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Brighton Pride to charge entry and cap numbers

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Reader comments

  1. Bye bye Brighton pride. I loved going, but I wont be paying for another corporate plastic pride.

    I’ll give my money and patronage to the city Bristol and its pride.

  2. Seconded, Helen. I sometimes march with London Pride but wouldn’t dream of going to the festival anymore. Homophobic gate-crashers and greedy businesses have screwed these events.

  3. Charging entry?

    I guess I’ll make plans to attend a different Pride this year.

  4. Dan Filson 4 Feb 2011, 6:26pm

    I thought the whole point was spontaneity – people saying hey, it’s Brighton Pride, let’s go. The City of Brighton will lose a lot of business from gay tourism. If you need to organise bucket collections then do so, and make people realise nothing comes free. But don’t charge and enclose.

  5. “”The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Out of this world’, which was chosen by local gay businesses and the event will be held on August 13th.””

    The theme for me will be out of Brighton. If they had asked me for £5 on the gate at Preston park last year, I would of happly paid it.

    I will not be paying £30 to access Kemp town and a select number of clubs its unreasonable. For those who say pride should raise money for LGBT charities, they should be telling those charities to get a float some buckets and a stall in Preston park that’s how to raise money at pride.

    Brighton is now a plastic city

  6. Pride? I should coco

  7. It was somehow inevitable, really. Oh well, the last of the great free Pride days out going the same way as the rest – charging and regulating numbers is the first step towards oblivion as people don’t like to be herded into sheep pens and be made to cough up for it. Pride? Shame more like. RIP. I’m off to Barcelona instead!

  8. Thank god! It’s about bloody time.

    Free Pride, what a joke.

    It’s not gonna be £30

  9. I actually feel sick reading this. All my friends and I have been talking about how much we’re looking forward to pride this year. Last year was the most immense weekend ever, my straight friends LOVED it, as did us gays! We’ve been talking about it non stop for months… and now this news…. very upsetting. I don’t think it will be anywhere near as good with these restrictions. We loved the anything-goes attitude.. now it’s going to be all rules and regulations. Boring.

  10. ‘Free Pride, what a joke.’

    Yeah, God forbid the businesses shouldn’t be allowed to line their pockets. Anyone would think we weren’t in America.

    Oh wait…

  11. How much is she raking in for this.

    Get lost and give us back our Pride.

  12. I always liked seeing the local straight people from Brighton wandering around with us gays! That is what it is about! Intrgrating with the community. Put up a fence and charge and all you will get in there are gays – And not very many as I wont be going!
    Brighton Pride tries to do too much, it is obviously overspending if it cant balance the books.
    Such a shame. RIP Brighton Pride.

  13. Privatisation of an event supposed to be for civil liberties. That would be ironic if it wasn’t sad.

  14. What a surprise.
    A gay person expected to actually PAY for something?

    Fcuking typical, demand everything, but when it actually comes to putting one’s hand in one’s pocket, you’re like rats up a fcuking drainpipe.

    So much for ‘community’ spirit.

  15. Are these events really reverent today. Like our Mardi Gras it too commercilised, mainstream etc. We also have to have a donation entry to our events.

    The price we have to pay for acceptance, equality is too much to bear. I will not be participating in any events. I find Mardi Gras an embarrassment now as it does not reflect the Gay community as it should. It is about everything we should not be and do not want to be.

  16. Phoenix0879 5 Feb 2011, 1:29am

    All these people complaining about the plans to charge and saying stuff like “provide donation buckets” – most people will NOT donate more than a pound or two when faced with a bucket and many will not donate at all. THEY are the reason this has happened. £350,000 doesn’t appear from nowhere. Even if every attendee donated £2, that’s still £30,000 short of the cost of the event. If you wanted to Pride to be free, you should have donated and encouraged everyone else to do so! We have only ourselves to blame for this, not the organisers.

    I don’t like the idea of having to pay for a pride any more than anyone else, but at the end of the day if people will not donate enough money to cover costs, what do they expect to happen?

    1. Part of the reason it’s lost money over the last couple of years is the dreadful weather

      It poured down both 2010 and 2009 and how many people don’t want to go out in torrential rain because it’ll ruin their hair?

      I was there – I’ve been going since 2004 and made substantial donations to the bucket every year – but I’m disappointed with those who may have donated but couldn’t because they were too worried by a bit of water so didn’t show up!

  17. Jock S. Trap 5 Feb 2011, 7:55am

    Since when has the LGBT community turned down a party just because they have to pay for it?

