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Don’t send gays and lesbians back to Uganda, asylum group warns

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Reader comments

  1. Steve@GayWebHosting 27 Jan 2011, 6:32pm

    Crazy situation. Ominously, when one of their own lunatic MPs, the infamous David Bahati comments on her plight, what more evidence do they need?

    This womans deportation should be halted… NOW.

    What sort of a message does it send out from OUR government if it deports lesbian and gay people back to homophobic regimes like this one?

    Time for the ´modern gay-friendly tory party of 2011´ to put ACTIONS where its mouth is!

  2. The thing that really horrifies me is the governments denial of her sexuality just so they can deport her.

    I think this is a homophobic act by the state, maybe LGBTory could explain the government homophobic position of denying peoples sexuality to get rid of LGB asylum seekers.

  3. Please sign the petition to stop the deportation of Brenda Namigadde, a Ugandan lesbian in the UK, it takes just a few seconds!

    Please sign right away as we do not have much time to stop this.
    Petition link:

  4. William Hague is not gay and neither is Sebastian Coe.

    Is William Hague’s wife getting a bum deal?

  5. I signed it and tweeted it. Thanks Ray

  6. paul canning 28 Jan 2011, 9:02am

    There are now over 20,000 who have signed and sent email to Theresa May for Brenda. Her story is today on the cover of the Metro newspaper. Newsnight mentioned her last night. A vigil in memory of David Kato at 11am today (to coincide with David’s funeral) at the Ugandan High Commission, will demand that Brenda not be removed. My updates Petition

  7. I have a new found respect for the Metro

  8. I think this is all a bit strange.

    Is she really a lesbian.

    I know that I had to think how I would prove my sexuality. But I know it would be easy.

    It is not just the Immigration Service dealing with the case. She will have gone through the courts and had free legal representation. To lie about your sexuality is a dumb idea, especially if you are taking on the authorities on immigration.

  9. Yesterday there were statements condemning the brutal murder of David Kato by the United Nations, by President Obama, and by Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament. But I’ve seen no reports of similar condemnation by David Cameron or any other member of the UK Government.

    Theresa May is not only Home Secretary, but also Minister for Women and Equalities. Will she betray this role by deporting Brenda?

  10. But she’s not gay.

  11. Bahati: “Brenda is welcome in Uganda if she will abandon or repent her behaviour… We wouldn’t want Brenda to be painting a wrong picture of Uganda, that we are harassing homosexuals…If she is caught in illegal practices she will be punished.”

    What planet is this man on? Planet Doublethink?

  12. paul canning 28 Jan 2011, 11:00am

    David: she’s had one assessment and one hearing. She is in ‘fast track’, which greatly restricts her chances to present her case. LGBT are disproportionately represented in ‘fast track’ but the government doesn’t see this as a problem.

    There is independent evidence I’ve gathered that she is lesbian – this case would not be being campaigned on if we thought otherwise.

  13. If she is a lesbian, why can’t she prove the fact.

    It seems fairly straightforward.

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jan 2011, 11:24am

    oooh David, how big and clever, being so controversial.

    Might not be so amusing if your life was at stack.

    The issue really is whether the authorities in Uganda consider that she is, or might be, and the comments from Bahati really make the argument about why false declaration of homosexuality isn’t really too much of an issue. The Ugandan authorities are aware of the nature of her asylum application and even before she reaches the country, thinly veiled threats have been issued.

    But back to you David …. pathetic

  15. I can understand anybody using anything if they were desperate in the UK.

    But lying will get you nowhere.

    If her case stands up, she will be allowed to stay. It is why we have Human Rights legislation and why we have a judicial system. To protect people in these situations.

  16. SMC

    David is a c u n t

  17. Get it right David, the Border agency & Theresa May in a homophobic act have decided not to not acknowledge the sexuality of Brenda Namigadde. They ask her to provide proof yet they know nobody inside Uganda would dare reveal their sexuality for fear of the state discovering and imprisoning them. We must ask Theresa May & Border agency if they ask heterosexuals to provide evidence of heterosexuality.

    The government are acting against international law for the treatment of asylum seekers in this case.

  18. There’s probably a good chance Theresa May is homophobic, but the idea that she is going to ignore international law is ridiculous

  19. “If her case stands up, she will be allowed to stay. It is why we have Human Rights legislation and why we have a judicial system. To protect people in these situations.” – David

    You’re naive to believe that it is as black and white as that. There are so many variables. We all know that sometimes our system is a failure.

    It’s not even a question of allowing her to stay, it’s a question of affording someone (with evidence) the benefit of the doubt. This is someone’s life.

  20. SMC…… Is that you, Dom?

  21. Philip Davidson 28 Jan 2011, 1:42pm

    They know what they are doing. She will be sent home. I remember when 36 Bosnians, all become gay overnight. When the Muslims started claiming they were gay was just hilarious.

    James! is a C.U.N.T.

    Agree with me or else doesn’t work with freethinking people.

  22. The idea that Theresa May is going to break international law, and err…get away with doing so is laughable.

    If she is lesbian, she will be protected, as she should be.

  23. Up yours Philip racists and homophobes are intelectually dead to me no discussion required!

  24. This is all very well people taking stances on whether or not the woman is a lesbian. One cannot look at individual cases on merit. The law is the law.

    The problem is, if she is allowed to stay, it will set a precedent where anyone can claim to be LGBT and remain in the country unchallenged.
    It would open the floodgates for any economic migrant wishing to come here to claim asylum under such grounds.

    The point should NOT be “Is she a Lesbian?”, but “What actual proof is there that her life may be in danger if she is deported?” – For instance, if you are know gay activist such as David Kato, then the evidence is strong, but simply claiming she is a Lesbian is insufficient.

  25. What a joke 28 Jan 2011, 6:27pm

    @ James!

    “Up yours Philip racists and homophobes are intelectually dead”

    But James! you are racist. You’re constantly stereotyping and blaming WHITE people for anything that happens in Africa. I don’t see anyone judging people because of their race, only you.

  26. F u c k off

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