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Gay people were sexually abused, says senior advisor of New York Muslim centre

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Reader comments

  1. And in response to that bigot imam, I encourage everyone to draw a picture of Mohammed.

  2. It wouldn’t be a “Ground Zero Mosque”. It would be a Muslim & interfaith outreach center with a pool, a basketball court, a restaurant and prayer rooms TWO BLOCKS away from Ground Zero.

  3. Locus Solus 31 Jan 2011, 5:13pm

    “It wouldn’t be a “Ground Zero Mosque”. It would be a Muslim & interfaith outreach center with a pool, a basketball court, a restaurant and prayer rooms TWO BLOCKS away from Ground Zero.”

    Yeay, then it’s cool… :/

  4. Slight side note is this the lot obama thought to defend to have at ground zero as called to show Muslims aren’t all hated in America ?

    If it is then this could look bad on him … Like the torys saying were gay friendly then joining the far right.

  5. I don’t give a damn about his faith or the location of his place of worship.

    What I do give a damn about is his inference that my parents or my family or the people in my life or SOMEONE has at some point apparently been abusive to me. How dare he propagate such repugnant lying garbage.

  6. another homophobe spewing the sam old crap

  7. @Locus Solus Yes it is. A lot of peaceful Muslims died on 9/11 as well. There’s already a mosque closer to Ground Zero than Park51 would be and in fact, there were Muslim prayer rooms INSIDE the Twin Towers. Homophobia sickens me but Islamophobia is just as disgusting. Stop calling it a Ground Zero Mosque, it is neither.

    1. i agree with you on every way but are you sure that there was prayer rooms cuz im doin this project and it would be nice to get some good evidence

      thank you

  8. who cares where the frigging mosque is?? the guy is a homophobic jackass

  9. Steve Sampson 31 Jan 2011, 5:45pm

    Superstitious nonsense has no place in a civilized free society. What the Iman says is his opinion and no more. Fact is fact. I was never abused.

  10. so can I say that if you are a muslim then you were religiously abused by your islamic parents? YES!

  11. Well if that was the case (which it is not) then it is the bodys way of dealing with it and perfectly normal (which it is).


  12. What a joke 31 Jan 2011, 6:20pm

    @ Janis –

    “Homophobia sickens me but Islamophobia is just as disgusting.”

    So being phobic of homosexuals – a minority group who have done nothing wrong and have no real power in the world is the same as being phobic about Mulsims – a majority group who think driving planes into buildings is a good idea.

    You need to have a rethink about your liberal values of a totalitarian regime that abuses woman and homosexuals throughout the world where that ideaology has any power.

  13. Utter crap, obviously. And I have no doubt the man was pressured towards the tenets of that religion as a child. Christ, it just… baffles me. There is just… no connection between these things.

  14. How is islamophobia just as disgusting as homophobia? Islam is a choice, and just like every other religion, it is a stupid one.

    Racism, sexism, and homophobia are far worse than any intolerance of religious people, which is absolutely justified.

  15. This man is an extremist and shouldn’t be allowed to serve in any public office.

  16. @JanisBing “Homophobia sickens me but Islamophobia is just as disgusting.”

    No it not. Religion not sexuality. Religion make hate.

  17. @JanisBing “Homophobia sickens me but Islamophobia is just as disgusting.”

    No it not. Religion not sexuality. Religion make hate and not born religion.

  18. These Imams are desperately outdated and know little of science.
    Islam used to be a science friendly religion. It would now be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

  19. Perhaps this ‘imam’ is speaking for himself?

    It’s a pity he’s seemingly unaware the world is a lot more complex than he seems capable of understanding.

  20. Well he’s in the right place, he can cosy up to their christian nutjobs (and the USA has plenty of them) . We’ll concentrate on laughing at our own as they scream morality from pulpits one minute and beat their wives the next.

    It seems to run in these religions as it was only a couple of weeks ago that the girl (muslim) from the Harry Potter films was savagely beaten by her brother for just attempting to have a date with a non muslim.

    I have just about had it with the lot of them and think that my normal politeness and respect of people is just abused by them as they show none in return.

  21. I was going to come here to remark that it’s NOT a mosque and it’s NOT at Ground Zero, though I see that JanisBing has beaten me to it. I don’t think it’s a good idea to repeat extreme right-wing soundbites, even if they make snappy headlines.

