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Christian Voice leader Stephen Green ‘a wifebeater’

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  1. And that’s what comes of taking some parts of the bible way too literally!

  2. This is probably the best thing I ever read in the Daily Mail…ever.

    Strange that it was them that told the story…after all you would think they would want to ‘protect’ each other from this type of news.

    Additionally, gives a whole new meaning to his opinion of Elton’s baby he vomited on BBC. It’s called hypocrisy!!!

  3. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2011, 10:29am

    What did you expect? The mans a hypocrite.

    Just been directed to Melanie ‘Martyr’ Philips is playing the martyr herself again…

  4. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2011, 10:33am

    Maybe people going to Prides this year should take “What God says about Divorce” & “Why Society Hates A Wifebeater” leaflets to counteract the usual drivel he hands out.

  5. watch your lame attempt at your self made stardom , fall from your grasp. You judge so easily and yet it is you yourself that should be judged.

  6. Just read the Mel phillips article in the mail. If you read the comments after the article many for her, but in the last few weeks I was surprised how many were for the gay community as opposed to against. Yes we are still the minority pain in the arse to the average mail reader, but on one of the mails recent polls , re the b and b , 57 percent for the gay guys and 43 against. I was surprised, would have thought in the mail that it would have been a white wash against. I think the mail is finding that as hard as they try, any sort of discrimantion now is not a minorty. It is a majority. They are clutching on to the last straws of their bigorty, and use their full force of the paper as much as they can at present, but it is failing. I find a lot of discention about the gay community come from older generations, grasping on to what they have always been taught, not a defence of this , but an observation. But this is disappering as each genration dies. Full equilty is still along way off, but I think we are more than half way there.

  7. I think the phrase “Holier than thou” springs to mind.

    He’s just like all these American TV Evangelists that spout their Christian teachings, and then spend the church collection on booze and hookers.

  8. Thanks to Dave North for bringing this one to our attention.
    Yep, Stevie Green’s all about the ‘family values’, huh.
    Interesting to note how much he has in common with a certain Fred Phelps across the pond… both are blood and thunder fundamentalist christians, both preach gay intolerance and according to their respective estranged family members both see spousal abuse and child beating as part of their patriarchal duty as set out in the Old Testament.
    Here for comparison…
    I guess the reason why Caroline Green broke the story to the Daily Mail is she wanted his natural constituents to know what he was really like. Makes a refreshing change that they’d run with it though.
    This story deserves a much wider circulation and should be reposted on any relevant newsblog.

  9. DO NOT BE STUPID, all the accusations against Green are nonsense and moaning of his bitter ex-wife. Lets face it!

  10. @Massive – and you’d know this because? Spent a lot of time with him have you?
    After all we all know what a sensitive soul Stephen Green is when he’s telling us all that we’re hellbound abominations… this is just SOOO out of character.

  11. What Caroline Green has done is a wondeful thing and it must have taken great courage and bravery so speak up publicly and expose her private life in this way. I wish her and her family all the best in their continued survival of what this ghastly monster has done to them. He should be prosecuted for assault and rape.

    I hope this is the final nail in the coffin of his career as a media pundit.

  12. The thought did pass through my mind that perhaps it was knowing this about Stuart Green was what made a BBC TB news editor pick him to comment on the Elton + David new baby story, in the knowlege that his humbug would out itself in due course.

  13. So I presume that Stephen Green and his group will never again be called on to comment on any issue ever again unless it is clearly stated that he is a wifebeating supporter of execution.

  14. “I hope this is the final nail in the coffin of his career as a media pundit”

    Absolutely! It just proves that all these ‘christians’ – the ones that shout and point fingers and drum up hate – have serious mental issues. They’re bullies who have turned to religion as a means of power, control and as a way to make themselves feel important as they lecture others on their supposed sins, shouting louder and louder to drwon out that little voice of truth in their heads that tells them THEY are the loser, the sinner, the inadequate person.

  15. I note that Massively stupid is here again!

  16. “What did you expect? The man’s a hypocrite.”

