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Teenage girl jailed for seven years for killing of gay man Ian Baynham

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Reader comments

  1. 6 years and 7 years for this piece of scum is not enough both will be out in 3 years.

    I hope you suffer in prison you vile evil disgusting pair.

  2. 7 & 6 years WTF! is that all a man’s life is worth.

    I would of hoped a clear message would of been sent to prison for a minimum of 8 years. They will be out with good behaviour in 3 & 3 1/2 years.

    Is taking a man’s life worth so little?

  3. dave wainwright 26 Jan 2011, 4:08pm

    Ruby will be eligible for parole after serving half of this sentence with her whole life ahead of her , key of the door at 21 having become an even bigger menace to society no doubt , these sentences are shameful , to have kicked an innocent man to death , streuth, had they stolen money they would have got a bigger sentence.

  4. de Villiers 26 Jan 2011, 4:14pm

    Not long enough. The sentencing guidelines, which appear to have been followed by the sentencing judge, should be revised upwards.

  5. These pieces of human filth should have been put away for life.

    Makes me so angry to hear of the death of a man who clearly did nothing wrong except to be gay and within their striking range.

    If it had been a middle-aged man beating a teenage girl to death, the sentence would have been considerably harsher.

  6. seven years is nothing. If a man killed his wife he would go to prison for at least 20 years. that’s three times more. If men kill they spend 20 years in jail. If women kill they’re out in 7 years. Now try to explain that to all the feminists who in other articles write that men are “naturally” violent and women are always victims, I guess this girls’ “male hormones” from her invisible testicles, as someone called it, produced to much testosterone which made her angry, aggessive and violent. Where are the man-hating feminists now??

  7. Louie Mince 26 Jan 2011, 4:50pm

    We can just hope this scum comes up against big Mama inside and makes her life a hell. If she’d kicked a black guy to death the sentence would be way stiffer.

  8. The thing is these are not minimum sentences. Some people are let out of jail having only served 40% of their sentence.

    We need to write to the home secretary and ask her to review the sentences or make the 6 & 7 years minimum time served.

  9. c.j. The women haters are in another country, stoning the 15 year old girls to death for dating boys.

    At least there was a conviction of any sort. I agree it wasn’t enough time.

  10. she’ll be out in two. london is becoming an increasingly homophobic environment to be in.

  11. Seven years, hmm? Laughed at the usual guff about this public-school lassie having a bad upbringing – should have felt a wee bit more sorry for her, but I wonder what would have happened if it was a old-timer she murdered. Looks to me there are certain levels of sentencing; people of colour, x amount of years in clinky. Age – y amount…and sex, well…suppose it depends on the prettiness of the offender. COWARDS!

  12. I am surprised at Mr Summerskill’s praising of this sentence; six and seven years, likely reduced to three and three and-a-half for battering a passer-by to death? The judge showed this evil pair far more mercy than they did their innocent victim.

  13. A risible sentence for a savage crime. Drunken young thugs need to get the message that this sort of behaviour will mean losing their youth in a cell. In the meantime, such laughable sentences will be read by some as meaning that lgbt lives don’t count for much.

  14. I await Melanie Phillips outrage that this girl was even taken to court for just following gods teaching. The Christian Institute will probably fund her appeal.

    How did these people get away with murder ?

  15. 7 years and that’s it? Outrageous! If this had been anyone other than a gay male victim, they would have probably been given a much longer sentence. I guess our lives are not that valuable let alone equal to the average straight’s.

  16. TheSuburbanBi 26 Jan 2011, 5:56pm

    I wonder if people like Melanie Philips think that children/teens like these would or would not be better off if they had a few lessons in tolerance, LGBT history, and respect for all under their belts when they were in school?

  17. Dave G, I like your comment! If Melanie Phillips has ANY integrity at all then she will follow her usual form and be utterly outraged that for the taking of a passer-by’s life these two will serve a maximum of 6 and 7 years and, in reality, probably half that.

    Pleased to see that on the Sky News website there appear to be no homophobic comments on this story and that almost everyone is in agreement that the sentences are ridiculously lenient.

    You see the nasty little s**t now, can’t you, shrugging her shoulders and saying “Yeah, I killed a gay geezer one night while I was drunk, so I did three years in Holloway.”

  18. 7 years?

    right, come on daily heil wheres the usual “nu liebores short jail sentence” sh*te? oh wait, the victim was gay. this is what your “christian rights” do to people…

  19. de Villiers 26 Jan 2011, 8:38pm

    > If it had been a middle-aged man beating a teenage girl to death, the sentence would have been considerably harsher.

    > 7 years and that’s it? Outrageous! If this had been anyone other than a gay male victim, they would have probably been given a much longer sentence. I guess our lives are not that valuable let alone equal to the average straight’s.