    Interestingly, the comments of the imam perhaps suggest that the Christian fundamentalists who opposed the centre probably have more in common with him than not!

  22. yep…he has a lot in common with the ‘christian’ viewpoint…..maybe even slightly less bigotted!…we really need to help gay muslims!

  23. Greg Collins 1 Feb 2011, 6:23am

    There are gay Muslims and there are gay Christians and there are Muslim extremists and Christian Extremists (Westboro Baptist Church for example). “Let he without sin throw the first stone”. And by the way Abdallah Adhami get your facts right. I was NOT abused by my parents. I was brought up in a happy nuclear family, it just happens that I am gay.

  24. This is not news. In a uk survey 100% of muslims thought gays were morally unacceptable .

    Let not be suuprised anymore and move on by ensuring we minimise their impact on our lives

  25. It’s true… I was abused – by certain dumbass Imams and their pseudo-freudian armchair psychology.
    And I guess all those gay animals were also abused, huh?
    You might as well assert that all muslims were bitten by a radioactive Osama bin Laden.
    In psychology circles they call those theories “bollocks”.

  26. What disgusting views.

    Such intolerance!

  27. Jock S. Trap 1 Feb 2011, 10:38am

    “A small, tiny percentage of people are born with a natural inclination that they cannot explain. You find this in the animal kingdom at some level as well.”

    Thats the first time I’ve actually heard a religious finally admit this. Though he needs to widen the tiny.

    Saying some are born naturally, then why do we have to be abused and discriminated aganst?

    To all those who say abuse is what makes people gay, learn the facts. Gay people are born it, it’s the abusers who can sense this and thats why they take advantage when people are young and vunerable.

    You can no more teach someone to be gay as teaching someone to be straight.

  28. The opinion of a superstitious control freak like this imam who cannot provide any legitimate evidence for his mental rantings deserves to be ignored and ridiculed.

    Zealot that he is, he has freedom of speech to rant just as we have freedom of speech to say he is either mental, ignorant or wicked, even possibly all of these..

    c.j. is right when he says “if you are a muslim then you were religiously abused by your islamic parents” (and /or your imam)

  29. “If someone leaves the din, leaves the path privately, they cannot be touched. If someone preaches about apostasy or preaches their views, they’re jailed . . . Many jurists have said they have to be killed.”

    He needs to be pressed to publicly condemn the Islamist jurists who say people should be killed for apostacy, either that or be charged for supporting those who advise the killing of innocent people. He should be locked up where he will not be a danger to others and where he will be deprived of a platform to incite others to violence.

  30. @janisbing so homophobia disgusts you but so does islamophobia.Islam is responsible for purporting violent homophobia. It seems oxymoronic that you should detest the two, or are you just another phoney liberal whos not capable of working out the contradiction?

  31. And let’s talk rubbish off the top of our heads about why this poor deluded Imam is the pathetic individual that HE is!

    The arrogance, the superiority of so many Muslims and Christians and other religionists is appalling.

    It’s as if they desperately NEED to believe that they have worth. In other words, people who come out with such tosh suffer from hideous inferiority complexes, and in fact have little real self-worth.

  32. This vile bigot has allies in scumbags Stephen Green and Melanie Phillips, among others.

    JanisBing, how many islamic leaders around the world condemn homophobia? NOT ONE! To hell with Islam! In no way is it a peaceful cult while it foments killing, terrorism, the destruction of Israel and the execution of its own gay people.

    Why don’t they all move back to the middle east since they hate the west so much and what gives them the right to judge others and condemn and condone the killing of gay people based on a chosen belief system and lifestyle which is what it is, ours is not? The same goes for native born Brtiish muslims who believe this nonsense. If they don’t like it in the UK, move to Saudi Arabia or Iran where I’m sure life will be much better for them. If we tried to do what they do in our country in theirs, we’d be tortured and probably executed.

  33. And this is probably a ‘moderate’ Imam. I’m embarrassed for the sane Muslims I know (they do exist).

  34. Bill Perdue 1 Feb 2011, 3:27pm

    Typical anti-scientific gobbledygook – it’s the stock in trade of priests, ministers, rabbis, imams and pastors the world over. It conveniently ignores the fact that they’re the ones doing most of the raping and molesting.

    Religion is the enemy.