    You said it, Jock…. no surprise at all. And there’s the obvious reason why the man supports rape within marriage:- its suits him to.

    Vile creature.

    As to Massive, who said “DO NOT BE STUPID”, I think the mirror in your hovel might be just the thing to show you who exactly is stupid here. You also use the same unique “URL” as another vile homophobic poster in here, Comra…. a coincidence?

  17. what a surprise! feel sorry for Mrs Green but praise her to come out in public with the truth about this fanatic!

  18. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2011, 11:43am

    It makes me laugh how many Daily Hatemail readers say we shouldn’t believe everything we read to this story but clearly believe everything they read when it is negative about the LGBT community ie most of last week.

    Shows the level of intelligence really.

  19. what a c u n t and massive you forgot to add knob to the end of your name

  20. Social services should perhaps go and check on his younger Kenyan wife to make sure she is not similarly being abused and controlled.

  21. I remember Melanie Phillips writing a long piece in his defence, in which she claimed he was being persecuted and vilified for being “too Christian”.

    I guess that was another one she got wrong ;)

  22. It’s a pity Melanie Philips is already married as Stephen Green would have made a wonderful new husband.

  23. Irrational, religious fanatic consumed by hate for almost everything turns out to be physically violent as well as psychologically imbalanced.

    Now there’s a shocker.

    It’s moments of minor just retribution for domestic abusers like this that make my day.

  24. Melanie Phillips is an orthodox Jewess and could not marry Green.

  25. Melanie Phillips is an orthodox muppet….

  26. “He has since married a Kenyan woman 25 years his junior and declined to comment to the Mail on Sunday.”

    I understood that orthodox Christians regard divorce as a sin and remarriage as adultery.

  27. I’m very concerned for Stephen Green’s present wife.

  28. “I understood that orthodox Christians regard divorce as a sin and remarriage as adultery.”

    Indeed, Dave, in fact Jesus himself said the same:- Luke 16:18 “Every one who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery”

    Nothing like cherry picking what suits you from the bible to make yourself feel like an important hypocrite, eh?

    And what a paragon of hypocrisy Mr. Green has turned out to be! Simply marvellous!

  29. Agree with Jock, someone needs to print out this article 1000 times and stand next to Green the next time he goes pamphletting a pride event or spreading his bile on street corners.
    And maybe we could get a soundbite from Elton John and David Furnish on what they think of wifebeating and marital rape, next time Green shoots his mouth off on the BBC?
    Just for balance.

  30. Steve@GayWebHosting 31 Jan 2011, 12:51pm

    Yes, why does none of this surprise me? Bloody christian hypocrites. Quick to tell the rest of us how to live their lives whilst at the same time beating their wife and kids..


  31. I was very sad to read this story and agree and sympathise with most readers when venting their feelings re. Stephen Green’s hypocrisy.

    My plea though is that not all Christians of the more traditional beliefs ilk are like that! Christianity is about love; not hate!

    I am a bit disappointed that some PN readers have used the occasion to have a pop at Melanie Philips. I don’t agree with everything she says but, in the main, her article in today’s Mail was about right imho :-)

  32. I read the link to the Mail and it really is scary stuff. The guy is unhinged.

  33. Really, John? So, I suppose you by implication agree that this so called “gay agenda” is out to “get you all”? No normally balanced person thinks this, its the realm of the paranoid and the fearful…. but then again, ironically so is religion.

    Sounds like you want to replace the Jews as your main antagonists.

    Why are you always in these threads with the same MO:- make a plea for “normal” christians, and then follow it up with something small minded and petty.

  34. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2011, 1:23pm

    ironic isn’t it, someone who really should know the meaning, the history of persecution and the horrors it brings is also the person who clearly would have her hands on the lever to gas all the Gays she could!

  35. WOW, news indeed.
    What a revelation, but somehow not such a surprise.
    I have sympathy for the former Mrs Green, but thank goodness she left him. Good for her to speak out. I wonder if the new wife is subjected to such dreadful abuse, if so lets hope she gets some help.

