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Barnado’s boss encourages gay couples to adopt

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  1. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2011, 10:58am

    So thats 32% who aren’t thinking about whats in the best welfare of the child but more their own fear and bigotry.

    However that leaves 68% who clearly do agree with Same-Sex couples adopting.

    Why is the media only focusing on the negative. Can’t be that only negative news sells papers is it?

  2. Surely a good news story that the vast majority of the British public think that gay parents are just as good.

    Sadly there is still a lot of ignorance about gay parenting. Even major news stories are misunderstood. There was a phone-in on the Vanessa Feltz show this morning asking people what they thought about Elron and David adopting! (They haven’t adopted; their son is biologically theirs and they used a surrogate mother).

  3. and what did the Vanessa watchers think about it?

  4. Good on Barnardo’s.
    People who adopt are courageous and dedicated, whatever their sexuality, especially nowadays, when often the only children up for adoption are disturbed and damaged by their experiences.

  5. Barnardos have it right, incidentally. So does the EX Catholic adoption agency in my town. They left the church and renamed in order to get in line with the law and with common sense.

    Incidentally, huge numbers of children were raised by mothers, grannies and aunts without a man in the picture at all in postwar Britain. Pick any sociology book off the shelf to find out if the generation who were themselves parents by the 1960s were any worse human beings than any other generation.

  6. Barnardo’s says that the claim that same-sex couples make inferior parents is ‘unsubstantiated’. This is wrong.

    It’s not unsubstantiated, it’s demonstrably false. Why are people so cautious to get behind the weight of research on this issue?

    Over and over again, reputable studies indicate that same-sex parents are as good as or better than opposite-sex parents.

  7. With a choice between a gay couple or some you find on the likes of jeremy kyle where would you rather have a child end up?

    does this need an answer … I dont think it does.

  8. What a great positive story…look forward to the debate…’s funny how this myth seems to crop up in everything you ask for regardless of what it is….you ask for marriage equality and the myth of gay couples and children gets thrown in your face as a reason not to give it to you….honest I’ve tried with my mps/senators, I’m still trying to work out the logic and the link between the two things!!!!

  9. At PACT we know that LGBT adopters make great adopters. We support the view Barnardo’s are taking. All agencies need to ensure that all adopters feel comfortable once they are working with you and that they will do eveerything they can to find you a child once you are approved and support you beyond this. Come and talk to us and check out our support buddies New Family Social too.

  10. I am over the moon that barnado’s have encouraged gay couples to adopt. Myself and my partner are a lesbian couple who would love to create our own family & have always said we would love to adopt a child/children as well as have our own but were always abit unsure about whether it went against same sex couples. We went to councilling after being refered for IVF and the councilor said we should consider a ‘friend’ as a donor so there was a father figure & kept mentioning children needing male role models & we should really consider having a friend/father, truthfully we do not want a ‘3rd parent’ in our family & feel that as a strong, commited, loving couple we can offer a child whether it be biological or adopted a loving home with parents who adore them an offer stability,I was quite offened as was my partner.We come from big families & both have between us 5 brothers so they are most definatly NOT short of a male role model. It has encouraged us more to look into adoption. :D

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