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Ugandan lesbian asylum seeker wins last minute reprieve from deportation from UK

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Reader comments

  1. Peter & Michael 29 Jan 2011, 6:57am

    Thank Goodness someone has seen sense! We do understand that the powers that be have a tough job to decide a person’s sexuality, but to send a person back to their country of birth after the national press have highlighted the case, would certainly have meant certain death. Uganda needs to look at ones self on the World platform and show that there is freedom of expression together with human rights for minorities.

  2. Finally. Some good news and common sense from our govt.

  3. theotherone 29 Jan 2011, 9:25am

    Thank god this has happened.

    I do, however, find it incredibly distasteful that Labour tried to point score when their own record was less than wonderful.

  4. Great news.

  5. Also a refreshing change to see Rowan Williams talk to Newsnight in favour of a new gay asylum policy to stop people being deported to countries like Uganda.

  6. “Some good news and common sense from our govt.” Alas no, it was a judge giving an injunction, a stay of execution. So she is still at risk of deportation. I’m looking for more details of why he granted it, possibly he was informed of a flaw in the processes.

  7. “I’m a lesbian!”, “So am I, and so is my husband!” “All my children are lesbians too! Can we come in now?”

    This case is going to be the thin end of a very fat wedge.

  8. Another confused person in this country!

  9. Spanner and Massive –
    Sensitivity is obviously not your strong suit.

  10. Whenever I check in on this website and read a few comments on a story, there’s always this pretentious ‘Spanner’ guy around to troll with some Daily Mail-reader styled comment..
    Ok ok you’ve made your point – you may be gay but youre still the kind of right wing whacko any conservative party worldwide would be proud of, we get it~

  11. Steve@GayWebHosting 29 Jan 2011, 1:19pm

    “I’m a lesbian!”, “So am I, and so is my husband!” “All my children are lesbians too! Can we come in now?”

    This case is going to be the thin end of a very fat wedge.”

    So what do we do? Stop ALL lesbian and gay asylum-seekers who are trying to escape homophobic regimes?

    Sorry, but I would rather give asylum to ONE genuine gay or lesbian, even at the risk of the occasional ´fraudster´ getting in.. Why should WE sit there feeling all smug because, (just through an accident of birth), we happen to have been dropped in a place that does not hang you for being gay?

    Does that mean we can turn our back on all OTHER lesbian and gays worldwide? And please, lets not have the old ´Little Britain´ argument about our island being ´so small´ that we are liable to become so overcrowded …. that we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with some of us falling off the cliffs of Dover… Rubbish.

    Where we should be directing our efforts is to punish in every way possible internationally, all those regimes who seek to behave in such a shameful way.

  12. Spanner would you mind doing me a small favour? Could you nip over to Uganda and ask David Bahati if he could drop the murderous intentions he and his USA Christian Fundamentalists are promoting to kill gay people in Uganda? Don’t forget to mention that you would like him to do that for you because you are afraid that it is promoting bogus immigration applicants to the UK. Now, don’t forget to tell Bahati that you are gay will you?

  13. Sister Mary Clarance 29 Jan 2011, 4:24pm

    Spanner, maybe we could do a swapsy – I take your point about not being able to allow countless extra people flood into the country, so I’m more than happy for Brenda to come in and we get rid of some other pointless waste of space instead.

    Shorts and T-shirt will be fine I’m sure mate and I’d maybe take some sun block as well. Can get a little warm in Uganda as I understand it

  14. I’m so glad she’s having a second chance, I really hope she can stay in the UK and have a normal life. Thank God and all the people who helped her, I’m really proud that they were able to save her.

  15. What a joke 29 Jan 2011, 6:40pm

    Spanner, please move to Uganda. Or Iran.

  16. Well if anyone cared to read my previous post on this, my point is, their acceptance to stay should not be based on their sexuality, but on proof that there is an actual threat their lives, should they be sent back.

    Sure, I appreciate there are many countries that frown on homosexuality, and that is patently wrong, but why should we take on every waif and stray that shows up on our doorstep?

    We are not the world’s social workers, and we have enough troubles of our own. I agree if these people are genuinely in fear of their lives, then we should do the decent thing, but we cannot take people in simply because they are gay and they come from a homophobic country. If that were the case, we would be swamped with requests.

    As for those that see me as a ‘troll’ I happen to be gay, and of a different opinion to many of you, but if you lot are so fvcking right-on and socialist, then you should respect my democratic right to say what I think.
    Or is it the leftie definition of democracy? “Say anything you like, as long as we support it.”

  17. Spanner you are doing a very good job of being idiotic. Your attempts at reasoning have more twists in it than a corkscrew. Show some humanity for fks sake.

  18. Johnny: I wish people would view the law as a general rule, and not applied to specific cases. Some you win, some you lose, but the point is, the law is there to try and encompass the majority of cases, but obviously some are going to slip through the net.

    The whole point of asylum is to protect people, not so economic migrants can use it as an excuse.
    YOU demonstrate why you cannot go back, and we will consider your case.

    Being a lesbian is not a reason, being threatened with your life is.

  19. Is that the royal we Spanner? The facts in this case are so self-evident they don’t need to be rehearsed. Stop, think, and ask yourself what you would do in this woman’s position, then show some compassion and respect for her right to life. Spewing nonsense just make you look like an idiot.

  20. Thank goodness for that! I was worried that she might be shipped back to that murderous hellhole. Now if we can just make that permanent…

  21. The idiot spanner, who professes to be gay himself, seeks “proof that there is an actual threat their lives, should they be sent back” Well I would have thought that the issue is not just that most of the country is homophobic, since after all Britain was not so many years ago, but that hanging is quite seriously being put forward for homosexual ‘offences’. As an example the guy from Rolling Stone that gave out the details of David Kato expresses sorrow that he had been beaten to death; he said he hadn’t wanted him to die like this, but that he had wanted him hanged!

    I would want to pull the rug from that country, full stop, were it not that a lot of innocent people might starve if this was done.

  22. Dan Filson:
    So what you are saying is every gay person in West Africa should be able to receive asylum because they live in a homophobic country?

    Would you also like to include everyone that belongs to an opposing warring tribe? And everyone that disagrees with their government, so they are considered enemies of the state or political criminals?

    The list goes on. I understand everyone’s concern, but we simply can’t take on the world’s problems. We are a piddling little island floating in the North Sea, riddled with debt and unemployment, yet we are somehow expected to take on the entire third world’s woes.

    One has to draw a line in the sand somewhere, and I’m afraid charity begins at home. If they can prove their lives are directly at risk, and have specific proof as such, it should be considered, otherwise, they simply have to take their chances.

    It’s a cold hard world out there, and one obviously has sympathy, but there really is no more room at the inn.

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