  36. Steve@GayWebHosting 31 Jan 2011, 1:26pm

    What is it with these ´normal´ christians anyway? They can believe anything they wish as far as I am concerned.. They can pray to 100 sky-pixies if they wish, they can spend their whole lives being sorry for their ´sins´, they can build millions more churches, they can do whatever they want as far as I am concerned… Good luck to them..

    What they CANNOT do anymore, (as they have done throughout time), is continue to try and dictate how I live my life. It is none of their business. I do not wanna know what they think..

    What they cannot do anymore is interfere with the legislature of the country to enshrine inequality into the laws of the land… Times are a changing and they do not like it. The world is (gradually) waking up to the truth and they do not like it. Their superstitious beliefs are being challenged and they do not like it. They are now shouting that their religion is being ´challenged´ and they are being ´persecuted´ for their beliefs…. (Welcome to the club guys!)

    Its rubbish of course. They are not being persecuted for their beliefs… they are being persecuted for ramming them down MY throat! They are being persecuted for insisting that I live as THEY want… and WHO voted them the majority anyway?

    And yet again, we hear today that these preachers and false prophets are hypocritical LIARS. These who preach what a good and solemn thing the joining together of one man and one woman is… and that nothing else is valid or ´normal´… These idiots also believe it is right that a man is always in charge of such a relationship, that they are entitled to RAPE their wives.. entitled to BEAT their wives and children…

    Hypocrite liars… The sooner such beliefs and lies are consigned to the same history books that said that the earth was flat …..the better!

  37. “make a plea for “normal” christians, and then follow it up with something small minded and petty.”

    I think you have described all Christians perfectly there, Will. Nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus, none of them actually follow what that man said.

  38. Quelle surprise!… I’m also surprised he didn’t insist his ex walked several paces behind him (on a leash aswell!)
    Verily Stephane Green thou appear to be a wifebeater & thus a mysognist too so will burn in hellfire being poked by a Germaine Greer masked devil with cat o’ nine tails and trident to boot….

  39. Mumbo Jumbo 31 Jan 2011, 1:43pm

    Massive, a

    Are you Stephen Green’s new wife? Who goes on top? LOL

  40. These over-righteous people who go around condemning everyone else are always the ones to be weary of. God has a way of exposing those who go about abusing His children, gay or straight, Amen!

  41. “Christianity is about love; not hate!”

    Judging by the poisonous bigotry that comes from the mouths of so many christians, you’ll excuse me if I suspend judgement on your jnsubstantiated claim.

    In my experience hatred, bigotry and intolerance are teh defining characteristics of christianity.

  42. I wonder if the BBC will do an in-depth interview with him now?

    I somehow think this news will have irreparably damaged what apparent reputation the man had, and I very much doubt we will get to see this fruit loop on our screens again.

    The man is obviously a couple of Nectar points short of a wine rack.

  43. “Christianity is about love; not hate!”

    Thinking about it we may be wrong. The crusades, witch hunts whats happening now. I think christianity may be all about the hate

  44. Typical of a religious hippocryte!

  45. The man clearly carries a lot of rage – not unusual for a closet-case that would make Zsa Zsa’s wardrobes look small.

  46. @John (31 January 2011, 12:55pm) — “My plea though is that not all Christians of the more traditional beliefs ilk are like that!”

    Of course: English Quakers aren’t Westboro Baptists. But some are. And it would be pleasant if some Christians extended the courtesy of recognising that LGBT people have a range of opinions rather than just lumping them ‘homosexuals’.

    “I was very sad to read this story and agree and sympathise with most readers when venting their feelings re. Stephen Green’s hypocrisy.”. He supports the death penalty for gay people. Thanks for your sympathy, but have you challenged him or people with similar views over this ?

    “My Christianity is about love; not hate!”. I don’t doubt it, but I strongly belief that some of your views, for example your disapproval of gay relationships, encourages hatred by others.

    “I am a bit disappointed that some PN readers have used the occasion to have a pop at Melanie Philips. I don’t agree with everything she says but, in the main, her article in today’s Mail was about right imho ”.

