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Melanie Phillips says gay people sent her death threats

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  1. Melanie Phillips says all manner of things; but few of them are ever true.

    Still, if it is true, then I am sure she will have reported said incidents to the police and I look forward to her day in court.

    I do however find it interesting that such a vocal proponent of genocide and capital punishment would be so upset by the thought that some people may happen to wish her dead.

  2. Did she? Did she really? Well goodness, Ms Philips, you should report that to the police because it isn’t legal to make death threats.

    Did you report it to the police, Ms Philips? Or is it a soundbite? Enquiring minds would love to know.

  3. Do you think it’s possible that this journalist may have mental health issues and that her homophobia is an offshoot of her state of mind? Maybe she needs therapy. Her written words just seem so way over the top that I can’t help wondering if she’s in a manic state when she writes them.

  4. …why is she sowing all this hatred?

  5. Johann Hari’s article mopped the floor with the vile Melanie Phillips, it’s got her totally riled and on the defensive..

  6. What did she expect – a bouquet of flowers?

  7. Mark Walters 31 Jan 2011, 12:05pm

    Melanie Philips is a very sad woman indeed, who for some reason seems obsessed with homosexuality. I attended an event where she spoke and for intents and purpose she seemed to be a rational human being, infact very articulate, but clearly her constant ramblings against the gay community shows otherwise. She is under some strange delusion that gay people want to take over the world and change everyone gay, yet if she spent anytime with gay people or read any literature on LGBT issues she would see quite the opposite. What a sad creature who holds so much fear within her heart and dare I say hatred.

  8. I find it odd that a Jewess would write for a newspaper that supported Hitler in the ‘thirties. It is also odd that someone from a persecuted minority – antisemitism is growing in this country – is prepared to attack another persecuted minority.
    She has become irrational, nay hysterical, in her pronouncements. She is nothing more than a bigot writing for bigots.

  9. What did she expect from condemnding just about everyone that isn’t her in the most slanderous, unfounded and liguistically viscious manner possible? If you push people that far, they will react very angrily, it doesn’t take a genius to work that one out.

    As for death threats, while distasteful, saying ‘I hope you get cancer’ isn’t actually a death threat equivalent to ‘I know where you live and I’m coming round there to shoot you’, let’s be honest. She’s obviously not read the Daily Mail forums of late, the calls for the death penalty, telling people to f-off and wishing all manner of pain on those they disagree with is nothing more than shocking. Makes the Pink News comments pages look like the height of diplomacy :)

    Give her a spade and let the grave digging commence…..

  10. Christine Beckett 31 Jan 2011, 12:24pm

    Ms Phillips has made some claims about a number of serious incidents that really should have reported to the police.

    Has she done so?

    If not, why not?

    How do we, or any of her other readers, know that her claims are true?

    If they are not true, then making such claims in a published article might well be seen as an attempt to incite hatred against the LGBT community, and could well be illegal.

    I’d suggest that if Ms Phillips cannot substantiate her claims, then she needs to be reported to the police for inciting hatred.


  11. she says all-sorts and never has any facts etc so I dunno why she expects to get any sympathy as she’s a vile scummy bigoted loser

  12. A batty old hag supports a man who would have me sentenced to death because I am a homosexual – her defence of him being that he is being persecuted because he is “too Christian” and is simply advocating what is written in the bible – yet we are supposed to feel sympathy because she imagines that her public execution is somewhere on her imaginary gay agenda?

  13. 1stly death rates arent sensible and only helps to fuel her argument

    However. Perhaps now she has some idea what its like to grow up as a young gay in Britain, or a any child that is slightly different and faces constant prejudice, threats and violence and is failed by the system that is supposed to protect them

  14. Whilst I agree that her views are vile and I have no truck with them, resorting to below-the-belt ad-hominem responses is only giving her ammo and undermining our own credibility as demonstrated here.
    That she would quote them back at us in the context of “see… that’s what the gay fundamentalists really think of us ‘right thinking’ people” was as inevitable as night follows day. Using terms like “witch” and “jewess” as insults and wishing her dead on the Daily Mail blog just gives her more to throw back in our faces.
    It’s accepted debating etiquette that people resort to the ad-homs when they’ve run out of rational arguments.
    Word to the wise… next time attack what she says, not who she is. It’s completely possible to wipe the floor with her thinly disguised bigotry without resorting to the personal jibes.

