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David Kato buried as pastor condemns homosexuality

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  1. Keith Lynwood 28 Jan 2011, 4:58pm

    Is there nowhere we can go to get away from these religious freaks. Even in death this poor man cannot get any peace.

  2. Right, and homophobia stirred by so-called “preachers” has no causal link to the pain, suffering and death causing to our GLBTQ brothers and sisters around the world?!

    I would invite to pastor to shove his scriptures right up his firmament.

  3. Was the “pastor” taken away for his own safety — or to be lynched for homophobic disrespect to the person he was burying?

  4. Why should we respect the poor excuses for humans who hide behind a cross to justify bigotry.

    I really hope a bible basher knocks at my door this weekend, I’ll show them what it feels like to be oppressed!

  5. they say his sexual orientation had nothing to do with his death.

    Yeah RIGHT! I do wonder how all these people in Uganda who hate gays find the energy to hate and vilify other people simply because they are gay? Seems like a medieval country to me.

  6. Religion = Superstition = Bigotry and Ignorance

    If those ‘evil’ missionaries hadn’t meddled in Africas cultural development We wouldn’t have this depth of faith ‘brainwashing’ and the murder of those religions targets.

    Who is next?

  7. Douglas Pretsell 28 Jan 2011, 6:36pm

    please bear in mind that the homophobia and anti-gay preaching in Uganda is a direct reaction against the successful campaigning by brave souls like comrade Kato.

    Although it seems as if things are going backwards, there is a lot of evidence that the tide is turning increasingly against regressive gay hatred in Uganda and other Aferican nations. Give them time, they have some way to go but I believe they are heading in the right direction.

  8. Sweet Jesus (as it were), is the poor man’s life and work going to be tarnished even at his own funeral by these pestilential God-botherers?

    If it was his family’s idea to have him buried in a [pseudo-]Christian ceremony, it shows very poor judgment.

  9. According to the BBC, the pastor told the crowd that even animals know homosexuality is wrong. He must have never seen enough dogs in his life then.

    (Does anyone else find this repentance thing a bit… iffy? Sort of like asking Jesus to rapture you. It just sounds wrong.)

  10. This story is sickening.

  11. Meanwhile in UK, we have our own anti-gay “pastors” like. Stephen Green of Christian Voice.

    Thanks for the link Dave, we always knew Stephen Green wasn’t right in the head and now there’s this first person witness account of his brutality from his ex-wife.

  12. Yes, Dave, thanks for the link on Stephen Green. What a revelation! We always knew he was a dangerous nut-case, but his treatment of his wife and family were horrific.

  13. Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Murdered, US Evangelicals Must Take Responsibility

    “David’s death is a result of the hatred planted in Uganda by U.S. evangelicals in 2009,” Val Kalende, the chairwoman of one of Uganda’s gay rights groups, said in a statement. “The Ugandan government and the so-called U.S. evangelicals must take responsibility for David’s blood!”

    In a statement today, Political Research Associates condemned the murder and demanded an end to “the export of homophobia to Uganda by American conservatives.”

    “Kato’s murder is a heavy blow to the international human rights community,” said Rev. Kapya Kaoma, the director of PRA’s Project on Religion and Sexuality. “Those U.S conservatives who have lit the brushfire of homophobia in Africa have to bear some responsibility for this tragic death and for the conflagration that now threatens to consume all gay Ugandans.”

    Those U.S. evangelicals include Scott Lively, the former head of the California affiliate of the American Family Association. He and two others, including Don Schmierer, a board member of Exodus International, have led conferences and workshops about the evils of homosexuality in Uganda. A direct result of all this anti-gay evangelical rhetoric was the Anti-Homosexuality Bill introduced into the Ugandan legislature in 2009 which would prescribe the death penalty for gays and lesbians, though it has yet to be made into law.

    Hopefully, Kato’s death will serve as a wake-up call to conservative evangelicals in the U.S. who have attempted to wash their hands of the matter. Today, a gay activist is dead in a country where gays and lesbians are actively persecuted, where the law may soon allow them to be legally executed, and it’s a hatred they have fueled. No matter how much they may want to distance themselves, there’s no escaping responsibility for this tragedy.

    “The blood of David is on the hands of American preachers who came to Uganda,” said Frank Mugisha, the executive director of SMUG. “They share much of the blame for presenting us as less than human.”,_us_evangelicals_must_take_responsibility_/

  14. Even when they murder us, they cannot let us mourn our dead in peace. But it just shows how hateful so many religionists really are. They will hound us in life and in death. Fark them!

  15. “Uganda needs a lesson in gay rights

    The bill caused an international uproar when it was introduced, and the U.S. State Department has urged the Ugandan president not to support it. But it is still pending. Although some American evangelicals who have visited Uganda and preached that gays can become straight have disavowed the shameful bill, their work certainly hasn’t helped dispel anti-gay fervor in the country.

    Uganda is not alone in its attitudes toward gay rights, but for the moment, the spotlight is on it. The country should reject this appalling bill immediately and decriminalize homosexuality. The United States gave Uganda $526 million in aid in fiscal year 2010. More than half of that goes to programs to combat AIDS and HIV, and the State Department is reluctant to pull that as leverage. But if the bill passes, that should be reconsidered. Maybe it would persuade Uganda’s lawmakers to move into the 21st century. ”

    Full article here:,0,5411735.story?track=rss

  16. Christianity is a cancer! So is Islam.. Islam is definitely a cancer!

  17. No Pastor will be burying me, that is for sure! No God botherers at the funeral or wake either!
    Get your wills and intentions organised , so the ill-intentioned’ dont have any say !

  18. yet we will see Chrstine Bleakley here soon again for Comic Relief telling us to send money to Uganda! All aid must be stopped to these bigotted countries – then they would think twice!

  19. leave africans alone! how long did white man rape other cultures before people resisted? why it it right just because a white man say or do it.homosexuality remains a western vice.

  20. Kato is forever etched into his nation’s history to bring decency and civil rights to Ugandan gays. No trash-talking minister or organized government effort can take away his status, and the more this gov’t protests, the stronger his influence will extend – for all gay Africans.

  21. PumpkinPie 20 Feb 2011, 2:50am

    dakini, people like you are vermin. You’re as bad as the monsters who tormented your ancestors.

  22. Gay Daily Mail Reader 21 Feb 2011, 1:57am

    ALL religious fundamentalism is dangerous, not just Islamic fundalism. While there are Christian preachers who are as bad as, if not worse than some Mullahs, there are Islamic clerics who call for greater tolerance of homosexuality. Unfortunately Christianity in Africa is a result of the 19th Century missionaries and while Christianity has moved on in the West it is still stuck in Victorian times in Africa. ‘You shall sow what you reap’.

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