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03 February 2011

  • 3rd February 2011

    Utah politician’s bill ‘to exclude gay families’ 15

    Gay parents have few rights in Utah (Photo: ILGA)

    5:31 PM — A politician in the US state of Utah has introduced a bill which gay groups fear could strip all recognition of gay couples.

  • Clinton Cards withdraws ‘batty boy’ card after gay protests 40

    The card will be withdrawn

    5:18 PM — Clinton Cards has apologised for a greetings card which features a character called ‘Batty Boy’. The retailer apologised for causing offence this afternoon and said the card was being withdrawn from stores.

  • Homophobia ‘can make you ill’, study says 17

    The study looked at cortisol levels in the brain

    4:48 PM — A study has found a link between homophobia and hormonal changes that can lead to illness. According to research from Montreal's Concordia University, people who had suffered homophobia had higher levels of stress hormone cortisol in their brains.

  • Clinton Cards sells ‘batty boy’ card 56

    Batman and 'Batty Boy' (Photo: Twitpic)

    4:04 PM — Clinton Cards has been criticised for selling a greetings card which features a character called 'Batty Boy'. The card shows a cartoon Batman and his new sidekick, who has a limp wrist and an earring.

  • Simon Pegg says men should kiss more to beat homophobia 36

    Simon Pegg says he is "boringly straight"

    3:02 PM — Straight men should kiss each other more to understand homosexuality, Simon Pegg says. The married actor said that homophobia comes from a fear of the unknown.

  • Fresh appeal for lesbian asylum seeker 12

    A fresh appeal will be heard

    2:18 PM — A fresh appeal will be held for Ugandan asylum seeker Brenda Namigadde next week. The 29-year-old lesbian says she will be killed if deported from the UK to her home country.

  • Survey finds football fans disapprove of homophobia 19

    Justin Fashanu remains the only pro footballer to have come out

    1:23 PM — A survey released to coincide with LGBT History Month says that the vast majority of fans strongly oppose homophobia in football. The research, carried out at the University of Staffordshire, surveyed 3,500 fans, players and game officials.

  • I’d be bisexual if I was 21, Ted Haggard says 45

    Ted Haggard said he didn't have "sex sex" with the male prostitute

    10:46 AM — Former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard says he would be bisexual if he was 21 and not a Christian. Speaking to GQ magazine, the disgraced preacher insisted he was happily married to wife Gayle and said he still believes that the Bible says homosexuality "is not God's best plan for people".

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