    > The judge showed this evil pair far more mercy than they did their innocent victim.

    It looks in line with other cases. On searching the guidelines:

    R. v Fisher [2008] 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 34
    Appellants pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the close of the prosecution case during a murder trial. The deceased was chased up a hill, knocked to the ground and surrounded by a group who kicked him and stamped on his head. He died three days later due to external and internal bleeding resulting from fractures of the nose and skull. Sentences of nine years imprisonment upheld.

    R v Jones [2009] 1 Cr.App.R.(S) 73
    Appellant, having been indicted for murder, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Within a block of flats, the deceased challenged the appellant to fight. Having pulled the deceased down some stairs, the appellant kicked or stamped on him several times. The deceased died a month later due to severing of the end of the pancreas caused by a single blow to the abdomen crushing the pancreas against the spine. Sentence of six years imprisonment reduced to four years.

  20. Bloody disgusting. This is symptomatic of sentencing these days not simply for hate crime. the recent case of the iraqi asylum seeker who hit and ran a 12 yr old girl and was allowed to stay in the UK instead of being deported is another bloody joke. They hand out stiffer sentences for fraud or breach of official secrets. CJ dont start having a pop at women for the sentence that’s been handed down. Tell it to the judge and the legislature. All the women I know were appalled by this.

  21. BruceWillisFan 26 Jan 2011, 10:19pm

    I think YOU Ruby Thomas & Joel Alexander both deserve to die in hell along with Andy Gray and Richard Keys for what all four of you have done for disgracing our great british country.

  22. BruceWillisFan 26 Jan 2011, 10:26pm

    Oh yeah & I also think all Four of you are the True Ultimates Scums of the Universe.

  23. i really dont see whaqt the silly antics of gray a nd keys have to do with this serious issue. its not the same thi ng at all.

    I presume its manslaughter not murder because of lack of premeditation. hence the shorter sentence. but really, this isn’t the same as somebody hitting somebody too hard in a fit of anger or even a drunk driver who, while inexcusable, surely doesn’t intend to kill innocent peopel with his car. these are people who carried on punching and kicking until a man was fatally brain damaged, and who showed no remorse whatosever. there should be some distinction between accidentally killing somebody and deliberately kicking them to death.

  24. god damm hetros ,all they do is conume,kill and destroy

  25. I thought a crime motivated by hatred to gays deserved more years than a “standard” manslaughter case… What’s the deterrent here, it’s not just a fight in a pub….7 yrs is a joke!

    I wonder what advice the daily mail and some tory mps will dish out to prevent such gay motivated crimes happenning in future – write more articles on abnormal sexual practices, encourge Christian preachers and hoteliers to more hateful discrimination, stop teaching children that gay relationships are normal…..enrougement of rational discussion and freedom of speech with the homophobes prior to getting abuse and harassmnet or even worse your head kicked in…

  26. Where is Tory Mmmmmmmmm and his thoughts that there is no homophobia in Britain today, so why the hell should Johnny Weir to be an activist||

  27. I’m not sure damo’s attitude helps. Equality isabout living and working together, not resentments and hatred. Granted, we’ve all had our fill of the rabid Christian front and the Daily Mail lately, but don’t play into their hands.

  28. My friends recently came to visit from sweden . They were horrified by the blatant homophobia of the british youth, found it all very primitive. I must say i now agree after experience and social regression in the once moderate britain.

  29. Why has the illustration canged from the victim to the killer posing with her fake tan as if she thinks she’s somebody? do any of us want to look at her?

  30. Billy wingarden 27 Jan 2011, 4:55am

    She should share a cell with the Pope annd other relgiious leaders who gave her the sick ideas she has. And this is a hate crime. She should be told she will only see the outside of the prison walls after she dies, and her body is shipped to the dump.

    the homophobic religious leaders are as guilty as hitler was re WWII. He also got others to do his dirty work.

    And his f#@k!ng church has yet to excommunicate him.

  31. Her full name, as well as her photo, should be in the PinkNews headline…

    a simple matter of reporting the facts, innit.

  32. kevin New York City 27 Jan 2011, 6:41am

    This is not justice but she will pay for it for the rest of her life. Gay people do not forget an injustice to one of her own and it will catch up with her just like the murderer Van der Sloot from Aruba,

  33. de Villiers 27 Jan 2011, 7:46am

    > I thought a crime motivated by hatred to gays deserved more years than a “standard” manslaughter case…

    I may be wrong, but I think that sentences are increased where an offence is ‘aggravated’ rather than ‘motivated’ by homophobia.

    What I cannot tell from the reports is whether the judge sentenced on the basis of such aggravation.

  34. she looks like a blond retarded slut, brainless and white trash kind of crap hip hop idiot, but I guess straight guys would like her. That’s our world.

