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Tom Ford on why gay men are ‘better fashion designers’

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 26 Jan 2011, 3:45pm

    that makes no sense, wouldn’t that make straight males the best at designing men’s clothes?

    Load of nonsense if you ask me

  2. Yes…because Coco Chanel was a man eh? What a pillock!

  3. He’s full of sh*t.

    Next thing you know he’ll be telling is why black people have more rhythm.

  4. He’d probably be smiling in that photo if his face wasn’t paralysed by Botox.

  5. de Villiers 26 Jan 2011, 4:15pm

    I agree entirely with his view on aesthetics.

  6. ….would explain why they dress the poor starved lasses like a dog’s dinner!

  7. Lovely – fashion is not only spiritual (amen to that?), it objectifies people ‘to the point that they become an object’.

    As tattydog says, what about Chanel? A greater, more revolutionary designer – along with Madeleine Vionnet – than Ford, however handsome and successful he is, will ever be.

  8. A vain dandy has spoken. Some ppl must be on their knees.

  9. He’s good looking but so unattractive

  10. A fashion designer once told me that dressing well means that –

    1 – clothes should be as simple as possible;
    2 – they should make you look at the person and what is interesting about him/her, not the clothes;
    3 – everything else is BS.

    This has always struck me as very sensible.

  11. Its an opinion I suppose, but then so is not a gay men make great films, eh Tom. Some over style film , to the extent that they sterlise the story and the chracters in it. Ring any bells.

  12. shoudl read
    not all gay men

  13. I’m tired of people talking so much crap all the time. Talk about trying to undermine an industry.

    What right as he to question peoples professionalism he knows nothing about peoples feelings.

    Loser. Sexuality has nothing to do with how good you are.

    And objectifying the person and talking about spiritualism that may just be a mental disorder. You could reversely argue a straight designer working with women models is prefferable as he is attracted to them so will want them to look better as he cares more about their appearance and not just spirituality.

    Either way it’s all B.S

  14. Seriously – What was he smoking when he quoted and said all that???????

  15. What a joke 27 Jan 2011, 1:00pm

    Jeez, you just can’t believe the bullsh1t that pours out of some peoples mouths.

    What a joke.

  16. I’d be a rubbish fashion designer. My partner knows his stuff though.

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