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Utah politician’s bill ‘to exclude gay families’

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Reader comments

  1. I still see that the US is just the same under Obama as it is Bush. Obama should put his money where is mouth is and support LGBT folk like he said he was going to but he seems to be letting all the right-wingers run riot all over our freedoms.

    It comes as no surprise to me to see that promotion and protection of Christianity comes before everyone else s rights as usual.

  2. Sadly highlights how polarised the US is – I mean Utah was never going to be a shining beacon for gay rights

  3. Dan Filson 3 Feb 2011, 11:53pm

    Well Section 28, hello again. As to “An arrangement, agreement or transaction that is unlawful or violates public policy is void and unenforceable” well why does that need a bill at all. Obviously an unlawful act is unenforceable, has always been in common law if nowhere else. Utah could get a bad reputation out of this kind of nonsense

  4. Easy, move! The USA is a large and diverse country. Why stay where the message is clear that this State discriminates against gay people! Move and keep as many States ‘blue’ with crucial electoral votes.

  5. Edwin in Colorado 4 Feb 2011, 1:40am

    utah is one of the biggest states of haters in the U.S.
    utah spelled backwards is hat u { hate u}

  6. Jock S. Trap 4 Feb 2011, 6:49am

    It seems America is going 2o steps back with Equality. I thought this was to change under Obama..

    Land of the Free – What a Frackin Joke!

  7. Another stupid, spiteful politician who tries to distract himself from his own inadequacy by picking on other people (and obviously has issues about his own sexuality – normal adults don’t care what other consenting adults do in bed).

  8. SteveDenver 4 Feb 2011, 9:20am

    Bummer, this proposed legislation also leaves out single heterosexual parents… whether abandoned or widowed. They aren’t “lawfully married” anymore.

    OKAY, it’s time to raise the bar on “traditional marriage” and make stringent requirements.
    1. Wanna get married? It’s gonna be tougher than earning citizenship or entering a 4-year Ivy League university… and you might not be accepted.
    2. Procreation: both parties must be medically able. If they do not procreate within 12 months, they will be given 2 homeless kids to raise.
    3. Divorce is allowed only when both partners walk away from all possessions and holdings and do not remarry unless one passes away. If kids are involved, they get everything. The parents can visit the kids house.
    4. No prenuptial agreements, no annulment; adultery, abuse, neglect, failure to provide are all jailable offenses.

    Finally, there should be strict background checks, as well as testing on mental, psychological and educational levels.

    Why should marriage be sacred only when gays and lesbians want it?

  9. D Lambert 4 Feb 2011, 9:58am

    Spend five minutes on the web researching the origins of the Mormonism will show how ridiculous it is.

    Out of all the states in America Utah ranks as the highest for suicide rates amongst the young.

  10. How to create vast numbers of (seriously) second-class adult citizens, second-class relationships and second-class children at a stroke.

  11. James Rall 4 Feb 2011, 3:03pm

    If that Senetor, whom I suspect to be a mormon. How would he feel if we trip all of the churches, of the religous rights, and ban them. Religion cause more hatred and violence alone next to sports.

  12. “land of the free”.
    America does a proud job showing how hypocritical that very line from the national anthem is.

  13. This is the problem with the Us each state can do pretty much what the hell it likes! It’s time it was changed. Makes life very difficult for gay people in the states!

    And it’s time more was done to help LGBT issues!! It’s the flippin’s 21st centrury for goodness sake!

  14. the church has actually supported and helped to make laws in 10 counties and salt lake city that gays cannot be denied employmnt or housing.

    Of course they have a long history of being similar to the people who chased them from the then USA to the wilds still owned by the indians. YOu can put out the fire but the gasoline remains, just waiting for hte next spark.

    Re this law – I suspect it somehow runs afoul of the USA constitution very very blatantly.

    It could be a wonderful vehicle for a new court case that could also affect marriageequality in a positive way.

    I presume our british cousins remember that America and some of its Republicans are still in favor of slavery and segregation.If only the world bodies, eg the EU would put a ban on doing anything with or travel to from the USA , lots of people after cleaning out their pants would change their mind about equality for gays.

  15. There no “gay families” in the world – just monkey business decrations….

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