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Tory MP says Gareth Thomas inspired him to come out

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Reader comments

  1. There is no need to apologise for coming out so late in life.

    However i have some questions

    1. Has this person explained and apologised for his disgustingly homophobic voting record? Namely voting against an equal age of consent; and either being absent voting against allowing gay couples to adopt.

    2. Does he condemn his colleagues Drax and Raab for their toxic homophobia last week.

    3. Does he think that Theresa May is qualified to be in charge of the equality brief considering her toxically homophobic voting record and for her decision to appoint a religious lunatic (who believes you can ‘pray the gay away’) as a member of the government’s drugs advisory committee.

    4. What are his plans to introduce marriage equality during the lifetime of the present government?

    I would rather have a heterosexual MP who supports equality than a pathetic gay uncle Tom who is willing to accept and support homophobia from their bigotted political party.

    The Tories have more gay MP’s than all other parties combined.

    I find it bizarre and worrying that none of them have the spine to condemn the continuing bigotry of such huge swathes of their party.

  2. de Villiers 1 Feb 2011, 5:11pm

    Don’t be so bitter, David. Welcome the fact that he has come out publicly and hope that he acts as a role model for others.

  3. Politics aside, coming out it not as easy as it seems, and reflects a willingness to face criticism, ridicule, acceptance or rejection and a long list of other potential issues. It is a courageous act when one is subject to public scrutiny.
    Hopefully from now on Nigel will be able now to take a stand against homophobes and their agendas. Give him time to correct his political trajectory.
    I wish we had more openly gay politicians here in the Us, especially in my state of Alaska. Not just for the gay cause, but for democracy in general.

  4. David –
    You are right, but face it – some politicians, regardless of sexuality, would vote for stamping on kittens if they thought it kept them in line with the party leadership of the time. The point is watching what Evans does on lgbt issues from now on. He has made himself a hostage to fortune, which is all to the good.

  5. Helen Wilson 1 Feb 2011, 7:17pm

    The fact he has not apologised for his homophobic voting record speaks volumes for me.

    Does he hate himself and all of us that much!

  6. de Villiers 1 Feb 2011, 7:26pm

    > The fact he has not apologised for his homophobic voting record speaks volumes for me. Does he hate himself and all of us that much!

    That’s a bit vain. He has agonised over it.

  7. Is my memory defective or did he come out because somebody was going to out him ANYWAY? OIt has nothing to do with ‘inspiration’.

  8. Lust is in the air

  9. gay straight whatever, your still tory scum

  10. Gareth Thomas was a bully and a coward. Now he’s a hero to some like self hating closet case Tories but Not me there are millions of us who are half his size and didn’t wimp out and get married Thomas should keep his head down and mouth shut and the Tory should go to hell

  11. James!….don’t be naughty! Gareth Thomas is doing a great job!

  12. I’m not so sure. He hasn’t paid any respect to other people who have paved the way for him to come out and I get the impression he thinks hes the first only gay man whose opinion matters and hes some sort of expert. Its too much too soon Tatchell hasn’t been on Ellen and I think hes got more to say

  13. Pushed or jumped hardly matters now. What matters now is starting to grow a spine

  14. Maybe I’m a bit sensitive I know guys like him in the closet and always trying to act the hardest trying to push guys like me around they come out and act like they’re doing us a favour. Don’t be naive I bet hes said some pretty nasty homophobic stuff when he was in the closet

  15. What a joke 2 Feb 2011, 4:04pm

    @ James!

    Weird comments. You’ve got some big issues. What has size got to do with it? Sounds like you’ve got an inferiroity complex about your height or something.

    Dave’s got a point though about the MP not talking about his phobic voting record. I’d find it interesting to hear why he voted against equality measures. It might illuminate to other homophobes, tory or labour, why they vote against our equality.

  16. Garcia Lorca 15 Feb 2011, 7:04am

    Why would this Guy´s story make a news item? Have any of you ever me him or even heard of him before this reached the Media?
    Gareth Thomas is a man who is Gay , so what ! I´m hardly ever likely to meet him or the MP .
    However, I hope they start treating people with just a little more empathy than they´ve perhaps carried out in the past?
    As both are now, however brief, inthe Media spotlight they have a superb opportunity to show others´ that its “Okay” to be gay .
    I just hope they are perhaps happier now, than they were in the past.

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