  15. id love to see the evidence of this! she’s attempting to demonise gay people while saying ‘see were doing nothing wrong’ i can’t wait till someone wants to ‘see’ these threats and what she has to say for herself…..but id imagine its not above her to forge something out of nothing

  16. As I recall, Bishop Gene Robinson received hate mail and death threats from Christians. Seems it’s just par for the course if you want to be in the public gaze. Nevertheless behaviour like that shouldn’t be condoned.

  17. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2011, 12:50pm

    There, sadly, are certain nasty elements, usually just a handful of people, in just about every group on the planet but whose to say a lot of these comments were actually from Gay people?

    Notice the one sided reporting though, nothing about the small number of Christians who respond by calling for the death penalty or criminlizing the LGB community.

    She is trying to make herself a martyr against the LGB community. These people always have very little knowledge of the community so go out of their way to discredit it.

    I do though challenge her to prove all the comments she recieved were from Gays/Lesbians. I bet there are a few nasty christians who’ll do anything to help show us as nasty and happy to contribute in dishing the nasty, just like her hypocritcal self!

  18. Ms Philips

    When a large portion of the public are apparently willing to resort to threats and murder to stop u writing, it’s not because you’re a good journalist. It’s quite the opposite.

  19. I only have two comments:-
    1 All death threats, by anyone to anyone, are unacceptable.
    2 Melanie Phillips is as mad as a hatter.

  20. She might be outed as a husband-beater. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  21. She is a liar and a bigot and a very bad journalist.

    1. Has she reported these death threats to the police? Or is she making them up?

    2. Christians hotel owners should be allowed to refuse gay guests? Really? I’ve not heard her defend the right of christian hotel owners to turn away jewish guests. She defends that also, right? If not then why not?

    3. This new article by her is whining and riduiculous Why is the crazed bigot Melanie Phillips trying to silence the gay community’s right to free speech. She slandered us in a most vile way, but wants our anger and criticism to be silenced? I suppose that’s only to be expected from a journalist who writes for a paper which supported Hitler.

  22. i think that if she get hate mail then its a shame, we are hated but we should not hate those who hate us or say things that annoy or anger us. on the other hand she needs to wake up and realise that if we dont teach kids today thats its ok to be who you feel your meant to be then they will grow conforming to what society says that must be cos they wont know any other way.

    i know i wish someone had taught me about how sometimes there are those of us that are born into the wrong bodies, cos it would have made my life alot easier.

    if were going to teach kids about sex and life then you have to teach them all the facts and those are that some of us are born straight and some arent but both have a right to be accepted and to live there lives freely

    maybe this lady should go and talk to some of the kids out there today and see that there not stupid they know there gay but yet they face hatred even at there young ages. maybe if we did teach more in schools the next generations wont grow up so closed minded

  23. I read Johann Hari’s article and was impressed and horrified.

    The most horrific part of his article was the piece which illustrated Melanie Phillips sick endangermenf of British children. it is worth quoting:

    “As a side-note, it’s especially galling to be accused of endangering children by Melanie Phillips, the journalist in Britain who has done more to recklessly endanger children than any other I can think of. She was the leading journalistic champion of the false claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism. She refused to listen to the overwhelming scientific consensus and instead promoted the claims of a fraudster called Andrew Wakefield. After she played a key role in spreading and popularizing his claims, the rate of children being vaccinated plummeted, and several have died.