    Go on, what don’t you agree with her about ? She talks about “dictating a profound change in the moral norms of our society” implying that gay people are immoral. She talks about “… grossly inappropriate flooding of school subjects such as maths or science with irrelevant gay references” and yet this is what is was proposed. It hasn’t even happened yet, and it was a suggestion.

    She opposes civil partnerships for homosexuals, calling them “toxic” and arguing that “the traditional family […] has been relentlessly attacked by an alliance of feminists, gay rights activists, divorce lawyers and cultural Marxists who grasped that this was the surest way to destroy Western society.”

    Do you agree with this John ? If you don’t, have you ever challenged it ?

  47. I always did equate religious fervour with mental instability. The people who become born again Christians usually do so after having been drug or alcohol abusers etc and turn to religion as a new form of addiction. I wonder what Stephen Green is suppressing?

  48. I look forward to the BBC’s report on this. I didn’t notice it on ‘What’s in the Papers’ this morning, though.

  49. Does the fact that Melanie Phillips calls civil partnerships ‘toxic’ allow me to call Jews ‘toxic’? As a Jewess, she might appreciate that.

  50. de Villiers 31 Jan 2011, 3:17pm

    > Does the fact that Melanie Phillips calls civil partnerships ‘toxic’ allow me to call Jews ‘toxic’? As a Jewess, she might appreciate that.

    No. I would think it would not allow you to call Jews ‘toxic’. Even to suggest such a think is horrific.

    Millions of Jews on the continent have been killed due to others considering them to be ‘toxic’. France has only recently reflected upon Pétain and the French Republic’s evil treatment of Jews and gays.

    The fact that Melanie Philips has called CPs “toxic” allows you to describe her or her views as “toxic”. It does not allow you to describe Jews as “toxic” and I am, genuinely, shocked that, these days and with our knowledge of history, anyone could think otherwise.

  51. de Villiers 31 Jan 2011, 3:17pm

    – thing

  52. CMYB, the fact that “born again” christians were even born once is tragic! A total waste of life!

    Melanie Phillips of all people, a jew, should know better. Anti-semitism is on the rise around the world. She probably wonders why. Its people of her ilk who invite it by the vicious mistruths she spews about gay people without any evidence to back up her statement. I wonder which political party she supports?

  53. Has the Beeb explained why they sought the opinion of a child abusing wife beater, regarding the surrogate parenthood of a gay couple? They must have done, so we can all see what they mean by balance.

  54. I haven’t been this surprised since I found out the Pope is Catholic. Still, it’s a weapon to use against the hypocrite every time he raises his vile head, at least.

  55. and who did they call to get a balanced comment on this one? gay commentators?

  56. Typical, there is no surprise that an evil christian is a wife beating , child abuser. And is supported by evil donations from more of his cult. However, what i find most shocking is the number of gay men ,i have met ,that actually adhere to an organised religion. There are a number of gay men i have met that go to the htb in knightsbridge which is anti lgbt equality . I find these type of gay people the enemy within. their hypocrisy is nauseating.

  57. I am glad is ex-wife finally managed to escape. What dirty scoundrel.

  58. Gay men at Holy Trinity Brompton ;-) Good grief ‘Rapture’ – very, very odd.

    Sorry for Caroline Green, but am enjoying wall to wall Schadenfreude about S Green.

    If you read the Daily Mail article closely though, it does suggest that he’s suffering from some sort of mental illness – very odd that a man who was ‘not at all religious’ in 1980 was a hypermanic fundamentalist by 1992.