    I hope she suffers. A lot

  35. Jock S. Trap 27 Jan 2011, 8:17am

    This vile piece of work has been given 6 years for manslaughter and 1 year to reflect the homophobic nature of the crime… however probably out in 3-4 years!

    Will she/they have learnt anything? Sadly I doubt it. I just hope her/their lives are made hell inside enough for them to show some form of regret for their actions.

    All should have been given sentence Without any chance of parole.

  36. lets not forget Ruby scumbag ThomasThomas has a previous record for violence. She was 15 when she assaulted a bus driver in Northumberland Avenue in December 2007.

  37. de Villers, my limited experience, having served on a CPS Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel is that an uplift on sentencing reflects motivation, and has to be addressed by the court openly, as happened here.

    BTW no point in asking Melanie Phillips who would no doubt say this is just what happens when people don`t seek appropriate psychotherapy and `turn straight` ( see Roger Helmer MEP` comments here this month)

  38. it’s ok when released we can setup a murdring homophobe watch website to follow them around the world

  39. Keep an eye on the press, and when she is released, protest outside the prison gates. Follow her home, or wherever she goes, and protest there. Seriously, she should be hounded in the same way that paedophiles are. She’s as uncouth and barbaric as they are.

    I’d also agree with Helen here, write to the Home Secretary and ask her to review the sentence. If this government wants to be seen to be supporting of rights for LGBT people, then she should do soemthing about this sadly insufficient sentence.

  40. I work in the criminal justice system and this is about average for a manslaughter conviction.
    also, if the sentence is over 4 years they will serve 2/3 not 1/2 for “good behaviour” so it will be 4 1/2 – 5 years and 4 years for Thomas and Baynham respectively (in theory), which is a slight improvement.
    however, i don’t think there has been enough of an increase in the sentence because of the hate motivation but do agree with some comments that had this been the racist murder of a black man or an anti religious mruder of a christian then the sentence wouold have been sgniifcantly higher.
    so much for increasing equality; and stonewall, you REALLY need to look at what’s going on in this country.

  41. My apologies, when I referred to Mr Bayhmam I actually meant to refer to second defendant Alexander.
    No offence intended and sincere condolencies to Mr Bayhnam’s family

  42. Hope she knows what happens to in prisons to spoilt bitches.

  43. The law is meant to protect us all. It is there to treat all crimes equally yet it doesn’t.
    If the the victim has been a mother of three, or had been a police officer the sentence would have been much greater. So why not now?
    It sends out a message that violence against gay people although not tolerated on the surface is actually not as bad as violence again anyone else.
    I personally hope the hateful little c**t gets here head kicked in and her partner in crime gets his ars* buggered to within an inch of it’s life.

  44. First of all 6-7 years out in 3 is a shocking level of punishment for murder.

    This brings me to my second point how is this not murder?

    You could say the 1 punch from the guy is manslaughter…. She smiles repeatedly kicking him when he’s on the floor that is intended assault that resulted in a mans death that’s murder ! And her bf didn’t stop her so he is an accessory to murder.

    I don’t believe the man rest his soul attacked her at all I think her confronted them over the abuse then this animal with his previous history of violence through the first punch and she being a horrid drunken piece of trash put the boot in.

    They should get life.

  45. Meant he confronted them :(

  46. Since it appears that there is no justice with regards this case. . . This murderer is almost certain to be released after 2 – 3 years of a 7 years sentance

    We must ensure Ian Baynham does receive justice. We must enure that this case is reported again when this murderer is released in three years time. We must ensure her crime is not forgotten, by keeping this brutal senseless slaughter of a gay man; fresh in the public arena

    Since she took Ian’s life brutually, she should not be allowed to resume her life as normal in 2-3 years time.

  47. Kathy Doyle 27 Jan 2011, 1:55pm

    Ruby simply did what most of us would like to have done. Sadly the majority of normal people have to keep their mouths shut or face prosecution !

  48. I can completely understand the anger and frustration at the length of these sentences. My [albeit limited] knowledge is that the length of the sentences given for manslaughter is around this length. Ruby Turner was given an additional year because of the proven homophobic intent, i.e. the language she used, but it was hard to prove the same defence in Joel’s case. As has been pointed out, it amounts to serving three to three and a half years in prison. Having said all that, let’s not forget that the first time this case came to trial there was no majority verdict, hence a re-trial. What could have been far worse is these two could have been found not guilty!

  49. Kathy Doyle wrote

    “Ruby simply did what most of us would like to have done. Sadly the majority of normal people have to keep their mouths shut or face prosecution !”

    Kathy . . . it is disturbing how you argue that most “Normal People”, would want to “Kick To Death” a gay man.

    Kathy . . . are you educating your Children that it is ok to murder gay men?