    Even after the British Medical Journal concluded that Wakefield staged an “elaborate fraud”, she has refused to apologise. I’d say persuading parents not to give their kids a life-saving vaccine based on the claims of a charlatan was a bigger “abuse of childhood” than teaching them that gay people exist, wouldn’t you? “

  24. Mumbo Jumbo 31 Jan 2011, 1:37pm

    1. She writes vile, hateful, twisted lies about people.
    2. Then, on the basis of the backlash, claims she is the victim.
    3. In the meantime, gay people are not merely threatened with death, but actually killed.
    4. The killers are often inspired by unhinged religious loons like her and the things she writes.

  25. “1 All death threats, by anyone to anyone, are unacceptable.”

    I agree 100%

    But Melanie Phillips is about as sane as a box of frogs.

    She tells barefaced, slanderous lies as part of her daily job as a journalist for the Daily Mail – the unofficial voice of the BNP in Britain.

    Why should we believe that she’s had death threats. There have been no reports to the police.

    Phillips is merely trying to silence criticism. She is oppose to free speech – just like she accuses the gays and muslims of doing.

  26. Oh get the violins out !

    What about all the death threats actual attacks/murders that lgbt people have been subjected to for centuries!
    Just last week, David Kato in Uganda, two youngsters in Iran.before that. In London Ian Baynham’s manslaughter and no doubt people right this minute being abused somewhere in the UK.

  27. We should bombard her with mail telling her that her support of Stephen Green in the past puts her on the same footing when she denigrates gay people with outrageous statements. Allegedly she’s an orthodox jew and as such believe in much of what Green is spewing, mostly from the old testament, the jewish part of the bible. The more we associate her with the likes of Green, the more difficult it will be for her to continue doing what she’s doing. She probably thinks it perfectly fine to rape one’s wife (normal, heterosexual straight behaviour) and beat one’s children because its written in the old testament. In fact, it also permits a man to kill his wife for adultery and to kill one’s children for insolence. That’s normal? Seem to me she’s the abnormal one in dire need of long-term psychiatric care. Clearly the woman is sick.

  28. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2011, 1:57pm

    Sorry to copy and paste but put this in the wrong story thingy, don’t know why. Maybe I’m thinking with this two stories together I’ve started wondering if Melanie Phillips is Stephen Green drag name!

    “ironic isn’t it, someone who really should know the meaning, the history of persecution and the horrors it brings is also the person who clearly would have her hands on the lever to gas all the Gays she could!”

  29. What would Melanie Philipps suggest would be a good way to protect LGBT children, chiuldren who are perceived to be LGBT or children from families with LGBT members, and to stop them from being bullied and marginalised?

    I doubt she has ever considered this question because she doesn’t care about these children. To her they are second class citizens. So long as bigots don’t have to think about homosexuality she doesn’t care if these children suffer the consequences of being made to feel that they do not count and are not worth the same as other children.

  30. “I doubt she has ever considered this question because she doesn’t care about these children. ”

    Melanie Phillips clearly hates children.

    Why else would she tell parents not to immunise their children because some quack doctor (who had done no research) decided that immunisation was unncessary.

    Melanie Phillips indirectly has contributed to the unncessary deaths of many children.

    She refuses to acknowledge her reckless endangerment of children’s lives. Let alone apologise for it.

  31. darkmoonman 31 Jan 2011, 2:32pm

    Talk is cheap. I say “Prove it, Ms. Phillips.”

  32. But I don’t understand, she’s still alive. Doesn’t anyone carry out their promises??

  33. Tony Konrath 31 Jan 2011, 2:51pm

    One of the ways that anti-gay commenters foul the net is by posting “hate” comments on the websites and blogs of the people they approve of.

  34. Mmm. Easy enough to say. Though even giving the benefit of the doubt leaves her with a handful of messages filled with unthinking hyperbole, which is still less than most gay folk face from frothing lunatics. Honestly, the woman is either mentally ill or orchestrated the whole thing. Probably both, really.

  35. I didn’t know Gay-Mail existed. And I don’t feel the need that I should add ‘I’m queer’ on all my correspondence?

    So I am curious; how does she know that all the hate mail that she has received are from gay people?

