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Video: Saturday Night Live attacked for ‘transphobic’ skit

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Reader comments

  1. This is really bad. Think the difference between this and something like Little Britain’s Emily Howard – at least LB is funny and is poking fun at transvestitism in a (IMO) non-discriminatory way. This is really cruel though – talking about genuine TS women as if they are all just men in dresses that take birth control. So, so wrong.

  2. Christine Beckett 2 Feb 2011, 11:28am


    Well, we get that crap all the time here, mainly from folk like Walliams and Lucas.

    It’s “scrapping the bottom of the barrel” humour.

    It’s a sad indicator of the lack of talent and imagination of some comics, but there you go…..

    Some folk seem to find it funny.


  3. Pink News’s link didn’t work. Here is a YouTube link for it.

  4. TheSuburbanBi 2 Feb 2011, 12:27pm

    I know some trans people have a lot of problems with the Walliams/Lucas portrayals (though some don’t), but they are not the same as the SNL skit from the states. Walliams/Lucas, it can be argued, are not working to dehumanise trans women but are poking fun at cis people’s reactions to the trans characters and the trans characters reaction in turn to the cis ‘spectators’…. but this SNL skit is pure, out and out ridicule. Not clever, not funny, no redeeming value that I can see.

  5. TheSuburbanBi 2 Feb 2011, 12:32pm

    I should also add that I wastched the SNL footage right after I read the Pink News article on the 6 trans women killed in Honduras

    Hard to find anything particularly funny after that.

  6. Helen Wilson 2 Feb 2011, 1:33pm

    This sort of thing re-enforces media stereotypes who trans people are. Media continue to to say who we are as transgender people and make us an object of ridicule.

    The same can be said to media portrayal of all LGBT people.

  7. proudtrans 2 Feb 2011, 5:13pm

    Well I dont see anything funny in the SNL skit as it was just representing us as we really are and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a drug like ‘EstroMaxx’ if it existed. Lucas and Walliams are much worse imo.

  8. I’m glad SNL is being criticized for this skit, which I found absolutely appalling. I didn’t even see what the jokes were intended to be.

  9. What a joke 2 Feb 2011, 7:44pm

    @ Alex –

    “At least LB is funny and is poking fun at transvestitism in a (IMO) non-discriminatory way.”

    you are joking? LB is one of the vilest, most stereotypical homophobic, cruel transphobic programs on TV. Why do you think the BBC commission it?

    And their new airplane show, which I think they may have written in about ten minutes is even worse. They even ‘black up’ for the black coffee shop waitress. Vile racist sketch.

  10. The skit was vile. That was NOT comedy, it was an attack on trans people everywhere.

  11. personally i didn’t see anything wrong with it – it was light humor, if not in the best taste. SNL is known for these commercials, like the pill to ignore your kid’s gayness from last year.

    there are like *no* positive trans role models in american media, so if this completely harmless representation is all we get, i don’t mind it one bit.

  12. homophobic bullies would laugh at this humor – if you think wanting to be a woman is “funny” then yes, this is “awesome” as americans love to say every 5 seconds

  13. Wow, the queer community has really become so sensitive that everything offends these days. I recommend we all read The Boy Who Cried Wolf to remind ourselves that when we bitch, piss and moan about every little thing then no one is apt to take us serious when issues that truly matter come up. Lighten up ladies, I hardly think that SNL was out to be the monsters you’re trying to make them out to be.

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