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Support for Football V Homophobia Day

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Reader comments

  1. We also remain committed to our long-term goal of removing discrimination, such as homophobia, out of the game.”

    “long-term goal” doesn’t sound like a very positive attitude.

  2. I’m sure their hearts are in the right place, but there’s a way to go.

  3. “The Football Association also sent a message of support, saying: “The FA and its stakeholders have worked hard over the years in providing football for all and ensuring that football stadia are open to everyone and are both family and LGBT friendly.”

    So is Britain going to withdraw from the World Cup in 2022 unless Qatar fully decriminalises homosexuality by that time.

    Has a replacement campaign been launched by the FA to combat homophobia? After they pulled out of the last campaign?

    What is the FA doing to ensure that homophobic abuse on the terraces ends?

    What has tha FA done to ensure that a football player who comes out does not receive the same treatment as Justin Fashanu?

  4. OK well one thing to do is to do a fundraising match, get some ex-pros along to play – gery lineker, alan hansen, mark bright, chris waddle, etc. have an event, get it talked about and get some players / role models as spokespeople.

  5. Dan Filson 2 Feb 2011, 2:21am

    I cannot see, either in the FA release ( or in this story what date in February 2011 was actually picked – does anyone know?
    Leaving out the actual date weakens the FA position somewhat.

  6. we witness very recently sexism by two football pundits – its all words from the FA. They have not addressed homophobia in the same way they have with regards to racism.

  7. If their was any morality in sport we would boycott the bext 2 world cups due to terrible human rights and buying two world cups!

    Only way the places with worst financial and technical bids get the votes.

    Sadly homophobia and descrimination is ingrained in football like money. Simply put as most footballers are small brained insecure morons and a lot of fans are well your stereotypical sports fan.

    This homophobia out thing ain’t working. In the pubs what you hear is shocking … The players, managers and pundits dnt help.

    It’s no surprise only one player came out. :( poor guy what a talent and people turned their back on him due to sexuality.

  8. Peter Purton 2 Feb 2011, 3:24pm

    The Trade Unions are delighted to welcome Football against Homophobia. We certainly understand how far there is to go – we have campaigned against discrimination at work for years, at last it’s beginning to change. We won’t give up because it’s difficult – it’s essential to ending popular prejudice. Use every opportunity, use the statement from the FA!

  9. In relation to the date of FVH, it is Feb 19th, which is Justin Fashanu’s birthday. On the FA website, the FVH logo, which has the date, has been cropped, hence you can’t see it. Hope this help!

  10. Wow – We have LGBT rights royalty posting on here. Hats off to you Mr Purton.

  11. So why not start by publicly calling out players like Joey Barton (vile creature anyway) for calling Fernando Torres a ‘poof’ and while we’re on the same subject, those LFC fans who all loved Torres so much, many of them reverted to type, calling him a ‘fairy’ and a ‘nancyboy’ after his departure. So, yeah, some way to go indeed!

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