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Elton John says he wants Rush Limbaugh to support civil unions

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Reader comments

  1. dave wainwright 4 Feb 2011, 5:34pm

    And we are supposed to know who Rush Limbaugh is? and are we bothered what Rush Limbaugh whoever he is thinks ? yawns o.k. Grandma gets political, kinda Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Elton John is such a dreary bore.

  3. TheSuburbanBi 4 Feb 2011, 6:05pm

    Rush Limbaugh is satanspawn, and why on earth Elton would sing at his (6th?) wedding is beyond me (… well, no it’s not, I think he had about 800,000 reasons to do it).

    But never the less, Elton never fails to make me laugh. He sounds just like a dad with a young baby — babbling out of sleep deprivation.

  4. I’m beginning to have second thoughts about EJ as a father. The boy might grow up to be a boring hypocritical buffoon.

  5. Only drag queens are allowed to lip-synch!

    What a line- I love it!

  6. westcoastkid 4 Feb 2011, 7:38pm

    …screw off elton.

  7. Well he’s right about the state of pop music… is sh!te. Good on you Elton for saying it. I can’t see any of the pop bands in the chart today still making music in 30 years or so like he is!

  8. “he and John both opposed marriage for gay couples.”

    Why? Elton is crazy.

  9. He’s a reason for homophobia a petulant immature idiot who has our voice he’s speaks for all of us wether we like it our not

  10. “British pop music like that is the worst, it’s just awful. It could have been made by anybody. All lip-synchers should be shot. Only drag queens are allowed to lip-synch.

    great quote – and true!

  11. Elton John should shut his big mouth. Civil unions are nothing more than legal segregation. He’s an idiot promoting discrimination in these second rate unions. I don’t want to be treated differently from the rest of society and no, civil partnerships and civil unions are not equal to marriage in any way, shape or form. Why do we now have ten countries allowing us to have same-sex marriage? If he and others like him can’t get that through their thick skulls, then they should shut the f__k up!

  12. Elton is irrelevant. And he cares nothing for us so why should we give a good goddamn about him?

    Don’t buy the records or go to the shows. I don’t even watch him on TV.

    Screw him.

  13. What a joke 5 Feb 2011, 5:31pm

    The bitterness of pink news readers is palpable in every Elton story.

    What is your problem with him?

  14. Dera elton, planet earth calling rather then be concerned about Rush maybe you could speak out about the homophobia people in the Uk are suffering from each and every day – but I guess you have no idea what many in LGBT suffer on a daily basis.


  15. “Elton John should shut his big mouth…”
    As an ageing queen, although not as old as Elton, I feel that he is trying to use his celebrity to influence those he can. As a society we progress one step at a time. Singing at a bigot’s wedding may have been a step too far, but may be a first step in changing the bigot’s mind.

  16. Lady Gaga isn’t bisexual. Her “bisexuality” is a marketing ploy designed to appeal to sleazy straight guys. As far as I’m concerned, she’s a fake.

    Note how a lot of female pop singers claim to be bisexual and then use this claim to promote themselves. Why don’t men claim to be bisexual and then use it to promote themselves? It’s a double standard.

    It’s clear that women are using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy to get attention. They’re exploiting a double standard.

  17. de Villiers 6 Feb 2011, 10:09pm

    This is all a bit bitter.

  18. I used to love Elton but I cannot forgive him for taking a huge load of money to play at Rush Limbaughs wedding.

    If you dont know who he is, it’s like him playing at Richard Littlejohn’s wedding, or Melannie Philips.

    Rush is one of the most sickening right wing commentators in the US. He is massively popular and a truly dangerous force who makes the world a worse place. That Elton would play for him makes me sick. And he still has not addressed it. The idea that taking his money was to ‘build bridges’ is ridiculous. The only bridge being built is by Elton in his home!! I used to love him but I still get angry when I think of this hypocrisy. First it was Eminem, now Rush Limbaugh.

  19. dave wainwright 7 Feb 2011, 6:21pm

    I don’t recall Stilton and his partner David Furniture ever having played at a gay pride event , certainly not in the uk , so who cares about this aging disco diva who only came out when dragged out over rent boy and cocaine accusations , she can kiss my trannie butt , second thoughts rather she didn’t I know where she’s been :)

  20. To Elton: Keep your big mouth shut you dribbling queen…you don’t represent us and never will.

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