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I’d be bisexual if I was 21, Ted Haggard says

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  1. Jock S. Trap 3 Feb 2011, 11:08am

    What a vile piece of work.

    So he thinks his ‘behaviour’ was caused by being molested as a child.

    The man is talking out of his butt!

    Why do these people constantly blame everyone else for the way they are born so they can stay in the closet.

    He is passing on a harmful message that comes from his own human hating kind. They created the hate, the bigotry. Rather than learn and use it for good he Chooses to use it for Evil.

    How ironic that these religious nut jobs can’t see that They are the Evil.

  2. If he hadn’t said and done all things he has against the LGBT community, what he describes now would just be a normal and accepted description of a newly monogamous Bi person and probably not newsworthy.

    If he is being genuine then I would expect him to try and redress the balance of his past by standing up for the LGBT community against the haters as a way of saying sorry.

  3. I agree – A nasty vile piece of work sums this man up – so to speak.

  4. What a disgusting freak.

    Not because he’s bi. Because he”s a lying, bigotted, slimy hypocrite.

    You should see the pictures in GQ magazine. Haggard and his wife are having a snog in the bath. Also in the bath are his 4 teenage children looking like they are about to die of shame.

    Their therapy bills will be huge.

  5. Jennie Kermode 3 Feb 2011, 11:36am

    “I did not [really] have sexual relations with that [wo]man…”

    Where have we heard lines like this before?

  6. So mutual masturbation isn’t sex?? Which is what I take him to be saying. That means millions of l, g, and bi people – and probably lots of straights – don’t have a sex life at all. Utterly standard heterosexist rubbish – it’s only sex if you stick it in a hole. And terribly convenient for a screw-up like him.

  7. What an idiotic and creepy wanker!

  8. this man is a compulsive liar, a dishonest man, a hypocrite, a very cunning person.

    I christian, in other words.

  9. 21 … and a clown nevertheless

  10. Jock S. Trap 3 Feb 2011, 12:10pm

    ah, he’s one of ‘Those’…

    The ‘so what if I have sex with men, it doesn’t mean I’m Gay” types.

    Cockoo… oops meant Cuckoo, Cuckoo!!

  11. ewwwwww

  12. Wow – Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt then.
    “OK so I took some crystal meth in a hotel room with a rent boy and let him jerk me off behind my wife’s back… but I’m not gay and I would be bi but for the fact I’m 54 and I’m sure there’s an age limit of 21 on bisexuals.
    And anyhow there’s no such thing as a bisexual Christian.
    And just for the record I didn’t inhale and hated every moment of sleeping with the nubile young wretched sinner next to me!
    Anyhow, I need to go now… I have to get some gays in the missionary posi… I mean take my mission to all those unfortunate gay sinners who’ve fallen from the path of righteusness.”

  13. TheSuburbanBi 3 Feb 2011, 1:09pm

    “I’m sure there’s an age limit of 21 on bisexuals.”

    Indeed. If that were so, I’d have had to hand in my bisexual membership card over 20 years ago.

    “And anyhow there’s no such thing as a bisexual Christian.”


  14. TheSuburbanBi 3 Feb 2011, 1:11pm

    @DaveG: “If he hadn’t said and done all things he has against the LGBT community, what he describes now would just be a normal and accepted description of a newly monogamous Bi person and probably not newsworthy.”

    Very true. But as it is, he sure as hell won’t be invited to ride the float at the next Bi Pride Parade.

  15. TheSuburbanBi 3 Feb 2011, 1:13pm

    @Dave: “You should see the pictures in GQ magazine. Haggard and his wife are having a snog in the bath. Also in the bath are his 4 teenage children looking like they are about to die of shame. / Their therapy bills will be huge.”


  16. Now this is one hard faced mare if ever there was one. Words fail to describe this piece of work. A rat bstard of the first degree who would do anything, say anything to keep the cash flowing from the deluded jesus freeks who get down on their knees before him, “pastor”! Anyone with a functioning mind would laugh him out of the building.

