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Ken Livingstone accused of hypocrisy for earning money from anti-gay Iran

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Reader comments

  1. “Chairman Matthew Sephton said: “It is appalling that Mr Livingstone chooses to be on the payroll of a regime well-known for its barbaric treatment of gay men and women.”

    I agree that ken Livingstone deserves condemnation for earning money from bigotry.

    However my disgust at LGBTory and its Uncle Tom like leader Matthew Sephton is far more pronounced,

    Matthew Sephton and his pathetic, quisling cronies in LGBTory need to be ignored until they release a statement condemning the appointment of a ‘pray the gay away christian lunatic by Theresa May to a drugs advisory board.

    LGBTory need to condenm the disgustingly homophobic comments made by MP’s Drax and Raab in recent days.

    Ken Livingston clearly has no problems with homophobia.

    But the slimy opportunists of LGBTory deserve our utter contempt for their miserable efforts at fighting homophobia within their own party.

    The Tories need to get their own house in order before they can start making accusations at anyone else.

  2. Jock S. Trap 27 Jan 2011, 2:31pm

    Ken Livingstone is a devisive person. He knew what Iran stood for yet supported them. He took thousands of pounds from human rights murders to better his own wealth then sprouts on about ‘tackling homophobia’.

    He is a hypocrite.

    Lets not forget who he broke ranks to support in Tower Hamlets.

    Lets not forget the extremists and dictators Ken Livingstone Invited into the country as his chums’.

    Say what you like about Boris, he doesn’t invite and cosy up to extremists, nor lets them pay for his campaign.

    With Boris, regardless if your black, white, straight, gay, lesbian etc your a Londoner, no ifs, no butts. He unites London not divides it like Ken and his Aggressive hypocritical put-down ways.

  3. What a joke 27 Jan 2011, 2:34pm

    Its bad that ken is on the payroll.

    But its transparent that LGBTory are trying to deflect the increasing homophobia displayed by their political party in the last month. Pathetic.

    Gay tory. LOL. It’s like saying Jewish N4zi. Or black KKK. Oxymoron.

    What a joke.

  4. Christine Beckett 27 Jan 2011, 2:52pm

    Ken? A hypocrite?

    Surely not…

    Remember when he invited Yusuf al-Qaradawi for a chat?

    If he thinks there’s more votes in being anti-gay than pro-gay, he will be anti-gay.

    Never trusted him, not even when he was a Lambeth councillor.


  5. de Villiers 27 Jan 2011, 3:12pm

    > The Tories need to get their own house in order before they can start making accusations at anyone else.

    That sounds like discrimination on the grounds of political belief.

  6. Colm Howard-Lloyd 27 Jan 2011, 3:34pm

    Livingstone has always had a penchant for extremists and entertained many at City Hall during his tenure.

    He has done the right thing, eventually, by resigning but given past form don’t expect to see a condemnation from him anytime soon.

    Ken knows how to play the electorate and will continue to court both the homophobic and the homosexual when election time comes again.

  7. He is no better than George Galloway in taking blood money from homophobic Arab states

  8. “That sounds like discrimination on the grounds of political belief.”

    Actually it is simply a request for LGBTory not to make accusations of homophpbia unless they are equally willing to apply the same pressure and spotlight on the party they are meant to represent – the Tories.

    The disgusting examples of repeated homophobia by the Tories has been roundly ignored by LGBTory.


    Surely they should be focussing their efforts on rooting out and condemning Tory homophobia – rather than getting involved in political point scoring.

    I will not vote for Ken Livingstone because of his support for homophobia.

    But that does not alter the fact that LGBTory are pathetic, ridiculous, irrelevant jokes!

  9. Red Ken want only money and power.

  10. Dan Littauer 27 Jan 2011, 5:11pm

    Remember he also supported homophobe and extremist Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Rahman… All this while two boys are awaiting stoning in Iran for alleged homosexual acts…

  11. What a crock of poo!

    Interesting to see so many knee jerk reactions on the postings here.

    Ken Livingstone has played a HUGE part in the Gay Liberation struggle from its very early days and while he headed the GLC they were at the forefront of equality politics – often ridiculed at the time by the mainstream reactionary press.