    Surely, surely even the BBC can’t keep wheeling him out now…

  59. johnny33308 31 Jan 2011, 6:03pm

    Sadly, those who claim to be ‘religious’ are often the same people who beat their wives and children, rape their partners & even their children and are the center of a very ‘real’ cult of themselves (one). For some reason being ‘religious’ appears to give them leaway to do whatever they want and say that “God” wants them to do this. They turn into the opposite of what they speak, oddly. It appears that religion screws up their mind and they become savage and totalitarian. Religion should be exterminated from mankind or we shall never live up to our potential and humanity will be extinguished-this has to stop! These people are dangerous and should be put away so they can no longer harm others. Hypocrisy is a way of life for such as these and they are so deluded to think they are much ‘better’ than anyone else. How is they think they are the ‘victims’ when they commit atrocities against everyone else? Evil, describes them pretty failry. Religion should be banned. It turns people into monsters, literally. Megalomaniacs. They are also quite sickening, I must say-spreading hatred and bigotry all over the world. This is religion-get rid of it forever. Stupid superstitious nonsense like fairy tales, but evil. Obviously!!

  60. I wouldn’t expect any different from a conservative religious literal!

  61. johnny33308 31 Jan 2011, 6:22pm

    If the conservatives and the religious people, and in the US, the Republicans would prefer never to hear gay people, and prefer not to hear about gay people any longer, there is an easy solution for you. Give us full equality and we will IMMEDIATELY cease to be newsworthy and it would seem you will not hear from us or about us any longer. Until we are totally equal under rule of law, we will continue our assault upon societies prejudices and inequities-until we are completely and totally equal to the heterosexuals in this culture. Until then, be prepared for far more
    confrontations about bigotry, hatred, inequity; ALL people are created equal, man’s laws are the problem-fix them and we disappear into the background. As long as we do not have full measure of equality and participation in this culture to which we belong, we will only grow stronger and louder until equality for ALL people is achieved. Simply, really. We will not give up-ever. We will win-we must, in order to survive. We are the conscience of your society-you really do need to listen.

  62. Yes Greeks ,they do walk amongst us. They are the usual self loathing hypocrites. I was astonished on hearing their reasoning for belonging to a cult ,that does not accept them. they came across as being anti gay although they were gay. I would say brainwashing but that would require brain activity.

  63. well I guess all Christians don’t beat their wives but the majority of the Christian esblishment still continue to fight tooth and nail against any equality laws in our favour, gay sex to them is against the natural order and something we shouldn’t do, it’s sinful and curable, we’re a threat to children and to the institution of marriage, we spread HIV and STIs…

    How can we expect them to “love” and not “hate” us with these kind of attitudes drummed into them….engageing them with rational discussion doesn’t work…

    This is a great story, agree with the first comment…..some Christians need to look beyond what they think the bibile says and use their brains and humanity a bit more , they need to look at what is right and what is wrong…

  64. I agree with Pavlos and Lizzie…and I do wonder if Green’s new wife is being abused…

    …ofc, she could be holding the broomhandle this time ’round…

    wouldn’t that be loverly ?

  65. I wonder whether in fact he believes he has not done anything wrong. It’s possible that in his interpretation of the Bible, a husband may beat his wife, and be a moral man: that this is a right and truthful thing to him to do.

    This kind of thing surely happens when people don’t think about their actions, but simply follow a set of rules without examining their validity. It’s an abdication of responsibility not to reason about one’s actions and beliefs.

  66. And his idea of compassion is to bully, intimidate and threaten a cancer research charity from accepting a considerable donation, because it came from a play that used bad words. He’s a disgrace to the species.

  67. Why am I not in the least bit surprised?
    The man is mentally ill, an tht is the kindest thought I have about him… the rest are unprintable!

  68. wikipedia

    Fanaticism is a belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal, particularly for an extreme religious … cause ….

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. By either description the fanatic displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions……

    Sadly, there seems to be far too many Christians (at all levels) showing symptoms of this unnatural disorder……I wonder if they were religiously abused as young children, I wonder if they are born like this or perhpas there is a remedial cure to this disorder, I wonder if there are stats on the spread of this dangerous illness within the community, people showing these symptoms certainly appear to be a threat to children and to the the instituion of marriage!

  69. Gay Daily Mail Reader 1 Feb 2011, 6:34am

    Sod off to Iran Green, you homophobic wifebeater! They love people like you there!

  70. The Heretic Philosopher 1 Feb 2011, 6:43am

    By their fruits you will know them.

