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Anti-gay Iris Robinson fined for car crash

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Reader comments

  1. Finally!

    An example of that fine heterosexual morality so many of them run around screaming their silly heads off about!

  2. Whilst there are many reasons to take Iris Robinson to task such as her homophobia and arrant hypocricy, gloating over a minor traffic accident does seem a bit like petty pointscoring.
    You might as well gloat over her parking fines or point out her cellulite with big red circles on the pages of Heat magazine if you’re going to go that route.

  3. Has this woman been charged with any crimes relating to the theft of thousands of pounds from the taxpayer, to pay for the business of her child lover?

  4. Please remember that poor, mad Iris is mentally ill. She must be because she has religious faith and that is a mental illness.

  5. Neville,

    Don’t be too sure, remember this is Northern Ireland where the Amish are regarded as dangerous progressives.

  6. A non-story about a discredited nobody.

  7. This isn’t gay news, stop filling this site with this tenous crap.

  8. D Lambert 2 Feb 2011, 9:41pm

    Silly mare could have got away with it if she had taken him to a discrete B&B in Cornwall.

  9. What is this crap?
    Does this rag have to dig up every *every* damn story with even the most tenuous gay connections?

    Obviously a slow news day.

  10. Great to know that Iris is going well!

  11. please no more iris the virus. We all know shes an evil bitch getting her just karma.

  12. stan James 3 Feb 2011, 2:41am

    Lots, but not all by any means – of so called christians are the true abomination.

    This woman is one of them. she had an accident – wonder where her hands were? more more harder harder faster faster.

    There is a word for her, which I wont print because it defames all women. The closest I can get is to caller her a Kluxer from the days – stiill around today btw, of the Ku Klux Klan which still longs for slavery and segregation. All as justified by that book I keep in the bathroom for paper in an emergency.

  13. Jock S. Trap 3 Feb 2011, 10:15am

    The woman is a menace to society.

  14. This woman is no longer a public figure, and this is a non story. We should perhaps show more charity to her than she has to us.

  15. She may no longer be a public figure in her own right, but she is still the wife of the First Minister of Northern Ireland so to assume that she and her vile views are without place or influence would be a mistake.

    This article is of interest, maybe only to people in NI, as it shows that the wheels of justice have started turning again and she is deemed well enough to be prosecuted (it has taken 14 months to bring a simple case to court because of her ‘health’). We will have to see what else she may get done for and how she chooses to use her influence now she cannot directly attack us.

  16. Pity the accident wasn’t fatal for her!

  17. Where’s your Messiah now b!tch? She and other militant Christians really do themselves no favours with their extremist views. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- religious fanaticism = mental illness. I’d like any gay Christians on here to argue that I’m wrong.

  18. The anti-gay homophobe & adultress Iris Robinson IS a car crash.

  19. Come! Come! Pink News … a little more accuracy is needed –

    She ALLEGEDLY attempted suicide!

    In my view the whole suicide attempt and the need for “acute psychiatric treatment” was part of a carefully orchestrated news management strategy concocted by her ‘loving’ husband (in spite of decades of rumours and stories that he was a habitual wife-beater) to get Iris offside and ‘silenced’ and save his own political hide.

    Is she mentally ill? Who knows, but if she is it’s probably a condition she has suffreed from for decades, not just something that came along because her hypocracy was exposed!!!

    And @David – she didn’t steal money from the taxpayers [apart from some dubious parliamentary expenses which she was forced to pay back] – she ‘conned’ some businessmen into supporting her young lover’s business, and apparently attempted to keep some of the money for herself.

  20. Dan Filson 5 Feb 2011, 2:49am

    Homophobic heterosexual gets fined for crashing car. So what. Not gay-related enough to take e-space in pinknews – this is NoW or DailyMail froth, not worthy of this site

  21. She gets fined immediately for damaging property but not for damaging many thousands of LGBT people’s lives with her repeated hate speech,

  22. Dan,

    I Disagree

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