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Study suggests immune system treatment for HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 4 Feb 2011, 8:12pm

    “Study suggests immune system treatment for HIV” No I never would have thought of that as a treatment for an immune system problem! Duh.

  2. Dan, maybe you should try and be happy about the fact that science is taking another step towards curing hiv rather than acting so immature and nitpicking at how the piece is written? this is such huge news and you just want to belittle it!

  3. Great and I hope it adds yet another brick to the wall of hundreds of similarly well intended studies that have been around in the last couple of decades. The problem was and still is how well the studies can go the next stage or even the final stage to treat real people. Everything is welcome –I hope this disease along with others to be regarded as a horrible pandemic finally defeated in the beginnings of the XXI century- but hey, there have been so many promises turn into anecdotes one still have to remind the younger generations to be very careful when doing sex as it is as much prevalent now -or even worse- than it was in the past. Whatever the researches show, even if a magic bullet was found as of today, the implementation –that is, the clinical trials and necessary stuff required to certify not only that it works but that it doesn’t give other illnesses- take many years.

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