  36. Mike, I assume it’s because she gets no other mail – who else would right to the boney bigot!

  37. David –
    I said nothing regarding the veracity of Phillips’ claims; only that death threats are wrong.
    It is important not to be sidelined by her assertions about this, true or false. The point is her outrageous claims about a ‘gay agenda’.

  38. [citation needed]

  39. This gay agenda, is it a bit like the Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion?

  40. Incidentally, I am well aware that many people who are outwardly homophobic or indulge in anti-gay commentary are secretly or latently gay themselves.

    If this is the case for Ms Philips, might I kindly invite her to stay at the back of whatever closet she might be sitting in.

  41. Steve@GayWebHosting 31 Jan 2011, 5:35pm

    @ Flapjack

    “Word to the wise… next time attack what she says, not who she is. It’s completely possible to wipe the floor with her thinly disguised bigotry without resorting to the personal jibes.”

    Whilst I agree that personal attacks are out of order… (if they are even true), you say to ´attack what she says, not who she is´… Isnt that the point really? SHE is attacking US for WHO we are?

  42. let us not forget thatPhillips has called the Palestinians “a terrorist population”, and that she is a Zionist who, according to Wikipedia, argues that Barack Obama believes in “revolutionary Marxism” ] She also believes he has “adopt[ed] the agenda of the Islamists”, being “firmly in the Islamists’ camp,” and of appointing “fifth columnists” for Iran to his administration.[ She suggests Obama may be secretly a Muslim, writing: “We are entitled to ask precisely when he stopped being a Muslim, and why. Did Obama embrace Christianity as a tactical manoeuvre to get himself elected?”. She has suggested the Obama administration seeks “a final solution” for Israel, a comparison which has been seen as comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler. She says the “new distortions supplied by Obama” now “pose the greatest single danger to Israel’s security and existence,” a position she regards as “treacherous.” Phillips has also claimed that “for 20 years he belonged to a ‘black power’ church whose pastor, and his own personal spiritual mentor, was an acolyte of the anti-semitic demagogue Louis Farrakhan, and who supported Hamas as a resistance movement”
    In other words, she is far from balanced which means that her conspiracy theory of a gay agenda is not surprising. Such meanderings indicate a sick mind.

  43. Steve@GayWebHosting 31 Jan 2011, 5:46pm

    @ Neville “Such meanderings indicate a sick mind.”

    Indeed. But it is such sick minds, with a newspaper column, that persuade and manipulate other sick minds to commit homophobic acts…

  44. The woman is obviously and seriously mentally ill, and a danger to others as well to herself (if her reports of murder threats she’s provoked are credible). Why hasn’t she been sectioned? Why do the media still give her any space at all? Can we launch a campaign to have her ravings silenced?

  45. My interpretation of her comments: “Most people actually disagree with you love. Now STFU and get a life”

  46. Here is Melanie, the poor hard done-by, her (outdated and ignorant) view of the world is being tarnished by people daring to recognise that there are gay people. It seems to me that a maths question which poses a question such as “mark has been given £700 by his partner Andrew to pay for repairs to their car, if the repairs cost £518.97 how much change will mark have for Andrew?”, is as likely to ‘brainwash’ a child into becoming homosexual as this question I remember bring asked “Paul has 4 peaches, Mary beings 3 more – how many peaches are there?” made me change to liking peaches (which I still dislike). It was a provocative, opportunistic stance by Phillips whose ignorance and blatant bigotry is clearly evident. If she had made a similar stance about introducing ethnic names into questions she would have been prosecuted but she fails to see the comparison.

    That all said, threats to Phillips is not the way forward. Dealing with bigotry is not resolved by violence – a route I hope even the hard line gay rights activists would not go down. We need to expose Phillips for what she is a sad, ignorant, obsessed bigot.

  47. I cannot stand this vile woman.. Stupid worthless hag. I just want to throw her into the very lake of fire she wants us to all go to.

  48. What a joke 31 Jan 2011, 6:28pm

    Even after all the hate she has fermented for LGBT, I wouldn’t send her a death threat. I just hope she dies soon. Heart attack. Cancer. Swine flu. Whatever.