    Kathy . . . why do you think murder of gay men is acceptable?

  50. Ruby isn’t ‘normal’. She’s the product of private education and privilege. ‘normal’ people might get a bit stupid on friday night at chucking out time, hence all those reality shows on freeview channels about police dealing with drunk idiots but most of them know when they’ve gone too far.

    Kathy, you’ve gone too far if you really beleive what you said.

  51. 7 years?! She’ll be out by the time she’s 25, and he’ll be out when he’s 26! Ridiculous, she killed someone but gets to have her life from when she’s 25. I can see other people are just as outraged. Irrespective of whether this was gay hate or not (though obviously was) the time handed down to them was not enough. Definitely would have been a harsher sentence if it wasn’t gay hate, or the ages were swapped, or is she was a didn’t sex or race..this is awful. Makes me so angry – how can people get away with this!?

  52. Our justice system is a farse. These two should have got life, with a minimum tarif of 25 years.

    Don’t rely on our Judges to protect your rights

  53. kathy doyle sounds like homophobic, ugly c***t, cheap, filthy, braindead, inbred piece of filth. Definetely not “normal” or anything she purports. I hope these turds get horrific karma.

  54. i notice kathy hasnt defended her ‘position’.

  55. How do you spell “skank?”

  56. This is discusting, They deserve life!

  57. Derren Harvey 28 Jan 2011, 12:53am

    6 and 7 years is a laughable amount of time this pair of scum have been sentenced too.. even more disgusting when you know they will only serve half of the sentence given to them.

    I feel both ashamed and disgusted with the british justice system that a mans life is worth so little, lock them up and throw away the key! its the least poor Ian Baynham deserves for his brutal evil murder.

  58. I’ts really disappointing that it seems only 1 yr was added to this for the ant-gay hate crime (or whatever the legal term for it is)….

    It’s obvious what the motivation was … would an anti-semitic manslaughter case simply just get an extra year….I think a French case recently sent someone down for 20yrs for an anti- semitic motivated crime!!!

    I thought there were harsher new laws now to make this a really serious crime and not just manslaughter case….I think BS should be questioning why only an extra year !!

  59. Isn’t this country’s judiciary a pack of sh!theads..!
    This whoreing little slag and her scummy crew are gulity of murder and nothing less.

  60. Derren Harvey 28 Jan 2011, 1:05am

    I quote Scumbag Kathy :Ruby simply did what most of us would like to have done. Sadly the majority of normal people have to keep their mouths shut or face prosecution !
    Kathy Doyle Report 27 January 2011

    Ruby did not simply do what most of us would like to have done, what she did was insight a homophobic attack on a man in trafalgar square, horrifically beating him to death.. there is NOTHING normal about this behaviour and your comments are nothing but that of a mindless, bigotted homophobe.. I hope she suffers until she can’t take it any more…. and then I hope she suffers some more.. evil B***h!

    How would you feel if you had a child and he or she was born Homosexual and a group of scummy c**t beat it to death for no other reason than its sexuality…. would that also be NORMAL?

  61. to all the commentators

    I think that Kathy Doyle monster is a fake, maybe one of those nasty feminists who just hate men, all men including gay men. SICK IN THEIR BRAINS.

  62. british justice, the worst in the world more like.

  63. “maybe one of those nasty feminists who just hate men, all men including gay men.”

    Oh, shut up, you fool. What IS you problem with women? Didn’t your crack whore mommy hug enough because you were a repulsive little bitch, is that why you come in here with the lesbian and women hating?

    Why does this site attract so many deeply disturbed haters?

  64. Whilst I’m also unhappy at the level of the sentences here, I think the people raging at the liberal judges are wrong – these thugs were CHARGED with manslaughter, rather than being charged with murder and convicted of manslaughter, so the judge’s hands were tied when it came to sentencing. And in reply to John, yes, I would be surprised if more than 1 year were added for an anti-Semitic or racist attack, based on a sentence of 6 years

  65. 2David

    You are the fool. and it is clear from your words. I love women, and you said i hate them. Wrong. I only make the difference between normal and nice (both straight and homosexual) women, and nasty violent and aggressive feminists and lesbians who THEY are the men haters. So you are completely wrong.Your horrible words about my mother tell so many things about your character. My best friends are both men and women. So your ridiculous rant about me being against women is pathetic and low. From your nasty words you are the disturbed one who is attracted by this website. And you write David? Come on… we both know ;)

  66. “nasty violent and aggressive feminists and lesbians who THEY are the men haters.”

    Oh, yeah, that’s normal behaver. REAL normal.

    I was wrong about your mother. Now I see you’re mother obviously drank excessively when she was pregnant with you. Hence why you are so poorly educated, stupid, and have difficulty managing your irrational anger to “feminist” women and lesbians. Back to my earlier point, this is a gay site, so fcuk off with your bigoted hate. You disgust me.