    Religion is howling, prehistoric madness.

    Religion is the ultimate defender and enabler of homohating, woman hating, racism and militarism.

  35. Yet another religious nut spouting vitriol! Well now we all know why we are gay. We were all sexually abused as kids!

  36. Tom Stoppard 1 Feb 2011, 5:35pm

    His comments are obviously horrible, but Pink News has a big FAIL in using the phrase Ground Zero Mosque. Makes you sound just like Sarah Palin.

  37. The only people who ever abused me were all the religious people who kept telling me that being gay is a sin, that God hated me, that I was totally worthless, etc.

  38. This new imam will cause many people to question their support of the new Park51 center. This man’s views are hardly in line with a call for tolerance. Never mind questioning where he came by this particular view.

  39. theotherone 1 Feb 2011, 7:12pm


    Bloody Liberals – you know people some things can and indeed should be condemned.

  40. Dan Littauer 1 Feb 2011, 11:13pm

    Firstly he is not the Imam of the Park51 Mosque, because it hasn’t even been built yet and its not a Mosque, it will be an interfaith community centre.

    Park51 will providing recreational, cultural and social services to the Lower Manhattan community. It will be led by a diverse group of leaders from all backgrounds and faiths, truly embodying the diversity and multi-culturalism of New York City. Park51 will be open to all, regardless of religious, ethnic, racial, or sexual orientation.

    As such, their mission statement needs to be commended, especially as this is rare in Muslim organisations.

    Secondly, Imam Shaykh Abdallah Adhami is an adviser (one of many) to Park51. He voiced his stupid and homophobic opinions as a private person and not in the context of the project. Park51 said also categorically that: “Imam Adhami is not a leader of this project. He will not be on the board, nor will he be a member of the Executive Leadership team when it is formed.”

    Having said that I think Park51 should condemn his statement more publicly and maybe redress it by inviting the two openly gay Imams to be advisors, Imam Daayiee Abdullah, and Imam Mushin.

    I think PinkNews need to get their facts right rather than print misinformed articles which only fuel misunderstanding and inflame opinions.

    Warm regards,

    Dan Littauer.

    Btw, you can see an exchange of twitter messages between me and Park51, checkout

  41. Abdallah Adhami working his hardest to misinform everyone.

  42. as someone who’s been involved with park51 as well as being active in lgbt muslim community, i can confirm that there currently are a wide spectrum of religious beliefs involved with the prayerspace. ideally, we will have imams from across the muslim and interfaith divide. however, park51 is welcome to all who wish to participate. no one will be excluded.

    while i personally, along with park51, as an organization, do not agree with adhami’s misinformation about homosexuality, these statements were made long before he was attached to our organization.

    as for his comments on apostasy, he is referring to the way it is currently handled, not the way it “should’ be handled in our present more evolved society.

    our official statement is here:

    Shaykh Abdallah Adhami is the one of many advisors soon to be appointed by Park51. The opinions voiced by this diverse group of advisors do not represent the official position of Park51. Our official positions can be found on media

    park51 is open to all, regardless of religious, ethnic, racial, or sexual orientation.

    here’s another muslim perspective:

  43. @dan littauer So as long as this cultist keeps his evil views on homosexuality private, and provides a latent facade to the public, thats ok then ,and he still reserves his position as an in park51. This is not an open welcome to all.

  44. aww! let live and let live – if society is so tolerant why not open a gay bar next door and see how tolerant the imam is?

  45. let the ignorant twat get on with it and open up a ‘ground zero’ gay bar next door is it just me or does that sound wrong?

  46. It’s hard to imagine how anyone can misinterpret this comment by Abdallah Adhami,

    “He said that gays must fight this “propensity”

    It sounds like straighforward disapproval to me, the Islamist’s version of the Christianists ex-gay attitude that homosexuality is an illness to be cured….it doesn’t support what Ameena wrote at all,

    “park51 is open to all, regardless of religious, ethnic, racial, or sexual orientation”

  47. what a pathetic man he shouldn’t be given the news coverage… what should happen is that a gay bar should be opened up next door to the mosque… if the muslim community is tolerant of that then I am sure I would be able to tolerate a bit of de-ranged preaching…

  48. Perhaps this is the kind of violence and emotional sexual abuse that Mr Adhami is referring to, perhaps he has an insiders knowledge about sexually abusive clerics, how else could he have formed his unevidenced opinions.

