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Governor of Illinois signs gay civil-unions into law

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Reader comments

  1. ” “Today is an important day in the history of our state because today we are showing the world that the people of Illinois believe in equality for all,” Governor Pat Quinn said ”


    These politicians trully don’t get it.

    How do they think that a ‘separate an not quite equal’ system (aka apartheid) is ‘equality’.

    Glad that illinois is granting 2nd class legal status to same sex couples.

    But Illinois (like the UK) does not have equality.

    Civil marriage and civil partnership equality is required for same-sex and opposite sex couples, before equality is achieved.

  2. Softly softly catchy monkey, David. It’s not ideal but my guess is that Illinois is a basically conservative rural state with one big liberal city in it and that this is a very good first step.

  3. It’s a very significant and important step TOWARDS equality and therefore is reason to celebrate.

  4. Gov. Pat Quinn….”equality for all”. Utterly delusional, just like what we have in the UK, one sole group of people confined to a different law with similar rights of the majority. No other group I know of is treated that way. Its absolutely appalling that some people think its ok, including some of our own gay people.

  5. Dan Filson 1 Feb 2011, 2:44pm

    Well, it may be better than nothing. Riondo is right. Well done, Illinois. Next step, get all states on board. Then, allow marriage for all couples regardless of gender.

  6. I live in Indiana and would be THRILLED if my state took this tentative first step in the appropriate direction!

  7. Peter & Michael 1 Feb 2011, 8:29pm

    So, Civil Partnerships are equal to marriage?, but not outside the UK. The sooner the Government of the UK bend on knee and give Same-Sex Civil/Religious Marriage to LGBT people, then that will be Equality!

  8. So true David so true!!!!!!!

  9. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Dec 2012, 12:00am

    He just signed a Jim Crow law!

    Noting to get excited about – it is just the half-backed measure, halfway marker to equality or better still the new Jim Crow laws on gays (because the law is saying you can getting the marriage bus – BUT and HOWEVER you have to call it someting else called civil union and get to the back of the marriage bus until we pass real laws on CIVIL MARRIAGE!)

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