    Charging an amount to get into Pride won’t stop people going when you think how much it cost to get into clubs and the drink prices in them.

    So long as they charge is not over the top if the charge means a bit of security and action to anti social behaviour which may only be a minority but it still ruins the event for those who suffer.

    If it also means these event can continue year after year then, yes it has to happen.

    As for those who state do we really need them, yes we do and sadly more than ever. In your own personal bubbles you may think that we as a community are accepted but the wider picture is more people are suffering from homophobic abuse and violence. Religious groups feel the need to increase the hatred against us despite the fact we are doing nothing illegal.

    London and Brighton may seem safe but even within out own cities the religious homophobic element is growing, not just the suburbs, the council estates, the rural area.

    Our message needs to be louder than ever so yes we do need these events.

    If paying for an event like this keeps those religious nut jobs out then that is one job worth while.

  18. Just following other cities like Manchester that have done this. Whilst it’s a good idea in terms of safety – the corruption that follows is disgraceful. Manchester went from being a celebration of Pride and fun to a Council hijacked profit at every turn piss up.
    Let’s face it though – barriers or no – people will still pay to get in.

  19. dave wainwright 5 Feb 2011, 10:46am

    You are all very welcome to come down to Torbay Pride only 3 years old and still growing , FREE and sand on the beaches here not nasty shingle which cuts your feet , was fabulous last year and if you can’t make Torbay Pride (known locally as TORGAY ) in Devon , then check out Cornwall Pride in Truro , both fabulous events and still with the spirit of Pride as it used to be . .

  20. Haven’t been to a Brighton Pride for years! It got very boring and dull about 3 years ago for me! I wouldn’t go anyway but charging for a rubbish day in a park NO THANKS, I think I’ll go to Greenwich Park for free (with all the other gays)

  21. Last year there were too many rough straights giggling and pointing at the ‘gays’.
    We got asked twice if we were ‘married’ !
    We’ll go on the march as there is still a lot of work to be done, but not to the park.

  22. @Dan.

    The difference these days (and I have attended the Manc and Brighton prides over the last few years) is that Manchester Pride feels very gay and the Brighton one does not. Whilst I do not have an issue with straight people attending Pride events, I have witnessed a decline in the feeling of safety at Brighton Pride over the last few years. It has become a place for young locals to sh*tfaced and get lairy. I only stayed at the park for a few hours last year as I just did not like the vibe. I welcome the fencing. A party for people that WANT to be there. I cant wait.

    Brighton Pride has become a victim of its own success. I remember going years ago when the park wasnt even that busy, nowadays its free for all piss up for everyone! Which is why I can understand people saying they’ll attend others which is excellent because places like Bristol, Liverpool etc need supporters.

  23. What a joke 5 Feb 2011, 1:41pm

    What’s the problem? Your’e a load of tight fisted gits.

  24. I agree Brightons Pride isn’t a gay pride and I am sick of hearimny “queer” and “faggot” shouted in the park.

    Don’t want to pay? Don’t bloody go.

  25. There were a lot of homophobic incidents at last years pride and you get these stupid homophobic youth going to have a giggle at the pervs , just like london pride. it was better when pride was more stigmatised and seen as too disgusting by that lot to even venture near.

  26. This is appalling news. Its what happened to London Pride some years back. It became Mardi Gras, charged £30 and was dreadful. I went to Brighton Pride as a great alternative, why ruin it? Why not have donation buckets like the old days in London? And if people like ‘Christian’ Voice want a bit of homophobia then bring it on. We love shouting at that wife-beater Stephen Green!

    1. Inevitable – tight gays that moan about everything but won’t put money in the buckets to make it better. If they had only put £2-5 each in the buckets last year this would not be happening. And don’t tell me that the less well off can’t afford £2 – for a whole fabulous day of fun and entertainment. A lot of people work their arses off all year to give you your ‘free’ day out. Nothing’s free – stop whinging and join the party to make sure it’s a great success. That said the organisers will need to up their game in terms of what is on offer if they are going to get people to pay up. I think that stopping homophobic piss heads attending can only be a positive. Sadly though I think this is now a doomed event. Perhaps they should focus on the street party.

  27. dave wainwright 6 Feb 2011, 9:27am

    A time to become more discerning where we party with PRIDE , giving support to lesser known PRIDE EVENTS which are still free enables one to have a taste of the TRUE spirit of PRIDE , rather than contribute to the commercial profits of VANITY FAIR , last year I attended both Torbay Pride and Cornwall Pride , both fabulous and stunning locations well organised and truly the wise choice .