  71. “I wonder whether in fact he believes he has not done anything wrong.”

    I agree Harry, rather like a like a sociopath with no empathy to the victims of the crimes he/she has committed. I’ve no doubt that Mr. Green here has some issues, to put it mildly, that need some psychiatric work.

    There is one obvious solution for people like this:- they are taken into care and isolated from general society so they do not harm others any more. It’s a more humane solution than the one Mr. Green imposed on his poor wife and children, but that’s why we’re better people than these type of christians are :)

  72. Good news, but not for the ex! Ah Christians, I have never met an honest or a memorable one! Join a religion and wham bam, watch the double standards flow!

  73. Does this mean that the BBC will now call on him for interview “for balance” whenever there is a news item about a domestic violence incident?

  74. Christianity… this is what it is all about. It is no surprise to me at all.

  75. Just out of morbid curiosity I visited his “Christian Voice” webpage to see whether this made it as a hot topic. Perhaps not surprisingly, no.
    Apparently his next target is comedian Bill Bailey for a comedy skit about Jesus and Thomas, and he’s intending to picket the Wyndham theatre sometime soon. Time to print out a few choice exerpts from this article methinks.
    Plenty of homophobic bile but I always guessed there would be.

  76. John Wrote

    “Fanaticism is a belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal, particularly for an extreme religious … cause ….

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. By either description the fanatic displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions……”

    . . . . . . . . . . .

    John, I was wondering what you thought the solution might be, especailly with regards Christian Fanatics who insist on referring to homosexuality as a sin.

  77. So delighted to read this news. The truth OUTS. We must all remember this the next time we find ourselves confronted by hate-filled religionists of any kind, Christian through to Muslim and beyond! They all have another story that they keep hidden.

    And now Green has s found himself a subservient Kenyan woman, years his junior.

    The man is a coward, and much more besides.

  78. What a pig and a hypocrite.

    Congratulations to his wife who found the courage to leave this coward.

  79. Never thought i would appreciate a story in the Mail. I think the term is hoisted by his own petard. Well we all knew he was a slug but it’s nice to see it in print

  80. all these hypocrit’s want is your money sounds like the maffai hhmmmm now there’s a thought?? out of drug and into god=legal money not taxed big houses big cars and a world wide army of wise guys

  81. The Heretic Philosopher 1 Feb 2011, 11:36pm

    @Crocodile..actually its so not. Seems to me that you understand Christianity about as much as Stephen Green does.

  82. JohnK – “John, I was wondering what you thought the solution might be, especailly with regards Christian Fanatics who insist on referring to homosexuality as a sin”

    Shoot them!!!! it’s the only humane option!!!

  83. The Heretic Philosopher 2 Feb 2011, 12:02am

    @Crocodile…no offence. Alot of people dont get what Christianity is about and lots of them call themselves Christian.

    @john…I’ll write to you in prison if you like. Thats where your most likely to end up with that attitude.

  84. HP – I was only joking mate….

    … in answer to JohnK I’d love to say make it unlawful for christians to say homosexuality is a sin becuase it’s not true and just promtes hate and discrimination — but unfortuntely it seems that’s never going to happen and it seems that some gay activists want to actually make it even more possible for these guys to be as “insulting” as they chose to be…

    I don’t know what to do with these Christian fanatics,,, it’s a real worry …even the Archbishop wants to sit on the fence and show little leadership on the issue..

  85. HP – sorry for the flippant joke!!! – I didn’t mean it and your response has made me asked PN to remove my comment…..

    Again fanatics – I don’t know what to do with them, from some that occionssially appear on this website it seems rational discussion to get them to change their minds is pointless…without the heads of respectable churches saying that homosexuality is normal and not sinful and without stricter laws to stop people saying it then I can”t see what we can do about them…personally I’ve got to the stage of putting my hands to my ears and singing lalalalalal until they stop….

  86. The Heretic Philosopher 2 Feb 2011, 2:19am

    I understand. I’ve pondered that question myself for quite some time. I’ve found some sensible and sane guidance on this issue in Hearts & Minds: Talking To Christians About Homosexuality by Darren Main.