  67. 2 the angry feminists who calles HERself David ( ;) )

    You don’t fool anybody. Your nasty words don’t fool anybody. Your pathetic attempt to make me appear as the bad one, after all the horrible words that you wrote Again and again, you don’t fool anybody. Just tell your “sisters” that straight men, gay men, and even heterosexual women (and EVEN many lesbians) have had enough with all the hate atowards men. Silly silly silly girl.

    And be honest. David is the name you would chose if you had the money to finally get the sex change op you want so much but you don’t have the courage to admit it to yourself. Living as an angry woman won’t give you anything, either to you or to your ridiculous agenda. You’re sick in your brain, go to the hospital. Please, I beg you, take your pills and fight against your bipolar angry behaviour. You can do it, I believe in you. :)

  68. @ Adam

    “This brings me to my second point how is this not murder?”

    Murder is with intent and malice aforethought; manslaughter is “spur of the moment” killing, although what Thomas did, I would call “aggravated manslaughter”.
    The “1 punch” killing can be called manslaughter the prolonged attack by Thomas cannot be called a “reaction” killing, yet it cannot be called murder. I think that the Yanks call it 2nd degree murder.

    I do not think that only a one year increase in her sentance, due to it being a hate crime, is adequete… It should have been at least 3 or 4 years… and with the rider that she only shower with “Big Bertha”

  69. ohhh, how exciting, another mental breakdown, complete with free demented tantrum, from the lesbian hater cj. I love these, they’re quit a hoot.

  70. I feel so sorry for your parensts, especially your father. What a disappointing result as a daughter, as a human being. Davis…. I’m still laughing, David. It would be great if you could post your picture, and show to everybody the sick mind that’s behind you little short fat thing. May God have mercy of your disgusting being. Whatever it is. But remember, envy of the penis can be cured. You just need a good professional. Go and talk about psycological disorders, dismorphia, infanilism and mental illness with your G.P. He will tell you to stop calling yourself David and tell the truth of a sad little fat angry short whatever you are. Enjoy ;)

  71. Davina (apparently) 29 Jan 2011, 2:37pm


    It gets better by the second! What a laugh! Now everyone who sees him for the small minded anti lesbian bigot he is, is “obviously” a man hating woman. How amusingly deranged.

    Keep it up cj, your deliquent mother might just love you yet.

  72. Davina (apparently) 29 Jan 2011, 2:42pm

    Here’s a lovely comment made by the imbalanced c.j. (stands for “complete joke”, by the way) on the French PACS thread:

    “the Pacs is more than enough for gays. marriage is between a man and a woman. I only think that pacs should have the same rights of marriage, but pacs for gays, marriage for straights.”
    28 January 2011, 1:50pm

    Lesbien hater AND doesn’t agree with full marriage rights for gay people.

    What a total loser.

    Run, cj, the lesbians are coming to get you!

  73. OMG I am actually dealing with a 13 year old boy who’s trapped in the sick twisted mind of a complete ret.ard! :) :) :) :) :) :)

    First of all being gay doesn’t mean that I have to, that I must, that I am obliged to back all gay rights, from the first one to the last one. Secondly I told you that I do NOT hate women and lesbians, you fuc.ked mind idiot fool. By BEST FRIENDS ARE BOYS GIRLS GAYS LESBIANS MEN WOMEN. You foolish fool. I back PACS. Does it make me a person who hates gays and lesbians??? muahuahahaha what a prickish prick. Don’t forget your pills, you turd. CIAO ;) ;) ;)

  74. Davina (apparently) 29 Jan 2011, 4:56pm

    “muahuahahaha what a prickish prick”


    LOL! What a lunatic.

    Maybe these will make you fee better:- :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  75. cj said: “the Pacs is more than enough for gays. marriage is between a man and a woman”

    Really, you think so? Why?

    Another self repressed queer who thinks equal rights are not good enough for gays.

  76. RE:CJ shockingly i have met several gay men who seem completely content with civil partnerships ,pacs etc .and support religions view on gay marraige. They are either airheads and cannot grasp idea of discrimination or very self loathing. BEWARE they walk amongst us.

  77. BruceWillisFan 29 Jan 2011, 11:59pm

    Everybody please calm down, after what I have read about this horroble & Evil homophobic attack, I now pose the question ”doe really straight women like us gay men?”, yes ok I am proudly gay myself & I have some girl pal friends who I get along on with just fine, but if one of thoses girls breaks my trust with me (as if one of them starts to sexual harass me or starts to fancey me for example) I am no longer there friends any more, but I think its all to do with is trust & we us gay men should becareful which sort of women we choose to be our friends, I think its mostly the nosey ones who think most of us gay men sympathize with women that could become not very nice women like Ruby Thomas, Rachael Burke or Joel Alexander, I personally dont sympathize with women, I sympathize & care mostly about men because I am gay & I love my men, I hope I dont offend anybody on here with these comments & sound sexist & remember all of us gay men are NOT like Gok Wan & finally I want to send my kind &thoughtful condolences to Ian Baynham.