    “Muslim cleric found guilty of rape”
    A Muslim cleric from Sheffield has been convicted of raping a young boy as he attended Islamic education lessons at his mosque.

  49. Jock S. Trap 2 Feb 2011, 10:59am

    I find it ironic that religious people bang on about Gay people being abused as children. For all their preaching of the unnatural yet again they fail to see the damage They and Only they are responsible for.

    They cannot see that Gay children are very often the result of abuse because the abuser knows and takes advantage. The stigma that religion creates around the whole concept of homosexuality not only gives power to abusers to act but also openly discriminates against any rights of the victim.

    Not only do they have to suffer the abuse but the attacker knows that to tell may well ‘out’ that victim leading to more even more abuse.from others, sexual, abusive or violent.

    When will religions learn the problems around child abuse in particular is solely the fault of those very religious people.

    Unless they change their attitudes, for as long as they allow the discrimination of the LGBT communities around the world, they alone can take the blame for Giving that power to paedophiles and other abusers.

    Ironic that they Never want to see but then Evil has a habit of tricking even their own.

  50. @ Jock S Trap.

    I think these people do really know it’s how you say it is Jock and basically they want to keep it that way…questioin is why?

  51. Karl Rosenqvist 2 Feb 2011, 12:32pm

    Yeah, the guy’s a homophobic and must be stopped but can we please stop running the islamophobics errands? Here in Sweden we have a nationalist party who (for real) argues that gays should vote for them since they’re against islam and islam is against us. The islamophobics are homophobes as well and are only looking to use us as a tool.

  52. Karl, we must try to stay on the ground between being islamophobic and Islam apologist.

    We should not absolve Islam of the crimes committed in its name
    Rod Liddle says it’s difficult to ignore the fact that the worst violations of human rights happen in countries dominated by an Islamic ideology

  53. What a joke 4 Feb 2011, 2:40pm

    @ Karl – really?

    perhaps you should tell that to the imprissoned, murdered and tortured LGB in Iran, Saudi, Yemen, Iraq (and every other country governed by islam)

    islam hates LGB, islam wants to erase you. you should be phobic of it.

  54. @what a joke, completely agree. Its ironic and obviously hypocritical that these phoney liberals should support a facist cult. When i see these anti natzi/facist leagues protesting at edl rallys , makes me nauceaus that they would never protest at some extremist mosque with extremist speakers spouting homophobia/sexism/racism. Why the double standards. Are they so incapable and manipulated by the pc cultural sensitivity ethos of islam that it can not be critiqued , it is given privileged status in this country.

  55. PumpkinPie 6 Feb 2011, 2:34am

    It gets so tiring dealing with people who don’t realise that those of us who stand against “Islamophobia” are sticking up for muslims, not Islam. There’s a big difference between people and a religion.

    I’m sure a lot of the people here would claim that they hate the religion rather than the people, too. But this is clearly rubbish. This pervading feeling that muslims should be constantly apologising about what other people do in the name of their religion, or the idea that unless a muslim introduces themself with a statement denouncing homophobia then they must be homophobic – it’s just like that horrid rubbish I once saw on the BNP’s website claiming that muslims should wear see-through backpacks on public transport. That’s the sort of stuff I’m talking about when I use the term “Islamophobia”. Maybe it should be “muslimophobia”. I don’t invent the terms.

    People who voted Labour shouldn’t have to apologise for the Iraq War, muslims shouldn’t have to apologise for 9/11, simple as that. As somebody else suggested, it would be nice if the outreach centre publicly condemned this disgusting man’s views – but, that’s because it’s an organisation, not a person. Big difference.

  56. Karl and PumpkinPie, I don’t seer any Islamophobic comments here, certainly not directed at individuals other than this Imam with his abhorrently stupid views about the causes of homosexuality sowhat are banging on about, please provide examples of what you call islamophobia directed at individual muslims here rather than squawk about some generalised Islamopho bia you’ve imagined and indirectly accused everyone of,
    (and I have quickly read through all the comments to check)

  57. PumpkinPie 11 Feb 2011, 6:03pm

    Pavlos, you must not have looked very hard, then. I only had to cast my eyes to the two comments directly above mine to remind myself why I felt the need to post.

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