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Police launch new hate crime website

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Reader comments

  1. What we need is an NGO that lists hate organisations according to the strict criteria of the Southern Poverty Law Centre in the USA, and monitors them.

    That will for example bring many of the groups and individuals that deliberately use the misinformation of people like NARTH to create fear and prejudice to the notice of all concerned.

  2. Ciaran McHale 2 Feb 2011, 2:36pm

    The following article on Wikipedia claims there are slightly less than 10,000 reported hate crimes in the USA annually.

    The USA has a population of 307 million.

    In contrast, the UK has a population of 61 million, but has 50,000 reported hate crimes annually. Put simply, the UK has 25 times more reported hate crimes per capita than the USA.

    Does anyone know why this is? Is the UK really 25 times more racist/phobic than the USA? Or is there different definitions of “hate crime” on the two sides of the Atlantic? Or are Americans less likely to report a hate crime?

  3. Do you know how many hits this website is getting, NONE!

    They still don’t get it!

    And now the Tories have taken away there targets, well it an’t going to get any better.

    When we report a Hate Crime we want a “Hate Crime police officer” to investigate the incident “NOT” a standard one, we want a specially trained one!

  4. Ciaran – True figures would show the statistics in the US to be far much higher. The disparity is due to many factors such as; state definition of what constitutes a hate crime. Therefore many hate crimes will simply be generically logged as assault or murder etc. and not included in the countries statistic for hate crimes.

    Many southern states in the US do not recognise homophobia as a hate crime so many of these will not be included within the overall figure.

    Many victims in the US are still too scared to report hate crime, often because they do not trust the police, again this fear seems to be more prevalent in the southern states.

    Remember, what we in the UK and Europe in general would rightly constitute as ‘hate’ is a very grey area in the US, with some US states being more progressive than others.

    It would not be unreasonable to suggest that figures are manipulated by some states to prevent further investigation federal authorities.

  5. Kini Cosma 2 Feb 2011, 9:10pm

    “The Civil and Human Rights of Female Sex Offenders. Does the United States Torture Women? Are torture skeletons in the closet? We may have lost our best chance for bringing all the perpetrators of these acts to justice because we tortured and rendered”.

    I’m asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts at

    — Thankful to these agencies in the U.S. and these countries who have taken the time to review my website at where evidence has been uploaded.

    Current Country Totals From 12 Aug 2010 to 31 Jan 2011 United States (US)169 India (IN)6 Brazil (BR)3 Nepal (NP)3 Spain (ES)2 South Africa (ZA)2 Slovakia (SK)1 Germany (DE)1 United Kingdom (GB)1 Poland (PL)1 Canada (CA)1 Ireland (IE)1 France (FR)1 Japan (JP)1 Indonesia (ID)1 Thailand (TH)1 Philippines (PH)1 Korea, Republic of (KR)1 Republic of (KR)1 Italy (IT)1

  6. “When we report a Hate Crime we want a “Hate Crime police officer” to investigate the incident “NOT” a standard one, we want a specially trained one”

    Thats discrimination to Police officers, you should view all Police officers as equals, as gays want to be equal, so you yourself should view others as equals.

  7. Nigel J Dougan 3 Feb 2011, 10:54am

    I agree that reporting of an offence should be dealt with by a specialist Hate Crime officer. The majority of plods are relatively sympathetic but not that bothered. Their managers couldn’t give a damn.

    I have asked Stonewall to look at an incident or rather series of incidents where my life is now in jeapordy. I’m somewhat surprised that they show no real urgency to look at the matter.

    I have been given a few contact points, agencies that I was allready aware of but had hoped that as ‘champions’ of gay rights etc., they may have shown some degree of interest.

    I’m hoping for their support as my police force make all the right noises but are still rather homophobic.

  8. Matt, Women who are victims can ask for a WPC and when firearms are used they call out the rapid reaction squad, so why cant gays ask for Hate Crime police officer’s? They say they have not got the manpower to cover this, but this new nationwide website still has virtually no hits and this is in the middle of an national advertising campaign.

    After 7/7 I was one of the community reps that advised a sub group of ACPO with helpful solutions, so I know a thing or two about this.

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