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Iowa lawmakers move to ban gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t you just love the irony of the motto! Isn’t it about time we had another gun rampage in the US? The more of them that shoot each other the better for the rest of us ;)

  2. Not good. At least gay people aren’t being put to death though.

  3. My heart sinks when I read stories like this. Its one step forward , three steps back. I just hope that Iowan legislaters don’t give in to prejudice and side with equal rights

  4. Peter & Michael 2 Feb 2011, 4:11pm

    Obama needs to legislate that all states of America abide by a national Same-Sex Marriage law, similar to the law banning discrimination against black americans.

  5. It’s sad to know I live in a country where my president refuses to stand up for my rights.As long as our goverment continues to treat us like second class citizens,things like this are going to happen.In my opinion,what needs to be banned is Christianity.It’s the 21st century,and our country is basically being ran by a group a ignorant religious people who demand everyone live by their book of fairy tales.

  6. Steve Sampson 2 Feb 2011, 5:19pm

    Bigotry has no place in a free society. The imposition of one’s religious belief on another stands in opposition to freedom.

  7. Fortunately it’s unlikely that the law will pass through the Iowan Senate.

  8. Luke from Canada 2 Feb 2011, 5:59pm

    even if this does pass, it needs to go through it a second time and then be voted on, and if it did become law, a lawsuit would happen , be pretty hard to reason why they should ban all recognition of same sex relationships, especially since they already had them plus a rational arguement is not there, look at california

  9. It is unjust to deny equal rights; to recognise them and then attempt to withdraw them is despicable.

  10. Supreme Court, there we go with this one too. Well, they can try to amend the National Constitution too. But don’t know if that one will come as easily.

  11. D Lambert 2 Feb 2011, 9:31pm

    Next, they will be voting to bring back slavery.

    After all, It’s in the bible.

  12. American tax dollars at work.

  13. This continues to show the ridiculous concept that there has to be fifty separate laws passed for this farce of a country to agree on anything.

    Isn’t it about time they simply unified the states, and made one single federal judiciary responsible? For Christ’s sake, one would have thought they would have sorted things out in 200 years.

  14. Every morning I check the news here and on BBC. I just finished reading about how Egypt will now most likely adopt Sharia Law and how a boy in Pakistan has been arrested in Pakistan for blasphemy.
    In need of something more optimistic I checked PinkNews and it leaves me feeling just as sick to my stomach. It should be illegal to withdraw any kind of human right from someone once it has been awarded. Land of Liberty my ass.
    I saw recently the Illinois is about to legislate civil partnerships but it’s stories like these that taint all that because it leaves me wondering when the right-wing lunatics will make it illegal again.

  15. Brian, you just summed up my morning :/

    People suck.

  16. Jock S. Trap 3 Feb 2011, 12:04pm

    Christians only want a society that is Free for Them to do as they please. Anybody else can get stuffed.

    I think it’s time for someone either Gay or Lesbian to begin a case that reflects the equal rights people get to the tax people pay.

    Clearly if people say they are Gay/Lesbian they should be paying less until all are equal.

    In the end I suspect it will cost more for them to cut taxes because a lot of people would falsely claim to be either Gay/Lesbian that it would only benefit the government to change their policies to accommodate us and maybe finally we’ll be all treated as Equally.

  17. Even in the unlikely event that this amendment is adopted, it will become another court case like Prop 8 in CA. Marriage equality in America will come about state by state, appellate district by appellate district until the US Supreme Court finally abolishes anti-gay marriage laws. It’s the only way it can happen there. Meanwhile, over here, does anyone really think it’s going to happen by parliamentary action alone?

  18. There is third world poverty in America and the AFA Christian movement choose to blow more than a million dollars on a silly hate campaign. The mind truly boggles!

  19. The Rev JRB 3 Feb 2011, 6:08pm

    The Iowa Senate has voted NOT to allow this “ban the gays from marrying” bill to proceed further.
    Iowans are safe, for the moment.
    As Mike notes, this is going to be a long, involved process, because (sorry, Peter & Michael) the president does not initiate legistlation. Congress does – and getting DOMA out of the way first is going to require a cumbersome process.
    In light of the Maryland and Wyoming developments of late, it seems clear that AFA (and other identified “hate groups”) will continue its well-funded propaganda campaigns and challenges to equal rights for a few years yet.
    They’re waning; we’re winning – and it’s a damn, slow, frustrating slog.

  20. If you believe the make-believe infantile twaddle of stupid books like the bible, and you are in a position of power then you will be blocking other people’s basic human rights.

  21. SilenceIsDangerous 3 Feb 2011, 10:21pm

    All those religious zealots must have read a different version of the bible than I did — love your next one like yourself (or do they hate themselves so much?); judgment is not meant for us, but for something that happens after we die; we’re all made in the likeness of god (god makes mistakes??); and look who jesus hang out with and loved.

  22. Yess it the proposed ban has been blocked in the Iowa Senate by just 2 votes!!!!!!!

  23. Finally, Iowa going in right way!

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