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Simon Pegg says men should kiss more to beat homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Wow, never expected that!
    Think i may watch Hot Fuzz tonight and follow it up with Shaun of the dead =]

  2. Good point , i never see gay men being affectionate in london. i got beaten up once for linking my boyfriend on oxford street. Another occasion we were kissing off soho and there was such a torrent of abuse from passers by. It would help with relation to visibility but it is still dangerous especially in a homophobic city like london.

  3. This now validates my weird crush on Simon Pegg.

    1. no validation needed he’s hot

  4. Andrew – me too . . . and it’s not a weird crush . . .!

  5. I appreciate the gesture though it sounds a bit patronizing.

  6. I’d like to add that a straight man kissing another man is NOT going to help them understand homosexuality, though it very well could help them understand homophobia. How can kissing a man that you have no attraction to and get no pleasure from help a person better understand what it’s like to be attracted to men and getting pleasure from having intimate physical contact with them? That no more helps a straight man understand homosexuality than kissing a woman helps me understand heterosexuality.

    Still, I think he’s well intentioned. I actually think having straight men understand the harm and hurt of homophobia is more important than having them understand homosexuality.

  7. I think he means that straight men who feel threatened by gay men and fear that they will be turned gay by them would lighten up if they snogged a man and didn’t feel anything. I think he’s right; straight men I know who are physically affectionate with gay men and who would snog another man for a dare tend to be pretty comfortable with their and other people’s sexuality.

  8. Rapture, back in the 70s in my youth, I was 26. I was kissed by my boyfriend at the time on the King’s Road in Chelsea during the day, it happened to be a saturday, can’t say we received any negative slurs or ridicule from passers by. Maybe it was just luck. I wouldn’t say London is a homophobic city, not in all parts. Do you know its legal to hold your partner’s hand in public and you can’t be given a summons even if someone objects? I learned that from a friend who was a probation officer in Highgate during the early 80s. Maybe if we started holding hands more in public, they’d get used to seeing it and help breakdown the stigma. In fact, my elderly cousin’s grand daughter who is 11, saw a young man walking with his boyfriend hand in hand in Bridport, Dorset last summer. Apparently, nobody harassed them or hurled any verbal threats. Was quite refreshing to hear. The grand daughter thought it was perfectly fine and didn’t affect her in any way.

  9. Simon Halliwell 3 Feb 2011, 6:52pm

    Wish me would kiss me…

  10. Rapture: You should hang out in Soho more then. Most gay men round their hold hands and have to occasional snog, and I’ve done it many times myself without so much as a raised eyebrow.

    You should really stop looking for persecution where there isn’t any.

  11. @Spanner “You should really stop looking for persecution where there isn’t any.”

    You contradict your own words:

    “You should hang out in Soho more then. Most gay men round their hold hands and have to occasional snog, and I’ve done it many times myself without so much as a raised eyebrow.”

    You want live in ghetto? Ghetto is not all London!

  12. Spanner,
    Yoyu are your own worst enemy, all you have proved is that to be yourself you have to hang out in places where you can count on the majority of people will support you. You are lucky, most people do not live like that, try leaving Soho and snogging your bf

  13. Let’s see if we can get the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury to have a good SNOG!!!

  14. If you bunch of illiterate fcukwits were to have read the original post, you understand why I mentioned Soho, because Rapture did:

    “Another occasion we were kissing off soho and there was such a torrent of abuse from passers by.”

    I agree you can’t do it anywhere, but Soho is one of the most gay tolerant places in Britain, so get off your high and mighty chairs, and stop fcuking nit-picking.

  15. @spanner you are wrong to make assumptions on my behalf. You may be happy with coming out of your closet and being daring for you in soho . But i am obviously stronger than you, and am not afraid to be myself outside of the gay ghetto where inevitibly persecution does exist. Also on the topic of my experience close to soho , you clearly contradict yourself to attain i am looking for persecution by being there and yet advising me to hang out more there. You should try coming with your soho attitude to the housing estate i grew up in south london you won’t have to look for the persecution. bludclot!

  16. what a lovely man, and what a father to look up to, and a husband to be so pround of. And funny too!

  17. Lady Tanya 4 Feb 2011, 5:43am

    thank you simon Pegg. glad to have you on our side. i too can Appreciate a man who looks and dresses nice. even though i am Transsexual and Lesbian.

  18. Jock S. Trap 4 Feb 2011, 7:42am

    If it’s one thing I’ve learn’t over the years it’s that it’s easy to sort the real men from the boys in the straight world.

    Only those straight men completely happy with there own sexuality are completely at ease with others around them. It is those that enjoy being around straight and gay alike and can appreciate living in a equal enviroment.

    As for those homophobes. I have to question that homophobia is a irrational fear of Gay people but more likely a irrational fear of themselves as they often are in complete denial over their own feelings.