  78. Tanya Laura Pope 30 Jan 2011, 3:49am

    This vile peace of fake tan White trailer trash slut.
    I hope she gets what’s coming to her when she is inside
    By a big Amazon domineering lesbian,
    I was reading someone said there should be a web
    page where when people see her out and about put
    it on the web with a pic so we now what she looks like
    so we can throw eggs at her
    I for 1 would

  79. BruceWillisFan obviously = cj

    Women issues & severely damaged good.

  80. it’s very difficoult to have a proper discussion in a website infested by stupid teenagers who don’t understand anything, who keep writing offensive stuff and misunderstand every single thing. The fact that I back pacs and not gay marriage do not make me a gay basher (I am gay) do not make me a woman hater (I have female friends) do not make the same person called brucewillisfan (very mature, Tim or David or davina??), and it certainly doesn’t mean that I back the religious agenda since I am an atheist. So well done, keep it up, it gave me the clear idea that this site is normally frequented by teenage idiots, morans with fake accounts, angry feminists who THEY are the real bashers and impose their hate towards men (and they calle themself Davis… how smart…) well done. You are going to win this battle, with lies, bad words and hate.

    What vile people

  81. Thats right, cj, everyone that sees you as the childish freak you are, is OBVIOUSLY the same person. Wake up and smell the coffee, the idea that only ONE person finds you distasteful is absurd.

  82. sabrina.knox 30 Jan 2011, 3:09pm

    Men are always fighting, rude and mean. You are all writing disgusting things to each other. On reason why women, in my opinion, are much nicer people. Be all ashamed of youselves. This is not the right article to write about your issues. Grow up.

  83. BruceWillisFan 30 Jan 2011, 6:23pm

    @Tim, I hope you understand what I have said on this comment board & that I have created some sort of peace on here, as I said if I have offended anybody on here I do Apolize (especially to the women) & I hope I sounded very mature on what I have said on here too & if I have I thank you very much, may some of you on here live in Love & Peace. XXX

  84. BruceWillisFan 30 Jan 2011, 6:37pm

    @Tim, oh yes I am NOT this cj you speak of, I think this cj does sound horroble & misogynic, so making out that I am like him, I am personally deeply hurt & offended, thats if you have, but if you havent I bring peace to you my brother. X

  85. BruceWillisFan 30 Jan 2011, 6:49pm

    @Tim, oh yes, I also have many Lesbian friends too, who talk to me about what girls they are into, I talk to them about what men I am into too, which is very cool, let us gay & lesbians all stick together & one day fight the good fight, Peace to All. XX

  86. This thread has just entered the Twilight Zone, it seems.

  87. so how many of you (1) are actually writing with different names? Amaizing… kids playing adults… :) :) :) hahaha


  88. sabrina.knox 30 Jan 2011, 7:22pm

    would you shut up you stupid moron? You , david, brucewillisfan and tim and all the other ridiculous children?

    jeee men are vile and immature.

  89. BruceWillisFan 30 Jan 2011, 7:27pm

    Can all of us on here just all get along on here please. X

  90. Funny how “sabrina” writes with the same appalling grammar and poor spelling that cj does, and the so-called brucewillisfan.

    What a coincidence.

    We clearly have a child in our midsts who thinks its a hoot to be on a gay site….. or we have a genuinely disturbed individual.

    Either way, who cares. Best ignore it, like all children.

  91. people here are mentally disturbed… really. This article was about a tragedy, and all you can write are nasty things, it’s getting so boring. Childish, pathetic. nothing else. To Davina, Helen brucewillis (to the one mentally challenged person with many personalities) well done, you have managed to gain all the attention on you. My last words: may that gay man killed by that nasty girl rest in peace.

  92. “people here are mentally disturbed… really”

    Says the basket case that impersonates others – and very badly too. That’s the problem with awful grammar, its show through each time and difficult to hide.

    cj (or what silly name you call yourself, Sabrina, Brucewhatever), get lost and find another site to behave like a child on. You’re a disgrace.

  93. to Helen (or Davina, or Tim or brucewillis or sabrina or whatever) go fcuk yourself, bitch

    You are not ending your childish man hate, you are sick, not me. F.U.

  94. “go fcuk yourself, bitch”

    How wonderfully intelligent of you to say so. Having a tantrum now are we?

    “childish man hate”

    Sure it is, we all hate men becuase you said so.

