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Homophobia ‘can make you ill’, study says

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Reader comments

  1. Eeeh. I am hesitant. I have a disorder where I don’t make cortisol, so I take it orally. Nothing about my fundamental personality changes when I take or don’t take my pills. I really feel like maybe this is one element of someone’s tendency to react angrily to alternative ideas but really heterosexist behaviour is part of a larger personality that is resistant to change and automatically fears all things different. Likewise, I feel this is an attitude one can be raised with.

  2. Wouldn’t any negative attention have the same effect – even being told off by your mum for not wiping your shoes?

  3. So – are you barmy because you’re homophobic or homophobic because you’re barmy?
    And I’m not sure about ‘suffering’. Lots of homophobes seem positively to enjoy it.

  4. Riondo, ‘suffering homophobia’ refers toto receiving homophobic abuse not being a homophobe. theres some confusion lol.

  5. @Kid_a: ‘suffering homophobia’ is grammatically correct in the scientific claim made in the article. In this sense, the homophobic person is suffering from the results of the fear he feels. Fear in this condition is usually transformed into hate and projected on to those who are the object of the person’s hate.

    @Riondo: You are barmy because you are homophobic. All things you feel comes from your own internal thought system, which can be projected outward towards the object of their phobia.

    @George: No, it is not the same. The admonishment for not wiping your shoes, a reasonable part of parenting, as long as the punishment does not extent to extreme abuse, is usually is a minor stressor and not an ongoing condition that produces negative physiological reaction in the body over a long period of time or forms a negative part of your thought system.

    Homophobia is a form of fear, usually expressed in anger towards its object of focus, and is a condition that’s part of the person’s thought system; thus, it is not a onetime situation but constant feeling of anger, tension, stress, uptight or anal retentive, which produces damaging chemical reactions in the body. Usually, these types of people have internalized anger and hatred of self, which they project onto whatever they find in opposition to their own views or whom they perceive as weaker; and thus, often has other objects of fear or hatred in addition to homophobia. They are cowards psychologically, which means they use their own fears to project outside of themselves and overly focus on what is wrong everywhere else, rather than recognizing what the wrong is within their self; they internally feel ill-equipped and not strong enough to handle what they will discover within

    Good God, I sound like a text book.

  6. @Ray: Your grammar and logic are impeccable. Unfortunately noone told the authors of this study.

    This study looks at the health consequences for people who are subjected to homophobic behaviour from others. Not that they explained this very well.

    Someone should do a study showing that being a homophobic bully is bad for your health, but this isn’t it.

  7. Pity homophobia wasnt ‘terminal’ for those who have it!

  8. Really badly explained, but it refers to victims of homophobic bullying (the 63 participants were LGBT)….I think he discovered sliced bread! Being bullied makes you depressed? No need of scientific proof for that!!!

  9. Jock S. Trap 4 Feb 2011, 7:00am

    I don’t mean to bash this but how much did they go spending on this masterpiece to go state the bleedin obvious?

    Surely it doesn’t need much proving that those that suffer homophobia suffer problems with health. Just because we are Gay doesn’t mean we are somehow superhumans with no feelings.

    Researchers meet Gay people…. meet religious groups… go figure.

    Maybe they should do research next on those, for example, the Christians dishing out the homophobia and tell us how those people’s adrenalin levels rise giving them a sense of superiority and overbearing joy at dismissing another human being.

    Maybe then they could do X-Rays of their head and the spine discover the horns on each side of the head and either spineless or actually have a taiil to prove they are indeed the product of pure Evil.

  10. I’d like to think there was truth in it, but how come both Fred Phelps and Stephen Green have lived so goddamn long?

  11. Ah, my mistake… scan read the article. Doh!
    It’s refering to people suffering from homophobic abuse, not people suffering from a homophobic mindset.
    The latter wind up looking like Emperor Palpatine and have the lifespans of cockroaches.

  12. Poor Stephen Green and Iris Robinson must be as sick as parrots.

  13. kid_a –
    You are quite right. Thank you. The initial paragraphs are ambiguously written.

  14. I have to say this: homophila make me feel sick…. Some gays makes me feel so bad with their exposures that I just become so sad…. I am not angry on them – just sad….

    Sorry, guys, cannot make link any more to my name. I made mistake yesterday. Sorry again.

  15. Annette Raftery 9 Feb 2011, 9:32am

    December the 16th is a public holiday in South Africa and the start of the long and hot summer holidays. A reporter found that ice cream sales hit a year high and so did deaths at the Durban beach front. First time swimmers struggled in the strong currents. Researchers found a strong link between ice cream consumption and drowning.

    Proving that there are facts, then there are opinions, and then there are statistics.

  16. My “Husband” and I are subjected to abuse almost every time we go out. Most times we just brush it off, but recently we have decided to cease being victims.
    We call the Police and have arrests made. People go to Court and are sent down. But it HURTS. I’m not ashamed to say I sit at home and cry. My solace is that I can actually go home, but they are spending time behind bars for being a homophobic bigot. I’m not even gay, I’m Bi-Sexual. They cannot even get their insults right.

    Yes, I thought about suicide, but to me that means they won. I’m not going to let that happen.

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