  28. de Villiers 6 Feb 2011, 10:07pm

    > Mardi Gras

    Why is the gay festival named after the Christian event of before the fasting of Lent? That is a bit strange.

    I read the post that stated Pride was being privatised. As I understand, it was always a private event in that the state never owned or organised it.

  29. As long as it’s cheap, I think it’s better to charge. Someone’s got to pay for it?

    The price should deter those looking for trouble but not be so expensive as to price the less well off out of it.

  30. So surprised about comments saying there’s loads of homophobia…. I didn’t see any last year, or the year before, and I was wearing my rainbow flag like a superman cape? I think one of my straight friends had an incident with a chav, but that’s all I heard. I’d have thought anyone shouting “faggot” at pride would have got smacked out anyway?!

  31. So Brighton Pride is to charge, probably just under £20 to get in the park.

    So what about all of us that have to travel to/from such, paying already extortionate amounts to do so? I barely managed that last year, the Parade was just about ok, but after something to eat and visiting the community stalls (only reasons to go really) I left- As did many others from my area who had had enough, mid afternoon.

    Further, what about all those who cannot afford entry price even in Brighton- a high cost locality? Even with so-called ‘concessions’ -usually a couple of quid off only- it’s prohibitive.

    So Brighton Pride now only for the rich – and only those who can afford the appalling B&B prices -£150 + per night for the event/ or the travel costs… (or the rough straights who are now gatecrashing it)

    Also I don’t suppose those that staff the event will be paid properly-minimum wage slavery rates only rather than a decent living wage.

    Community?- Don’t make me laugh…

  32. Complaints about litter?!! Given that Brighton’s population at least triples over the summer I’d be interested to see how different the amount of litter is to a tourist ridden Bank Holiday Monday before I let the council pull a trick like that. Volunteers don’t cost anything to police the event. I don’t think Brighton Pride will benefit from charging. I was going to go this year, but not now. It’s a matter of Pride. Why should people pay to be part of an event that exists to defy homophobia and anti-LGBTQ attitudes? All wrong. (As if needing security against religious nut jobs was our fault?! Charge THEM!)

  33. I think the people on this page saying things like “Im not going if we have to pay”

    are yous really that stupid? obviously because of some issues that cant be helped we have to put our hands in OUR! pockets sometimes .. not everything is for free so im not against the paying admissions!

    as for making it safer .. fair enough there can be a little more done to prevent some retards from being … well retards … excuse the phrase i use its just something alot of people use

    but in making the brighton pride safer i dont think you should start making it too cut off from the rest of brighton as gay pride is really all about showing we are EQUAL and getting to MIX with everyone with as little homophobia as possible .. i think shutting it off too much avoids this message completely .. yes some people are going to get remarks and comments shouted at them! but that is why we are fighting and showing people that really the only thing different is our sexual preference ..

    luckily its 5 months still to go and yous still have a lot of thought to put into this

    so good luck

    and P:S this is my first pride at brighton so i expect it to be utterly perfect thanks as im sure everyone else wants .. so get your backs into it =D

  34. cornishprincess 9 Feb 2011, 10:10am

    I’ll be attending Brighton Pride for the first time this year and providing the cost isnt an extortionate amount I have no problems in paying an entrance fee.
    I went to Blackpool Pride last year and it was a minimal £8 you paid for a weekend wrist band which got you into the main stage area and got you a few other offers aswell and you felt totally safe.
    The only problem I can see is you will keep out genuinly interested straight people and it’s these people we should be encouraging in as like other people have said it is partly about intergrating etc.
    I’ll still be attending whatever this year but if the price is too high it’ll prob be the 1st and last time as I like to attend quite a few prides including the local Cornwall Pride and some of the bigger ones further afield lol!!!

  35. Scrapper Duncan 9 Feb 2011, 4:16pm

    The last time I went to Pride, it was difficult to see a connection between it and the LGBT community. Instead it closely resembled almost any other mainstream festival and was rather boring.

  36. Brighton Pride is too straight? What does that mean? I do not feel clear about my sexuality, and thought the point was that Pride celebrates equality among diversity. Am I not gay enough to be welcome? And what’s wrong with others who identify as straight from celebrating and raising awareness about sexuality?

    By painting this as an event for gays which is gatecrashed by homophobes, you are harming community relations. Let’s focus instead on common ground. If you’ve ever witnessed a football match then you’ll know that people don’t become immune to hurling abuse just because they’ve paid for a ticket. While determined bigots won’t be cured, those who are of two minds – even those who may say insensitive things – are much more likely to end up supporting the cause if you welcome them, talk to them and educate them rather than reject them.

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