    It upsets me to see so many gay people spouting such drivel and being in complete ignorance of what this man has done and stood for all his political life.

    The argument that he shouldn’t talk to anyone who is violent is the same drivel spouted during the early days by the right wing press when he was accused of ‘talking to’ the IRA.

    People don’t change WITHOUT talk – its that simple. There’s only 3 ways that people change their behaviour 1) they have an epiphany and realise the error of their ways (often times inspired by no 2!)
    2) they are persuaded by reason and argument by a third party
    3) they are forced to change by violent means (which doesnt actually change anything in the first place!)

    The only lasting and effective one is the persuasion by debate – this is however rarely a simple process and often takes time and a considerable amount of energy to bring about.

  12. George Broadhead 27 Jan 2011, 5:54pm

    “We all remember his endorsement of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian televangelist who supports female genital mutilation, as a ‘progressive’”

    As Mayor of London, Livingstone not only welcomed this frightul Islamic homophobe to City Hall in 2005 but hugged him. He was taken to task by outraged gay activists and groups but staunchly refused to apologise.

    Cosying up to Muslims was obviously much more important than standing up for LGBT rights.

  13. He has a history of association with homophobic extremists and anti semites. He is an enemy of lgbt people .

  14. Why should gay rights determine taking a situation with a company headquartered in a specific country?

    Mr Livingstone has done more for Britain than any living Tory. What perplexes me about him, and so many of my fellow lefties is their strong disdain for the state of Israel (where gays are virtually equal & gay Arabs have taken refuge) and have great sympathy for countries and organisations that would gladly push Israel and every Israeli into the sea. It seems entirely contradictory to me.

  15. @Mort, they think they fight against Imperialist but they deluded.

  16. I have always had a soft spot for Ken – he is quite a character and has outspokenly supported gay rights since the year dot – but he is also a dodgy chancer and this confirms it. Shame.

  17. When it comes to choosing between LGBT and Religion, Ken supports the Muslims every time.

  18. I agree utterly with some of the comments raised. LGBTory have no right to aim a critique at Livingstone when their party have committed some of the most abhorent actions against gay people in history and when they themselves don’t appear to offer a critique against Theresa May’s appointment Raabe and the homophobic and ignorant bile of their own MP’s and MEP’s.

    However, Livingston disgusts me. As a staunch Labour party member and supporter I have to say that he is possibly one of the most corrupt, greedy and slimy characters ever to grace modern politics. He would sell his own mother to further his own profile and finances. This story is not a surprise.

    Also as a member of the Labour party I ended up allying with Boris Johnson because quite frankly he’s clever, devious and strong minded but he is more trustworthy and less hypcritical than Livingstone.

  19. Ken Livingstone has done more for LGB rights than any Conservative politician ever has. Quite how so many people on this board can just forget the magnificent work he has done is beyond me.

    Ken set up Britain’s first partnership register for same-sex couples, long before the Civil Partnership Act became legislation.

    You simply can’t expect a politician, or any representative for such a large proportion of the population to “choose” between gay rights and religion. I do not condone his involvement in an Iranian state-run organisation, but nor do I yet know enough about the situation to berate him for it.

  20. Matt, I understand your point but it’s not even about choosing between gay rights and religion.

    The level to which Iran goes to to oppress anyone who isn’t male, religious and straight is incredible.

    Executions of gay men and women, stoning of alleged adulterers and the acceptance and approval of society to beat and rape their wives just scratched the tip of this iceberg.

    On a human rights level he has is arguably morally corrupt.

  21. Livingstone once suggested that a reporter working for the Evening Standard was like a German war criminal. Apparently it was because the Evening Standard was once owned by the same family as is the Daily Mail.

    Livingstone’s hypocrisy is sickening.

  22. “You simply can’t expect a politician, or any representative for such a large proportion of the population to “choose” between gay rights and religion.”

    of course not.

    However you CAN expect a politician not to roll out the red carpet for a genocidal maniac like Ken Livingstone did.

    ken Livingstone may once have been our friend. His actions towardsm Al Qaradawis means that no LGBT person should trust him.

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