  49. “Even after all the hate she has fermented for LGBT, I wouldn’t send her a death threat. I just hope she dies soon. Heart attack. Cancer. Swine flu. Whatever.
    What a joke ”

    How much do you want to bet the ‘death threats’ she’s citing are things just like what you said?

  50. “Given the point I was making, it followed that I was expecting a reaction which would amply bear out the truth of what I had written. The response, ­however, exceeded even my ­expectations.”

    That same as say because Melanie Philips is Jewish then all Jew hate Gay.

    Melanie will go mad if any say that.

  51. We must all remember that when she says she received death threats, then is probably lying, and playing the victim, for sympathy from the BNP loving Daily Mail readers.

  52. So many people on here calling/hoping for the death of Melanie Phillips? Suicide and hypocrisy are two words that come to mind here. Guys/gals, this is no way to behave. You make the whole community sound like it is deranged, psychopathic and has a collective screw loose. Playing into Mel’s hands, rather? And consider the latest newspaper circulation figures:
    Daily Mail – 2,030,968
    Independent – 175,002
    She has over 10 times as much clout as Johann Hari, so just wait until she presents the evidence provided in these here boards to defend the very arguments she has been making. Is that what they call a fait accompli?!!

  53. “Melanie Phillips indirectly has contributed to the unncessary deaths of many children.”

    David, this is a frankly preposterous statement to make. When gay men among us are wittingly, recklessly and indiscriminately infecting one another with a terminal disease and increasingly overdosing and dying from drug overdoses each and every weekend, yet which somehow go unreported on this site in favour of featuring stories that serve only to stir up venon and bile on a near daily basis, maybe we need to clean up our own act first before pointing the finger elsewhere. As a community we appear to have our finger forever hovering over a button marked “self-destruct”. The evidence is everywhere but our denial makes us lash out in all directions when we need to take a bloody good look in the mirror and realise that perhaps the image we present to the wider world is what provokes the likes of Mel Phillips et al to put pen to paper in the first place. The gay community does not paint the prettiest of pictures to the outside world no matter how much we stamp our feet and throw our toys out of the pram. And the more we scream the more we appear unhinged, and so the dog is forever chasing its tail. We have become the bigoted, intolerant enemy we rail against.

  54. William . . . what are you going on about?

  55. @William “As a community”

    What community? gay is everone. No community!

  56. I can’t take what this woman says seriously…..In her columns she contradicts what she says. I would have love to have been taught about the GLBT community, then I possibly wouldn’t have felt like I did through school.

  57. The Heretic Philosopher 1 Feb 2011, 12:30am

    A man was beaten to death because of the kind of rhetoric and bile that she spouts and the prejudices she gives tacit support to on a regular basis. So actually the bloods on your hands Melanie.

  58. I like Johann Hari – sums it up for agenda = “gay people are treated exactly the same as everybody else” – what’s wrong with that?

    William there are plenty of self destuctive straight people and they haven’t had to deal with the constant homophic jibes and discrimination all their lives…They may have had other problems but being gay shouldn’t be a problem. I’m actually quite surprised by how I’ve turned out considering the way I was treated at school…I certainly don’t think I had a great childhood becuase of that. I suspect most of our self destuctives, sadness, militancy etc is a result of people like this …….She really is a nasty piece of work and I can tell her from experience that something needs to be done at schools desperately!

    If she feels threatened there is always the police but I guess a woman in her position would prefer an even more relaxed attitude to freedom of speech ……

  59. @William — there’s a vast difference between a person who chooses to follow a self-destructive lifestyle, and one who destroys their life because of stigma, prejudice, and discrimination.

    You equate them, and I’m not sure why.

  60. Yadayadayadayadaaa!
    Melanie WHO?
    Never heard of her!
    Never knowingly read a word the poor bint’s written.
    Queers threatened to kill her?
    Must have been as sad and friendless as her and had nothing better to do!
    Well, Mel…

  61. TheSuburbanBi 1 Feb 2011, 9:41am

    I don’t believe her.

