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Carlisle men fined for shouting abuse at trans women

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Reader comments

  1. Helen Wilson 2 Feb 2011, 2:46pm

    This form of abuse is a common everyday form of abuse for trans folk. this social intimidation mainly by young men who feel they can abuse you in the street.

    Its just a shame the judge did not award the victims compensation too.

  2. |Low-lifes. I’ve always felt that people who shout personal abuse in public (on any basis) have a screw loose.

  3. good. hopefully they’ll think twice in future.

  4. The fine doesnt sound that much. The deterrent should be higher.

  5. Laughable.

  6. it may be a laughable fine, but it least it was taken seriously by the law and it will be on these guys police records

  7. kim oakland 4 Feb 2011, 12:43am

    im kim the people who did this took a plea b4 the trail a lesser charge and a lesser sentince but i think the message got put accross well, we have to move on in life and stand up an be strong when life wants us to quit we shud dig in deeper. hugz an love to you all x

  8. Good this was taken seriously.
    From “The men were told that they would be fined “as much as we possibly can”….”
    I would say that the GBP175.- total they will have to pay is just a laugh!
    I hope the restraining order and the fact they now have a record will be a bigger deterrent.

    We had not been called dirty d* for years, and have again not been for the last year, but when we did have a ralley in Amsterdam protesting the increase of violence against LGBTQI people, there definitely was heard some slur from the public; especially men..

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