  87. Just another one of Gods illegitimate children……A right bastard!!

  88. If people want to send Mr Green a message, I just did- here are his addresses: Postal Address:
    PO Box 739A, Surbiton, KT6 5YA

    (Please be prepared for a ‘Spam Arrest’ reply if we do not already know you, but it’s simple to do.)

    (Please note: We have no connection with an organisation called ‘Christian Voice’ in the United States. For the Christian Voice radio station, which used to broadcast in the UK and is now active overseas, click here: )

    National Director: Stephen Green
    Wernwyd, Pen-y-bont
    SA33 6QN

    Phone: (+44) 01994 484 544
    Mobile: (+44) 07931 490 050

    PS Be polite because he’s likely to use our justifiable anger against us on his hate site to further promote his vile views. Just snow him under with gay love who knows he might just turn the other cheek ;-}

  89. Persecute.
    per·se·cute (pûrs-kyt)
    tr.v. per·se·cut·ed, per·se·cut·ing, per·se·cutes

    1. To oppress or harass with ill-treatment, especially because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs.

    2. To annoy persistently; bother.

    Persecution comes from those persons who persistently persecute others
    Zealots like Stephen Green, Peter & Hazelmary Bull (B&B owners), Lesley Pilkington (ex-gay “therapist”) all contribute to anti-gay persecution and claim it is their right to persecute gay and lesbian people..
    When after spitting in the faces of gay and lesbian people they are told to stop doing it they claim they are being victimised.

  90. Hopefully we will no longer hear his opinions broadcast. Come to think of it, with just 300 members, why did we hear them anyway? That’s hardly a representative voice! Hope someone has brought this to the attention of the BBC’s papal envoy, Mark Thompson!

  91. Ed Byrne had a good run in with him on “The Heaven and Earth Show” and gave him a piece of his mind,
    but ultimately Stephen Green’s mind is like teflon, challenging ideas and rational debate simply bounce off him.
    Was it Christopher Hitchens who said “You can’t use reason on people who never used reason to arrive at their destination in the first place”.

  92. Rachy-Roo 2 Feb 2011, 2:46pm

    “God made my friend brunette but nobody protests when she dyes her hair blonde. God made my friend short but nobody sends her death threats for wearing high-heels. God gave me blue eyes but nobody hates me for wearing green contact lenses. God made my friend gay….so what’s your problem?”

    Sent to Mr. Green (thanks for the email address!) from one Christian to another. Unfortunately, the ‘other’ makes me be ashamed of my belief. What a tosser that Great Green Git is!

  93. The worrying thing is that SG can probably no doubt justify his actions… they are contained in….you guessed it!……the bible. Even according to his ex-wife, he lives and breathes it!
    It is a consolation that the majority of christian ‘adherents’ don’t. Which beggars the question why should they believe any of it!

  94. Hmm. Does this mean his gig as the BBC’s chief spokesman on family values is in jeopardy?

  95. Craig Young 4 Feb 2011, 6:20am

    This is just horrific. Poor Caroline Green and her children. I hope they’re under a protection order. And how this makes one long for the days of hardcore lesbian feminism and the reception they’d give him if he showed up at any future Pride marches.
    Any takers?

  96. Stephen Green had proved himself to be a sickening hypocrite many times before this; fiercely pro-censorship when it came to ‘blasphemy’ on screen or page whilst on other occasions claiming to be a champion of free speech.
    I wasn’t particularly surprised to read about the years of cruelty and violence he inflicted behind closed doors. This and Iris Robinson’s comeuppance last January are just two more examples of how those who are in their element spraying holy water at others are masking their own demons.

  97. Jock S. Trap 5 Feb 2011, 12:06pm

    I applaud David Cameron’s speech on the failings of multi-culturalism, esp for including that “right-wing extremists and Christian fundamentalist preachers of hate must also be condemned.”

    Well done PM.

  98. Misogynist preachers are scary. They remind me of Caleb from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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