  62. @William (31 January 2011, 11:21pm) — “So many people on here calling/hoping for the death of Melanie Phillips?”

    I can’t find any. Please point them out.

  63. Harry, you are probably right (and I note your normal tactic of throwing questions back in the face of those you disagree with). While I don’t recall reading anyone on the last couple of “Melanie threads” or others where she is referred to, calling for her death etc., I have read several that I find quite hateful and unnecessary.

    I suspect I will get some flak for saying this but when yesterday I picked up her article and read it, I felt is was like a breath of fresh air. She does articulate some of the concerns of Christians with traditional beliefs, which many in our liberal press choose to ignore.

    In a pluralistic and supposedly tolerant society, why can’t gay folk and Christians who believe gay sex is wrong peacefully co-exist and maybe even work together to tackle some of the injustices we both agree on?

  64. When Christians accept that they cannot use their religion to attempt to circumvent the Equalities Provision of Goods and Services legislation, then it might be worthwhile conversing with them. Christians do not have a more privileged position than others; they do not possess a trump card which can be used to overturn the laws of the United Kingdom.

  65. @John – do you condemn the other bits or is it only homophobia you wanna condemn? she’s a loony old crazy hag!
    LBG and homophobes can never get on peacefully as the christian loonies will never leave LBG folk alone and hate needs to be opposed not ignored

  66. John writes: “I’m actually quite surprised by how I’ve turned out considering the way I was treated at school…”

    John, the point I am trying to make is that we need to consider the way WE treat one another as a community before obsessing with what the likes of Mel Phillips is writing in The Daily Mail. Aspects of the gay “scene” (for want of a better word) have mutated over the years into the most shallowest, self-obesessed, hedonistic and destructive of all sub-groups of society, as born out by figures showing higher incidences of drug and alcohol related deaths and suicides among gay men. That’s gay men over 21 btw, and long out of school. There is something inherently wrong with the way a sizeable sub-section of our community treats and disrespects itself and one another these days. The scene today is not the place I would advise any 21 year old to venture into if they are seeking solace, understanding and meaningful friendships with well-adjusted people, and that is a tragedy I feel. It should be welcoming and all embracing place, but often is quite the opposite. It just smacks to me of rank hypocrisy when we lash out at outsiders when the real problems and dangers are lurking in our own backyard.

    Oh, and cue JohnK’s default response (“William . . . what are you going on about”) which is the denialist in action, who can’t or won’t have ears to hear the truth. Still, at least he appears to have dropped “WTF” from his boring mantra…

  67. Yes, you’re a martyr, Melanie. You’re only a good righteous woman, who everybody else fails to understand!

    Has it not occurred to you, arrogant opinionated woman, that there is good REASON for people detesting you?

    Let me spell it out for you, Melanie Dearest. “YOU ARE DETESTABLE”.

  68. “In a pluralistic and supposedly tolerant society, why can’t gay folk and Christians who believe gay sex is wrong peacefully co-exist and maybe even work together to tackle some of the injustices we both agree on?”

    They can co-exist peacefully for sure.

    But when christians decide they are going to try to break the law by imposing their religious dogma on members of the public who are trying to rent a room, they are behaving in a hateful, idiotic and illegal manner.

    If you are opposed to gay couples sharing rooms then the hotel business is an inappropriate business to be involved in. It really is that simple.

    Melanie Phillips is a dangerous extremist.

    She is a repellant bigot who has indirectly contributed to the avoidable deaths of several children, through her reactionary journalism.

    She deserves utter condemnation for her dangerous extremism and homophobia and stupidity.

  69. homophobes and LBG folk would never live peacefully together

  70. @John — “In a pluralistic and supposedly tolerant society, why can’t gay folk and Christians who believe gay sex is wrong peacefully co-exist and maybe even work together to tackle some of the injustices we both agree on?