    You’re one of the biggest nutters this site has seen, and that is quite an accomplishment.

  95. and your lousy and pathetic feminism not only is the resoult of lesbian infantilism (which some and not all lesbians display), but is also boring beyond reason. Please stop annoying the entire planet with your garbage and grow up. Find yourself a man or a dyke that can satisfy you, otherwise I wouldn’t see the reason for you to keep your idiotic rant here on this website. But I must confess, you are entretaining… we are laughing at the idea that a short fat angry loon is writing rubbish signing as helen brucewillis tim tom tam daviv davina davis acc.

    Go to the doctor and ask her for good pills (wow you short people are so easy to manipulate).

    ps.: still laughing :) :) :) hahahaha

  96. “we are laughing”

    By “we”, are you referring to your multiple personalities with the appalling grammar?

    Quite the little tantrum. Was that little display supposed to be funny? You’re as funny as your are stupid. Its a pity that you have no manners or civility at all. Quite a lack of breeding in any way. “Trash” is the term that most suits your uncouth nature. (Use a dictionary if you have difficulty with the words, or get the doctor to explain it to you). But clearly you need to think you “have the last word”, reflecting your instability and mental age no doubt, so by all mean do so. You insufferably bore me so this is my last comment.


  97. BruceWillisFan 1 Feb 2011, 1:33pm

    What on earth is going on here, its pathetic, I am the one & only BruceWillisFan, I do NOT hate women & I am gay & love all men, so these are my last words to everybody on here, please get along EVERYBODY. X

  98. happy to be a freak. at least I don’t need to hate in order to feel better with my self. My appaling grammar is due to the fact that english is in fact my third language, I bet you can only speak one language, to shout at the men you envy cose they possess the penis you wish you had. And to be honest, what is goning into your mind, i’m 17, you are arguing with a teenager, but I bet you are one of those nasty big fat short femminists who would keep on arguing even with kids, as long as they have a penis. When I say WE are still laughing it’s me, my sister, my cousin and my friends. You prick


  99. LOL! Is this “debate” still going on? Oh dear, oh dear. A 17 year old.

    Helen you have the patience of a saint, but well spotted that cj here is a child. A basket case child with more issues then a magazine rack! How mortifying for him.

    “is writing rubbish signing as helen brucewillis tim tom tam daviv davina davis acc.”

    cj, child, has it occurred to you that thanks to your rants and bigoted insults, that so many people in here are not the same person but that they really do hate you? It’s easy to see why. And this is an internet site, one can only imagine people in the real world must simply detest you. Helen is right, you are nothing but trash. But look on the bright side, it’s not really paranoia is everyone does actually hate you.

    Cloud. Silver lining.

  100. dear Helen signed as Davida the tranny, actually you are doing us a favor, in fact you two(in one) are still entretaining us. muahuahahahah

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) and by the way, miss thing, how’s life as an angry lesbians who writes on the net as a man?? ;)

    Waiting desperately for your next nut-rant, keep it up!!! ;) ;)

    ps.: interesting how this moron writes first as Helena, then ad Davida, then Helena… and so on, congrat! You remember the order. Well done… :)

  101. is the next going to be …. helen … ??? mmmmm… who wants to bet? Anyone?

  102. Yes, of course cj, we’re all the same person. Know what the word paranoia means? No? Too stupid?

    Don’t you have homework to do?

    Oh, that’s right, you don’t bother to go to school, do you? You appalling ability to write anything sane shows that. Good for you. Now you can collect loose change on the side of the street as a cheap trick.

    Bored with your nonsense. Lets see if you respond to get “that last word in”… makes you feel better, doesn’t it?

    Don’t bother, I won’t be back to read it. We’re all bored with you. Your dull and repetitive. As typical for most unschooled children that are idiots, like you.

    Bye now, muppet.

  103. yes you crazy angry lez. Envy, jealous and sad. Incredible that you write that I must have the last word… but you keep writing the same garbage. :) :) that’s what sad “feminists” like you do, no? Compete with teenagers. So that you can finally feel like “the man” of the fight! ;) That’s called “Envy of the penis”. You should study it, so you would finally be convinced and get your precious sex change op to become a guy with a floppy-fake penis the doctor cut from you left arm. hahahahah ;) come on give me you last lez wordz… ;)

  104. BruceWillisFan 1 Feb 2011, 11:53pm

    Can everybody please STOP arguing on here PLEASE. I am started to get annoyed NOW, please can everybody just stop & try to get on with each other, yes we all have our own opinions on things (especially on being Gay), but please please please just this once can everybody just stop this right now, there are worser things going on in this world, yes this homophobic attack have changed the way we think about things & yes it was done by a young woman, nobody is perfect (men or women for that matter). we all have been damaged some time in the past (especially me), but please I beg of you all we must get on nicely with each other. XX

  105. there’s not much to talk about here, these mentally challenged feminists are just crazy, writing nasty things about men all the time, signing in as men, playing the role of the eternal victim, making sexist and racist comments (apparently it’s ok to attack me if I am a foreiner and my english is not 100% good) and then impose their super crazy misandry. Sick sick sick sick sick sick in your brain.


    and some nasty lesbians even wrote that it was right for that sick girl to kill a man. You are hospital cases. Cure yourselves.