    As for London being homophobic. I have lived here all my life and have to dispute that, esp for central London. I have had no problem with affection and showing it and certainly never had problems and I can’t believe its just that I’m a big lad that people are unlikely to pick a fight with(although I do have that advantage).

    On the outskirts of London yes I have to say there is a problem in particular from areas with higher levels of immigrants. Which is why I feel that for Citizenship in the UK all immigrants should be taught and made to accept the laws and the LGBT community as part of British culture. I’m not saying they have to agree with it but how they act is different. If they oppose it then questions have to be asked if those people is compatible with UK life.

    That goes for the entire UK.

  19. SteveDenver 4 Feb 2011, 9:07am

    Thanks Simon, I adore my straight friends who love to hug and kiss me. My pal Andrew will snuggle in my arms at concerts, etc. while holding hands with his wife. (It makes his super-christian twin brother burn.)

  20. Rapture:
    I hold hands with my husband regularly in public, and I live in the East End with a high proportion of Muslim and Black people, and sure, you get the occasional odd looks of disapproval, but I have never been threatened.

    I do think it may also be down to the fact I am 6′ 5″, 200lbs+ and would kick seven bells of crap out of anyone who tried. Intimidation can work in both directions.

  21. @ Jock S. Trap
    I have to agree with your comments regarding London. I am certainly not a big lad (I am only 5’5″) but never think 2 twice about kissing male friends hello or goodbye, whether in the street, on the tube or anywhere else for that matter.

  22. I love this man and would be more than happy to take up ANY offer of him wanting to kiss a man.

    Bloody hot stuff.

    Long live the geek!

  23. “I like flirting with gay guys; they’re easier to flirt with than women.”

    And by the same token I find it easier to flirt with straight men, they’re easier to flirt with than gay men in my experience. (Though to be fair my flirting days are probably well past now.) I suppose it’s the security of knowing one won’t be misinterpreted.

  24. Simon Pegg is kinda cute, but the ginger bush is not to my taste.

  25. All very well-intentioned but it can generate misunderstandings. I knew a cute guy who started to snog me who I thought was up for sex, but he turned out to be a straight who liked snogging all his friends, male and female. Though he could have just been letting me down tactfully, I suppose.

  26. Riondo:
    He could also be what we used to call a “Pink Panther”, straight guys that hang out in gay bars out to pick up fag-hags.

    “Oh but I’m gay!! Oh no, I couldn’t!
    Oh alright then, but be gentle with me”

  27. “I like flirting with gay guys; they’re easier to flirt with than women.”

    I think it depends what’s meant by “flirting.”
    I’ve certainly flirted with str8 guys and have had the same in return, but there’s always the danger of mixed messages and picking up the wrong signals..what’s just a bit of harmless “fun,” for the str8 bloke can turn into something else for the gay man.
    I’m sure that str8 women know about that one all too well!

  28. Now I know why i love simon Pegg so much..He’s a brilliant man with the right idea!

  29. Thanks Mr Simon Pegg! You Rock! I hope that EVERYONE, especially all the homophobic men in London, reads this and follows up on it! Why do so many people have a problem with two men kissing or even holding hands!? Do the same prejudiced people mind if they see 2 women kissing each other?!

  30. Wow, never knew he was such an ally, awesome words from an awesome actor.

  31. martyn notman 8 Feb 2011, 1:00pm

    please mr pegg!! Im up for a major frenchie sesh any time you are!

  32. I just saw “Paul”. The whole point of the movie is to portray Christians as moronic buffoons. It uses humor in making excuses for Homosexual conduct as being “OK” and Christianity as idiotic.

    Pegg “Once I had to kiss three guys; real full-on snogs. I think every man should snog another man. A kiss is so much more than physical touching”.

    So if Homosexuality is OK then that must mean that Christianity must be wrong…. get it?

    He uses a cute smarta$$ green alien to make his point by using “His existence proves there is no God”. Really??? I haven’t seen any but I would not be surprised if there were other intelligent life out there. Just more proof that God is quite busy and has been around a really long time.

    Pegg’s attack on our faith is neither funny nor warranted. I hope the little Marxist stays in England and makes another funny film but this time poke Islam in the eye. But then again the little atheist commy coward wouldn’t do that now would he?

    1. Danny, your religion isn’t the only one with a god. It’s a bit arrogant for you to assume he was attacking YOUR faith, rather than faith in general.

      Personally, I adore Simon Pegg. He’s been my favourite actor since I watched Hot Fuzz, hearing that he’s so against homophobia makes me love him even more. I don’t care what his religious stance is. Do you really choose who you like and dislike because of their religious beliefs?

  33. God Bless him that is a great idea. Gays should start a French tradition of kissing each other on each cheek when they meet, maybe more if they are really good friends;)

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