    You are on a LGBT website. You say “you don’t approve of gay relationships”, you say “gay sex is wrong”, and yet you don’t seem to want to be challenged on these statements. Sorry to ‘throw more questions back in your face’ but I’ve asked you these before, and you never reply.

    1. How do you think labelling basic human needs as wrong promotes peaceful co-existence ?
    2. Stigma, prejudice, and discrimination stemming from negative societal attitudes toward homosexuality lead to a higher prevalence of mental health disorders among lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals compared to their heterosexual peers. Evidence indicates that the liberalization of these attitudes over the past few decades is associated with a decrease in such mental health risks among younger LGBT people. Have a look at:

    Meyer IH (September 2003). “Prejudice, social stress, and mental health in lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations: conceptual issues and research evidence”. Psychological Bulletin 129 (5): 674–97.

    for evidence. You said “… no I don’t believe disapproving of gay relationships necessarily leads to homophobia …”. Again, my question is why ? What process of reasoning have you undertaken to reach your conclusion ? Given the research says that attitudes like your adversely impact on LGBT people’s health, do you think that’s the right thing to do ?
    3. How are you ‘doing your bit’ to ensure that tragedies like Ian Baynham’s death don’t happen again ?

  71. But William the symtoms you describe about the gay community can be attributed to the abuse we’ve had all our liives for just being gay……the constant discrimination and put downs from the general society can cuase these things, when you’ve had little respect from other all you lives simply becuase you are gay then sometime that could manifest itself in self-destructiveness and disrepect to other in the gay community…….What do you expect from the gay community when a large number of us have been verbally abused from childhood, what do you expect when we are still not treated equally and respected for who we are…I just wonder what the “scence” would be like if we had been treated equally and with respect all our lives,and sadly we’ll never kow if the likes of Smel and the daily mail continue their hate “agenda”….

  72. To Mad Mel, gay people are not individuals, but representatives of a homogeneous and highly organized pressure group called “the gay lobby.” A gay couple have recourse to the civil law against discrimination — they are automatically “the gay lobby.” Someone writes a flippant message on twitter — “Someone please kill Melanie Phillips!” — this is a death threat from “the gay lobby.” She is hysterical, paranoid, and obsessive.

  73. Her ‘writings’ are the equivalent of death threats to every bullied LGBT kid in school. whats she moaning about? She’s happy to dish it out..

  74. When I was a child growing up in the 1970’s, I was regularly subjected to homophobic abuse at school by my fellow pupils. At the time, the response from the teachers pretty much boiled down to “be more of a man and less of a cissy”. Thankfully, things have changed for the better. It’s no longer acceptable to put up a sign saying “no blacks, no Irish” in a boarding house, hotel or pub. Schools now take the issue of bullying seriously.
    Acknowledging society’s diversity goes a long way to helping eliminate racism, sexism and homophobia. That is all that these suggestions for lessons are hoping to achieve. Not to brainwash anyone with propaganda.
    As for the death threats, Ms Phillips is a grown woman who can cope with such threats – if they actually happened at all – in an adult way. That is, either to ignore them, or report them to the police.
    Death threats and threats of physical harm are nothing new to me, or to many other gay children who were and are subjected to homophobic abuse. Something that it is unlikely she will take into consideration the next time she decides to preach that gay people should be regarded as unnatural.

  75. Samuel Croft 22 Jun 2011, 3:30pm

    I would not send her death threats but I would SLAP HER HARD AND OFTEN!

    1. Capitalism going down the tubes and the concomitant coalescing of depraved antisocial elements around the organised fascistic fringe: this creature’s contribution is to poison the social atmosphere with the blood libel about homosexuals as child molesters.

      As the famous revolutionary said of similar creatures in the ’30s : ‘…divest them of their literature and then acquaint their faces with the pavement”

  76. Supersadie 29 Jun 2011, 7:22pm

    If her vitriolic comments to me by email are anything to go by (I suggested she was inciting hatred), I’m not surprised she received this kind of attention. As a Jew I would have thought she’s have understood something about minorities being treated differently. What a short memory.

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