  106. BruceWillisFan 2 Feb 2011, 6:56pm

    Its ok CJ, I am not a lesbian woman, I am a 28 year old gay man & my real name is Dabion & I am not attacking you at all what so ever, I know what you are going through, you are the only one that damaged, I am quite damaged deep down in side too, everything is going to be ok, we all should be good, kind & caring gay & lesbians to each other. X

  107. whatever your name is I am sick and tired of all this crap about BOTH lesbians and gays constantly playing the role of eternal victims. I am gay and I had enough with that lousy squalid feminism just as I have had enough with homophobia or heterophobia. I still have to understand from these angry nasty lesbians how on earth are we going to fight against intollerance towards women, gays and others, by imposing all this idiotic man-hating and misandry. It’s moronic beyond reason. Ok OK we get it, lesbians don’t like the penis, but why do they have to break everyone’s balls for that? Enjoy lesbianism and fcuk off. I am not attracted by chinese men, I don’t need to hate chinese men. JUST FCUKING CRAZY. That’s why I always write: Feminists (angry lesbians) GO TO THE DOCTOR, EMERGENCY SECTION, NEAREST HOSPITAL.

  108. “I still have to understand from these angry nasty lesbians how on earth are we going to fight against intollerance towards women”

    Enjoying being a bigot, do you?

  109. BruceWillisFan 7 Feb 2011, 7:47pm

    what did I say to everybody on this comment board, Please stop it, put your differents a side & get along please.

  110. We don’t tolerate bigotry here, so no, we won’t “just get along”. cj is a small minded retard of a child with a fanatical hate of lesbians. This is gay site, and hence a safe place for all gay people. He’s need medication and counselling, not spreading his vile intolerant opinions here. This is also a UK site, so it would be better if the little weasel stuck to some other fringe lunatic site in the US and spear us all his boring nonsense.

    cj is a twat. And and bigot. Someone above mentioned that if that’s his attitude here, everyone who knows him in person probably can’t stand him. I agree. Maybe he thinks he’s here to get a cheap kick out of being a bigot here, I really don’t care. I just wish he’s fcukoff. He’s as much an idiot as he is a bigot.

  111. BruceWillisFan 7 Feb 2011, 11:55pm

    Ok I think you are all immature, Argumentative DickHeads who are just full of Pure Hate on this comment board & all I have tryed to do on here is create love & peace, I am a very proud Pacifist, so if you all like being that way, you all dont deserve to live in this world, you all truly deserve to die down in the pits of hell & take all your hate with you EVERYBODY.

  112. Wait a minute, you say, “I am a very proud Pacifist” and then you follow it up with “you all dont deserve to live in this world” and then “you all truly deserve to die down in the pits of hell”


    LOL! You’re a fcuking idiot too, it seems. Curious. Two complete fcukign idiots, with the same anger managment issues, and retardation in the ability to type simple English….. hmmmmm. Wonder what that means, eh? Let me guess, you’re actually cj. Or at least one of his friends. The give away is you’re a complete fcuking lunatic as well. You see, that’s the problem with the insane, they can’t keep it hidden.

    LOL! What a degenerate!

    I’ve had enough, you can have your split personality discussion all you like. I’ve reported your comments as hate speech to Pink News, with a bit of luck you’ll be banned. Maybe then you’ll actually attend school and understand why your bigotry is not to mention your obvious mental condition.

  113. BruceWillisFan 8 Feb 2011, 5:56pm

    @Linda, no I am not CJ at all, my real name is Dabion & I am a 28 year old gay man. I personally dont like everybodys hateful & angery views on here to each other especially CJ who I think is disgusting. I dont know him neither & I really dont want to neither. he truly sounds horrible & I think you do too. I am not trying to say I hate you because I dont hate women, but I just want everybody to keep the peace, I hope you understand. X

  114. BruceWillisFan 8 Feb 2011, 11:21pm

    Oh yeah & if I have indeed offended anybody on theses comment boards I extremely apologize. I am just sick & tired of being accused of being this misogynic vile Pig called CJ. please be careless people what you write on here please. X

  115. Such is the revulsion felt about this crime, and the shock of the wholly inadequate sentencing, I strongly suspect that these two will meet the same fate when they are released

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