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Survey finds football fans disapprove of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. So over 90% of fans are against homophobia which is a start.
    So what about that 10% of every crowd shouting homophobic epithets from the terraces? Who has the cahones to take them to task?

  2. D Lambert 3 Feb 2011, 3:20pm

    10 people in a crowd of 100 have the brains of Melanie Phillips.

  3. Christine Beckett 3 Feb 2011, 3:32pm

    Move along now.

    No gays to be seen here… none at all…. really.

    It’s a beautiful game… ;-)


  4. The problem has NEVER been the football fans.

    The problem has ALWAYS been the FA itself which is institutionally homophobic.

    Gareth Thomas and Donal Og Cusack were able to come out in their respective sports with relative ease. Rugby and hurling are more macho sports than football, but both had adequate support systems in place.

    The FA pays lip service to opposing homophobia but is entirely unwilling to genuinely refflect this through their actions.

    The FA is a useless organisation when it comes to dealing with homophobia.

  5. Peter & Michael 3 Feb 2011, 3:50pm

    We know a person whom was in a rugby club, as soon as the other boys surmised he was gay, they made his life a misery. Rather than be bullied he left the club. He did mention to his peers at the club, but no one attempted to help him. It makes one think, that perhaps the people that run the game still instill stereotypes in themselves. Whenever we have correspondence from our Council, it is addressed Mr & Mrs. We wonder what we will be called when we fill in the 2011 Census in March?

  6. “78 per cent thought openly gay players would face hostility from fans.”, yet 90% say there is no room for homophobia in the game…

  7. Hopefully, the fans have some common sense – so if they disapprove of homophobia, they must also disapprove the homosexual practice and acknowledge its harmful consequences.

  8. Massive – you neatly illustrate that ‘common sense’ contains all sorts of common prejudice and claptrap. It was once ‘common sense’ that the Earth was flat and that the Sun went around it.

  9. I have to be a little bit suspect, I don’t believe that al these supporters are fine with gay people, it’s just PC to say so. Apart from 1 rugby player and one Gaelic player there are no other gay people in the 500,000 professional football players, god knows how many rugby players and some very fit Gallic players.

    Still won’t smell the coffee

  10. Mumbo Jumbo 3 Feb 2011, 7:38pm

    I see Stephen Green’s new wife is back on here commenting again.

    How’s it going Massive?

  11. In reality I think the picture on the ground is very mixed, but I think that football is now probably more homophobic than rugby. I had a fling with a rugby player who didn’t dare come out in his club, yet knew another (straight) player who said there was an out gay player in his club who had no problems (and this is nearly 30 years ago). Another player told me a lot of homophobic players who identify as ‘straight’ have a lot of sex together. People are peculiar and I suspect that the testosterone-ridden world of male sport throws up a lot of odd attitudes and behaviour.

  12. Riondo,

    If I may say, you are talking ballix, you went out with a closeted gay rugby player, and someone else told you there was an out one somewhere else. I don’t see that as a very gay friendly environment. I was a gay rugby player, and I am not sure it was as welcoming as you make out.

  13. The results of the survey are unfortunately not reliable because the sample was self-selected.

    BTW Piara Powar doesn’t seem to be genuinely interested in fighting homophobia in the sport.

  14. Things will only really change when a footballer comes out

  15. Most pointless survey ever.

    3,500 people surveyed 1/4 prob players and officials atleast and 1/4 atleast would lie.
    I’d be interested to see what amount that didn’t care were voted as supporting gay players.
    Fact is these surveys are pointless as they ask so few.

    Homphobia is part of football. I have seen many many homophobic fans … If the beautiful game wasn’t surrounded in homophobia players would come out.

  16. Dan Filson 4 Feb 2011, 12:49am

    “Homphobia is part of football.” Maybe but it does not have to be so.

    I suspect that if a real star, a great goalkeeper or a striker with a goal-scoring record came out, and just wore a ‘Some People are Gay – Get over it’ T-shirt at a press conference ideally with a partner on hand, and then just got on with training, yes he would get stick, and possibly more coins thrown at him than usual or tackles might be harder than par, but he would be a hero to many. And help change the world. The only thing we have to fear — is fear itself.

  17. Dave G –
    I’m talking nothing of the sort. You really should read my posts before making such pronouncements. I never said that rugby was ‘a very gay friendly environment’ – only that it may be less homophobic than football. It is quite clear that I was only citing anecdotal experiences suggesting a mixed picture. Your experiences rather reflect that.

  18. johnny33308 6 Feb 2011, 5:43pm

    It would seem that the PFA is possibly where the problem is likely located. It is not possible to have 500,000 men registered and not even one to be gay! Something is quite strange there. There should be appoximately 50,000 to100,000 gay men in that number. Something’s off with the PFA, definitely-very strange.

  19. Dan Filson 6 Feb 2011, 8:42pm

    I doubt there are 500,000 PFA members!

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