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Thai airline recruits transgender staff

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Reader comments

  1. This is good that they are hiring trans staff, but why can’t they just treat them like ordinary men/women.

    Making trans people use their own toilets and pinning badges on them is defiantly out of line.

    Would they do this to their other staff?

  2. Steve@GayWebHosting 28 Jan 2011, 3:46pm

    I agree, but it is a step in the right direction..

    Oh I would love to see the day when such a story is not even news-worthy… When it is commonplace…

  3. I think it’s interesting that you thought this photo of someone dressed in a carnival-type outfit was an appropriate image to accompany an article about trans women getting mainstream employment. Nice way to trivialize the article. And yes, I agree with Megan that labeling trans people as though customers have a right to know their trans status is no step forward… it’s exploitation.

  4. Megan,

    The article really isn’t clear on the bathrooms as to whether it was the trans people who wanted the bathrooms or the other students it could be a bad thing as you suggest or in fact a positive thing which is showing support and adaption.

    As for the badges I am not sure what the purpose is but from speaking to some people who have lived in Thailand, Trans people are not generally picked on so I think it is more of a positive thing again. ie you can tell the gender of the other staff by their clothes and as they regard trans as a 3rd sex they are simply distinguishing it too.

    The reasons why trans people become transgender in Thialand is not always the same reasons as here, many do see themselves as a sex apart from male/female and Thai’s historically believe the 3rd sex has existed from creation. At 200,000 Thailand has the largest 3rd sex population in South East Asia.

    They may well just be culturaly different from our trans population so the same rules and needs may not apply.

    A quick trawl through other reports throws up that badges are as much to do with identifying their sex for immigration.

  5. Steve, I agree that it’s a positive step for 3rd sex people to getting jobs outside the entertainment and sex industries where most of them work.

  6. Dave… in reality other than being in beauty pageants, shop girls and in nightclubs, trans women in Thailand are NOT treated well. They are completely unable to change their national ID, birth certificates, cannot marry a man (if they so choose), and are locked out of most educational and job opportunities. Some trans women in Thailand consider themselves 3rd gender (as do some in the west) but many don’t. They often identify themselves as women (while some ID as Sao Prophet Song… ‘women of the second type’). Yes, there are cultural differences, but just because a given culture (with its own unique oppression different from our forms of oppression) states that trans women aren’t women doesn’t mean that’s automatically okay. How about allowing individual trans people to ID themselves as third gender (or not), or don’t you think they should have that right?

  7. @Gina I totally agree with you on both of those points, to be honest I’m offended that PN would bow down to the typical Thai/Oriental trans women picture.

    I can remember when I first told my company that I’m transitioning and the only images some of the men could come up with as those type of images.

  8. Such an improvement to the chavvy, orange slappers on ryanair and the miserable hags on BA.

  9. I agree with Gina on the image, scrap it! Find a picture of an air hostess.

  10. Har Jacobs 29 Jan 2011, 4:38pm

    Let’s hope they’ll be appreciated for their service and that they won’t be bothered by boozed-up homophobes. I used to have a couple of katoeys – is the therm pejorative or not – as neighbours. I’m sure they were working girls, but they could be very sweet. People like that deserve a life, just like the rest of us.

  11. Wow, this is great. I hope other airlines follow.

    BA has a few transgendered people.

  12. TheSuburbanBi 30 Jan 2011, 10:16pm

    In one sense this sounds wonderful, opening doors for employment, making sure people who find it hard to find a variety of non-entertainment, non-sex-work jobs can do so.

    But why the specialised name tags? That gives me pause and it flags, as others above have noted, an air of exploitation. Does the airline really care to enact a form of affirmative action in the workplace? Or are they trying to get publicity and capitalise on the sensationalism?

  13. Clearly this article has used the wrong image to portrait the whole idea. In fact, I am Thai and I have read this news on the local website and here you should see the right image to go with

  14. It’s all very well jumping up and down and causing an outcry over these women wearing badges…but has anyone asked them what they think?

  15. Srichulaluck 18 Dec 2011, 6:13am

    Transsexuality is living a lie, a foolish fantasy

    Sexual impurity is a given in our culture. In the Levitical law, God prohibits homosexuality and bestiality.In many sexual perversions, such as pornography, bisexuality, homosexuality, bestiality, and even more depraved things of which it is disgraceful even to speak

    However, it is also clear that the body is cursed, Gen. 3:16-19. Man’s rebellion brings down God’s wrath, Rom. 1:18-19. Work, childbirth, and other activities are made painfully difficult due to His curse. Bodies do experience degenerative processes. Ultimately, they die. Genetically, we suffer the effects of the fall. Diabetes and other diseases are the result of our rebellion. Genetic failures result in bodily problems that influence sexuality. For example, the morphological differentiation of the genitalia, due to X-Y chromosomal defects, does not always progress according to the normal ordained pattern.

    Destruction of sexual gender is serious.

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