  17. Verily I say unto thee all, Haggard is the work of the Devil !
    MY plan for you all is to allow some people to be lgbt cos I put it in your genes so please keep bashing the bible bashers- they give me a headache with all their bellyaching. That Leviticus is still ‘downstairs’ being roasted for his presumptive list of precriptive behaviours for people… (as is ‘St’ Paul)

    Party on peeps, (safely though)

  18. what a joke. he is a joke! why does this man still makes headlines? please…

  19. What an idiotic and creepy wanker!
    bravo, I was wondering what to put and this sums it up completely. Thank you

  20. Once gay, always gay, his face screams it. I’d love to know the intimate details of his sex life with his wife. I bet you anything not much is going on in the bedroom unless she gets on top. It boggles the mind.

    I guarantee he will fall from grace and will find himself in yet another sexual compromising position with another male. You can only lie for so long, it catches up sooner or later.

  21. Aaaaawh! If he was 21 he’d be a bisexual – instead he’s 54 and still a hypocritical asshole!!!!

  22. D Lambert 3 Feb 2011, 3:42pm

    In three years all he got from Mike Jones was a hand job .. I’d want my money back.

  23. A troubled soul he is.

  24. The Rev JRB 3 Feb 2011, 5:53pm

    While Haggard seems to be telling the truth about having been inappropriately sexualized (“molested”) at an earlly age, and about his conflicted bisexuality, he is wrong about so many other things.
    Masturbation IS “sex.” And he’s still wanking-off when he gives out this kind of ridiculous interview. He’s trolling for members for his new church.

  25. Bill Perdue 3 Feb 2011, 7:24pm

    No Teddy, you wouldn’t.

    We’d all vote to expel you.

  26. What a joke 3 Feb 2011, 7:25pm

    I feel sorry for him. The guy is so screwed up.

  27. Well if he doesn’t show what a perverse, hypocritical load of nonsense religion is, I don’t know what else could.

  28. The sooner he dies the better

  29. Edwin in Colorado 4 Feb 2011, 1:14am

    This guy is a full faced liar. He is as gay as the day is long. He just built a bigger closet in Colorado Springs then he had in Denver.

  30. radical53 4 Feb 2011, 1:51am

    What blatant Hypocrisy. In denial and all. But then there lots of married men, hiding behind women and living the double life and think it is okay. Then go and slag off us true gays. No time or tolerance for people like this. World would be a much better place without them

  31. SteveDenver 4 Feb 2011, 9:12am

    If he was 21, he would be bisexual. But at this advanced age, he’s just full-on closeted gay. HATE HER

  32. And that hottub pic is supposed to restore his reputation how?
    Most of his kids look acutely embarrassed, and it looks like the kind of hottub you’d find in a gay sauna anyhow.
    As soon as his family clear off I bet he’s on the phone to whatever escort agency will still take him asking if someone wants to share a jacussi for the afternoon!

  33. That hot tub picture is wrong on so many levels. What the hell is GQ about, publishing it? I’d like to think it was to render him absurd, but given that it’s the US edition (it is, isn’t it?) you never can tell.

  34. Jock S. Trap 4 Feb 2011, 2:19pm

    Just looked at that pic…. and really wish I hadn’t, my lunch is repeating more times the BBC programming schedule!

  35. The Heretic Philosopher 4 Feb 2011, 2:46pm

  36. The Heretic Philosopher 4 Feb 2011, 2:47pm

  37. The Heretic Philosopher 4 Feb 2011, 2:49pm

  38. The Heretic Philosopher 4 Feb 2011, 2:51pm

  39. homosexuality “is not God’s best plan for people”.

    At least he agrees that it IS God’s plan if not his best.

  40. I like this guys humourz

  41. bicoastal 5 Feb 2011, 1:44am

    He makes my skin crawl…

  42. You’d “be’ bisexual…?

    As in you have a choice…?

    You are what you are, daft git.

  43. johnny33308 6 Feb 2011, 6:17pm

    It must actually be quite horrible to be so filled with self-loathing. Those so terribly afflicted deserve our sympathy and compassion. Our society is to blame for such afflictions, sadly. Perhaps with understanding we can make certain that this happens less and less over time and all people are allowed to live their lives in peace without persecution and fear. That would be a just society of inclusion.

  44. Johnny – I’d have a tad more sympathy for Haggard’s self-loathing if he hadn’t built his former career on homophobic preaching and lobbying the white house against gay rights in general.
    If closet cases choose to be masochistic that should be between them and their therapists, but there’s little excuse for inflicting their self loathing worldview on the rest of us.
    Even now he hasn’t learned his lesson.

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