Does anyone in this a**hole state REALLY believe that anyone in the FREE world is going to believe this list of tripe.

    Aside from the promotion of sheer hatred, your country has contributed NOTHING to the history of this planet.

    Can’t you just disappear?

  27. jonnielondon 6 Feb 2011, 12:14am

    Isn’t that what you’d expect the police to say. Hardly credible anyways. My deepest condolences to this poor man and his family and friends.

  28. “The following day Nsubuga confesses that he picked a hammer from the bathroom and hit him on the head,”

    Yeah right. It was on the sink with the toothpaste.

  29. jamestoronto 6 Feb 2011, 5:44am

    I know I have a hammer somewhere in in my apartment – it will probably take me an hour or two to find it !!!

    It is most certainly not next to my toothpaste !!




  30. I hope Richard Cohen is hearing all these common sense comments.

    Steve Lively too, and Davis Bahati…

    oh, let’s not forget Martin “PooPoo” Ssempa.

    I presume the ‘presumed’ killer will get 2 weels in prison and a pension for life for sacrifizing himself ‘for the good of humanity’.

    What a croc!

  31. This is about as believable as that it was a robbery.

  32. This story needs to be kept in PinkNews headlines:

  33. Kato went to grave for good. Thanks to God for that.

  34. David Kato’s obituary in The Economist

    A very impressive man.

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