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Reports say man confessed to Ugandan gay activist murder

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Reader comments

  1. ““He has confessed to the murder. It wasn’t a robbery and it wasn’t because Kato was an activist. It was a personal disagreement but I can’t say more than

    Whatever the motive behind this killing, I wonder whether the suspect, if convicted, will get away with a light sentence because people don’t like Mr. Kato’s activism. I oppose teh death penalty, so I hope he doesn’t get that, but I do believe he deserves a long time in prison.

  2. Dan Filson 3 Feb 2011, 1:11am

    Yet previously the police said it was a death connected to a robbery.

    Sad, if it is true, if the suspect killed the man who provided him with bail and with shelter.

  3. something fishy here.

  4. Weren’t the police affirming it was a robbery? Is that a newspaper or a police spin? I bet on the police’s institutional prejudice own spin on it. mask fall

  5. Even at David’s funeral they would not lay him to rest peacefully. Thank God for the brave Bishop who said the most appropriate last rites. Muhame Giles, the editor of ‘Rolling Stone’, the publication that ‘outed’ David is on FaceBook and has a disgusting photo of white women showing their bums on bicycles. Ironic. Surely he now has cold blood on his hands?!/profile.php?id=1544454956!/pages/Giles-Muhame-is-an-embarrassment-to-humanity/118415994885511

  6. Leonardo Ricarod 3 Feb 2011, 1:46pm

    The kind Bishop that buried David Kato was Christopher Ssenyonjo (who was excommunicated from the Anglican Church of Uganda for ministering to troubled LGBTI Anglicans and others in his retirement)…From President Museveni (and wifey Janet) all the way down the Ugandan government is vertically corrupted, bigoted and generally dishonest–their favorite group to demean, marginalize and oppress are LGBTI Ugandans (thanks to American Evangelicals support/bribes)–you figure it out, start with the vile Archbishop Henry Orombi and his gang of tainted righteous clergy and you´ve got the answer to the corruption at it´s worst–Orombi exports his hate to the U.K. and the U.S.A.

  7. That fine American word ‘patsy’ comes to mind, but we’ll have to watch this space….

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