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Ian Baynham’s family: ‘His only crime was to stand up for who he was’

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Reader comments

  1. I must be missing something – in the UK today a few high level/ well known people may have had their phones hacked -its illegal and wrong. The high ranking officers from Scotland Yard bowing to the likes of John Prescott

    A man is killed on our streets in London and I hear nothing from the yard or any MP – it makes me vomit.

  2. The feeble sentence hardly reflects the judge’s stern words.

  3. Gary Newlove died at the hands of a violent mob youths, as he tried to stop them vandalising a car. His killers have been tried for murder and given big sentences.

    If you you take away the homophobic nature or the attack on Baynham its a almost identical attack.

    We must ask why the killing of a heterosexual family man is seen by the CPS as murder, while a gay man’s homophobic killing is just seen as manslaughter.

    Two cases that have some identical themes, yet two very different versions of justice.

  4. The British justice system has in the past century seen the taking of life as a lesser crime; the sentence is nothing to do with the victim being gay, entirely to do with the value that our legal system puts on a life taken through manslaughter (it is the usual sentence for such, I believe).

    If you want to know what UK justice really values, look at the sentences handed down to those who commit armed robberies of banks and security vehicles.

  5. Human brutality is an astonishingly vulgar thing. Rest in peace Ian Baynham.

  6. london is turning into some conservative, backward dump.

  7. westcoastkid 27 Jan 2011, 7:23pm

    Seven and six years for murder?!!

  8. bicoastal yank 27 Jan 2011, 7:25pm

    Does the UK not have hate crime laws that require mandatory sentencing?

  9. I’m no expert, and it seems like there are a few that post here, but to me this doesn’t seem much like manslaughter. I always thought that was a term reserved for accidental killing. This girl’s actions seem very deliberate and I don’t really think the fact that she was only aiming for GBH makes much difference.

    Apparently the British legal system sees otherwise. How disappointing.

  10. Ruby Thomas, 19, was sentenced for 7 years which means she’ll be out by the time she’s 26. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much of a punishment is this?

    I’m transgendered and I’m 42 and I’m still not ‘out’. Mainly because of people like her. So, what’s my crime?

    1. Cowardice.

  11. Just awful – Thomas is a callous sociopath.

    PS I find myself in the unusual position of agreeing with the Daily Mail’s coverage on this, and for once, most of the readers’ reactions to it.

  12. The Heretic Philosopher 28 Jan 2011, 2:45am

    My thoughts and prayers and sympathies are with Ian and his family. This was very nearly me on Christmas Eve 1996. I was attacked for being gay and my head stamped on/kicked causing me to lose consciousness, and I was left for dead in a pool of blood. The perpetrators were never bought to justice. I’m glad in this case they were but saddened that the outcome was not so happy for Ian as for myself.

  13. I think it about time that the crime of manslaughter was done away with. All deaths either in the manner shown here or deaths on the road should be regarded as a form of murder, as indeed they are in some other countries.

  14. Someone should post a Blog with her name and all personal details, same things for ALL homophobes, and leave that blog on the net forever.


    Written and posted on the web 4ever.

  15. The Heretic Philosopher 28 Jan 2011, 1:50pm

    There is a group on facebook saying Ruby Thomas is a political prisoner.!/home.php?sk=group_189265844435815

  16. The Heretic Philosopher 28 Jan 2011, 2:00pm

    F***ing link doesn’t work. The groups called Free Ruby Thomas – Political Prisoner.

  17. This is one of the sickest facebook groups I have seen she kicked a man to death in a homophobic attack.

    And they say:

    “Yes Ruby and her friends should receive some judicial sanctions, Yes we do feel terrible for the victim’s family that he died. It wasn’t fair. But Ruby and her friends should have been dealt with by less harsh means, like a fine or community punishments.”

    Do they even know what a political prisoner is? I doubt it!

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